Work in Process

1  One thing notable about The Advent of Dionysus, is I officially began working on it in 1989 [n4:87], although I began the makings of chapter 8 in 1987 [n1; n9:32; n11:361]. Nor did I expect it to take more than a few years to complete, five years at the most. Instead, due to a host of things beyond my control, it became a work in process and took another 20 years!

2  One of the primary reasons being, is that although I had a fairly good idea about what I wanted to write, the visions and revelations didn't stop at the moment I started writing. Take for example what happened at work, when I began writing about the Cyclops Polyphemus [n11:91-96]. Or, right below that, regarding the relation to the god Poseidon [n11:101-102]. These, amongst a myriad of other synchronicities [n1:21; n4:18], were too integral to my work and had to be included.

3  Then there's chapter 15 [n1], which I started in 1997. At that point I had most of the first fourteen chapters complete or, recognizable as complete [n14:37], except for chapter 11 which, due to its length, had become a major headache. I never thought I'd get it done! I was also working with Richard Fuller who promoted and helped distribute spiritual books, who was quite enthusiastic when writing the review for my book on the previous page [nr:1]. And, when I first met him on the Internet, there was a hint that he would help me find a publisher. The best he could do was introduce me to a publisher who would publish it for a fee. And, since I wasn't ready to pay $3,000 to $4,000 to have it done, nor was the publisher accustomed to working with my genre of book (metaphysics), I opted to hold off.

Importance of a Publisher

4  It was almost critical that I find a publisher to help publish the book at that time, for although I originally considered self-publishing it, it was too daunting a task. And, as many times as I rewrote it, up to ten times or more in some chapters, when I went back and reviewed what I wrote, it never quite sounded right. That's because due to certain fundamentals about my writing style which, until corrected, it will always appear unprofessional and unpolished. In fact, it took another ten years, after purchasing the required writing software, to do this. Needless to say, a lot of time was wasted rewriting it, only to insure it remain a work in process.

5  Plus after the experience I wrote about in chapter 15 [n1], I'm wondering how can I possibly finish the book and not include this? It was too interwoven with everything else. And, as I said, "How can you write about the heavenly bridegroom and not include the heavenly bride?" And while I allude to it in part in chapter 12 [n55], and highlight the relationship between Ariadne, Dionysus' wife, and the womanís will in chapter 4 [n1], this was by far the most personal account or, as close as it was going to get, which made mention of Dionysus throughout. The number 15 also symbolized the Queen of Athens, in relation to the fourteen Gerarai, the female worshippers of Dionysus in chapter 4 [n4:5-6,22; n20:1] which, in accord with the 15 Ari's beginning in chapter 15 [n9], is what this woman signified to me.

6  So I had to get back to Richard Fuller and said the book wouldn't be done until I at least wrote about this, and he said that would be fine. This also included an additional 30 pages [n16:2], which I have since deleted, because it was too personal. By then I still had no publisher, nor was chapter 11 anywhere near complete, plus I was still unhappy with the way the book read overall. Meaning all bets were off and it remained a work in process. On top of that, I drafted chapters 16 and 17 and taken them as far as they could go by 1999. I didn't finish chapter 16 until after 2009, however, because it was an ongoing intrigue. While in 2009 I drafted chapter 18, which was the cutoff date.

Cutoff Date / 2010

7  By cutoff date, I'm referring to the Advent of the Seventh Church, which was supposed to occur in the year 2010 [n1:38]. So anything prior to that, up until 2009 or, the 23 year period between 1987 and 2010 [n2:1-6], in accord with the Advent of the Sixth Church [n1:16], would have been deemed timely. This is why I've structured the first eighteen chapters to appear as if it was written prior to 2010 and, with the book's initial release in 2009, most of it was. This is something to be aware of, because I began drafting chapters 19 through 22 in 2013, in accord with this Great Earth Change in December, 2012 [n20:2]. So in effect there are two stages to the book, and two time lines, although chapter 19 is not referenced by date, and can be viewed either way. While I added the Wine Press symbol at the end of chapter 14 [n37-52], in December 2014, which I uploaded to the Internet in 2011 and 2012 but, deemed it significant enough to include in the chapter. I also updated chapter 16 with some related ideas [n66-78].

8  I decided to hold off on publishing the last two chapters, however, as they include material about Kari Byron, the TV celebrity on the Discovery Channel's, The MythBusters. And, after downloading over 80 pictures off the Internet and creating the Kari Byron Portal in 2012, essentially a slide show, I proclaimed her the heavenly bride, representative, that is, as opposed to the bride to be [n4:66]. But, since I don't have the time or resources to cover all this entails and, feel I need to get some feedback from Kari Byron or her people [n20:1], just out of common courtesy, I've opted to hold off. I expect I will try contacting them after publishing this edition, however.

9  While between 2007 and 2008 I obtained a copy of the writing software and updated the first ten chapters. I still hadn't gained much headway on chapter 11, nor was I sure about the overall format of the book and layout between chapters, which I couldn't even begin to fathom. And, although I made some progress with the software, I was only beginning to interpret the results, and my writing style remained lacking. So I continued to wonder if I'd ever get it done and it remained a work in process. As I said, it would have been nice to have a publisher working with me [n4].

10  In early 2009 I stumbled across on the Internet, which is a POD or, Print on Demand publisher. While here all you need to do is submit your files, formatted per their guidelines, and they will print as little as one copy for you. So for about $12.50 and no hidden fees, although they have additional services they charge for, I had an actual copy of my book in hand in two weeks. Wow! At least now I had a chance to look at the book overall, and evaluate the formatting, etc., and make the required changes. I've updated it three or four times since, with the last update in July, 2009. All I can say is thank God for!

2015 Update

11  While here it is six years later, in 2015, and I've basically rewritten the whole book, while focusing mainly on the style. It really needed it! While I've drafted an additional 40 to 50 pages, to finish chapters 11 and 16 and expand on others, plus added chapters 19 through 22, although like I said, Iím holding off on the last two chapters for now. Yet despite this, it's no longer a work in process! Well, almost. I expect I may make at least one more update because so much has changed and I would like to make it a bit more comprehensive, to reflect the latest indexing in paragraphs. However, I am thoroughly pleased with how this latest version turned out, as opposed to the last, and can no longer use it as an excuse for not promoting the book.

2018 Update

12  For the next three years I started posting on Facebook, to try and gain some exposure for the book, but with little success. I deemed some of the ideas worthy enough to add the 2018 update, however (edition 3.1). Much of which entails the Great Earth Change [n1:22; n23:37; n20:31] and work on the Axis Mundi in chapter 6, including the legend in the next section [na:1], basically a snapshot of the idea. Though I opted to create a new chapter regarding the Axis Mundi material below. While I added Carl Jung's cross of opposites in chapter 1 [n23-26], and added chapter 22 [n1], regarding the number 6272 and Jung's life (5 x 6272 = 31,360 days). I also added the relation between a triangle and the numbers 12, 23 and 31 in chapter 2 [n14-15], as it pertains to the New Church, plus re-added most of chapter 20 [n1], regarding Kari Byron above [n8], with final references to Isis, Osiris, gays and Orpheus in chapter 7 [n12-19].