Metaphysical Reviews
October, 1997

The Advent of Dionysus
by Dennis Hamilton

1  "Contrary to popular belief" writes Dennis Hamilton in the beginning of his new and awakening book, "the last judgment, as foretold in the book of Revelation, occurred in the year 1757, and under the auspices of Emanuel Swedenborg." Mr. Hamilton continues, "Hence when the bible speaks of Christ's second coming, it's actually referring to Emanuel Swedenborg and his work—as Swedenborg claims."

2  The Advent of Dionysus carries us past the fifth church, to "The Sixth Church—Of Today—which was instituted in 1987. And, with its distinct ties to the Christian Church, it will be illustrated in accord with Dionysus." Thus, we learn ". . . my book will serve to testify to a higher, Spiritual Power, the purpose of any true religious work."

3  "Today's Church concerns the development of the woman's will, regarding marriage (the bride to be) and, can be viewed as the engagement period prior to marriage. I might add" continues Mr. Hamilton, "that it only can be accomplished through the ‘emancipation' of the woman's will, which is clearly indicative of today . . ."

4  This is the philosophy espoused in this most powerful book that sets The Advent of Dionysus apart from all other texts about spirituality and growth. This is the reason this reviewer embraced The Advent of Dionysus upon reading the manuscript. And this is the reason I recommend Mr. Hamilton's insightful new book to you, now.

5  Unfortunately, The Advent of Dionysus is not yet published and so, is not readily available. If you agree with the author, please write him and tell him so. This kind of grassroots outpouring will almost guarantee the printing of The Advent of Dionysus and its subsequent availability to you!

Richard Fuller
Senior Editor
Metaphysical Reviews