About the pictures . . .

**  For the sake of authenticity, I've opted to include the fourteen nude pictures of Gerarai which I've associated with this chapter (in accord with Dionysus). Please understand it's not my intent to offend anyone but, that these pictures are of a sexual nature and, I'm not recommending their viewing by anyone under the age of 18. And yet who's to keep young boys from getting ahold of Dad's old copies of Playboy and Penthouse magazines? In fact, if it were not for such an instance, Cupid—portrayed as a small boy angel or cherub—would not have made the delivery to my doorstep on St. Valentine's Day. How strange? So I'm saying this is a must see!

**  If however, you are offended by such material (although somewhat tame by today's standards), I would recommend your not viewing it at this time. I would at least suggest reading the chapter though, to better understand the nature of the Gerarai and, the base fourteen numbering system developed in accord with it, both of which are integral to the book. Then, if you're intrigued by what I say, and can see that indeed sex and religion do share a common spiritual ground, you may reconsider and wish to view the pictures—but, I'll leave that up to you.

**  While here I should say it's been a long time in coming, having first published my webpage back in 1997, and been at a quandry over including these pictures ever since (actually since the book's inception back in 1990). My main concern being I didn't want to give people the impression it was just another cheap sexual exploitation rip-off, plus the inevitability of minors getting ahold of it. Of course I remember the first stack of old Playboy magazines a couple of friends and I discovered when I was about ten. Boy were we intrigued! There's also the fact that the material is copyrighted (January 1981 issue of Penthouse). The last thing I want is to infringe upon someone's copyright! Neither do I wish to infringe upon the privacy of a young woman (then) who may have a higher regard for her privacy nowadays. Yet the pictures are so vital!

**  And what of the so-called religious types: "Many will come in my name to lead many astray .  . ." Do I risk getting them all up in arms by such an association? And, although the book is about religion, there is an underlying association with women and sex—which, in fact is its very essence! And when the young boys delivered the magazine to my doorstep, I knew I had just found the Rosetta Stone! Replete with the blessing of Eros and Aphrodite! How is this possible you might say? It begins with the first four women's names, all of which have an affiliation with the god Apollo (unbeknownst to me at the time), starting with the story of Daphne, Apollo's first and true love who, later becomes Pasiphae, the mother of Ariadne, the wife and beloved of Dionysus. In fact this is the very story being introduced when Cupid (Eros) delivers the magazine to my doorstep. If you don't believe me then read on!

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Otherwise, in the ancient cry of the Bacchae . . . Revel on!