The Seal of God / Holy Matrimony
Seal of God 1

1  Detailed in this chapter are many of the symbols developed in accord with the New Church. With the symbol above, perhaps the most important, signifying The Advent of the New Church [n3 below].

2   Like science, the use of numbers—and geometry [np:3]—are used for verification. That's what these symbols with their inherent symmetry serve to do, verify things in the book. While some exemplify the base fourteen system! [n4:1]. Furthermore, I am using this chapter to collect the various odds and ends that don't seem to fit in elsewhere. These will be mentioned throughout. I'll start by illustrating each symbol and follow with its description:

The Seal of God / Holy Matrimony

3  This symbol (above) coincides most with The Advent of the New Church, and was developed in 1987. It was the first symbol I developed, and is perhaps the most important. As I said in chapter 5 [n5], I was living with my mother at the time, and my whole life had fallen apart: I needed to bring it back into perspective. As I tried to reconcile myself to God, I felt I needed something to reflect on, to corral some spiritual dimensioning into my life.

4  After I developed it I let it loose in my mind. I closed my eyes and pictured it there, and with only a slight effort it became fully animated: to assume form and structure my psyche within me. And for the next day I felt perfectly aligned. I wasn't expecting this! I knew it wouldn't last though, for it felt too mechanical. This was also the same day I told my mother exactly what our problem was, for the first time! With everything being an emotional issue, she'd get upset at the slightest hint of this, which usually backfired and got me upset, causing something bad to happen, especially at this point [n11:315,340]. I discuss this a bit further in the Masonic Connection below [n27].

5  It was also about the time I envisioned the Star of David in my mind, like in the symbol. It was a yellow-orange color, in relation to the numbers 3 and 2 [n8,54-55,92-98; np:7;], and with nearly a mind of its own it ascended from a place above my chest, to within a foot above my forehead, where it remained a second or two. And I said, "Wait! That's not me!" And I kind of ducked out sheepishly from underneath. It seemed to suggest I was David, and I couldn't understand why? [n96; n8:1].

6  Soon afterwards, within a month, I had the rebirth experience [n5:4]. And sometime later, a year? when working with the book of Revelation, I realized it might be the Seal of God, portrayed in Revelation 7:2-3. It seemed to meet all the criteria. And, as God's reconciliation with man is typically portrayed through marriage, it seemed only fitting that I ascribe it to Holy Matrimony.

7  As for the shaded area of the cross, I surmised it had something to do with the womb of the mind. I only shaded it later. Sure enough this was affirmed during the rebirth experience. After closing my eyes in fear (doubt), a black cloud—of evil—arose from my left breast into the sky, in the form of the left womb. And it occurred a second time from my right breast, in the form of the right womb. This was right before I fell asleep and re-awoke with the baby screeching in my ears! [n5:8].

8  I also considered the above symbol without the bevels on the cross and its point at the bottom, which I equated with man's sin. I surmised this was Christ in His Perfection. This is shown below. And, while meditating over the prior month, there appeared to be a door in my mind, which opened into the sky. And I watched as all these spheres or orbs glided through—upwards and to the right. And though they were different colors, most were the same color as the star, a yellow-orange [n5]; while they all had an oily appearance. At the time I equated them with souls, ascending to heaven.
Seal of God 2

9  Which is significant for when I had the vision of the cross in the last chapter [n5:9], it was configured like this second cross, and was comprised of all these orbs! They all lay prone, like a rectangle, and each was permeated with black, from the black clouds. And they were all animated, as if alive, slightly twinkling and wobbling. And I immediately understood what it meant. These were souls who had laid down their lives, and in so doing, drew these evils to themselves. This is illustrated below:

Seal of God 3

Ascending to Heaven

10  Just prior to the development of the Seal of God, I had an experience where I was taken up into heaven, into a household, in February, 1987. I was asleep and awoke to find myself in the spirit, suspended in the sky looking at these black stick figures of men—they were supposed to be dead souls. I was doubting my own fate when I was met by a man angel, as we sailed into the night sky with him at the lead. We were ordinarily clad as we sailed passed countless stars, and covered a great distance in a short period . . . and on we continued. And I began to think, "Man where are we going? Will we ever get there?" I was starting to get anxious but, the very next moment I was standing in the street in the middle of a neighborhood by myself.

11  It was still quite dark as I looked around at the houses. Charming little houses, of different colors, mostly white and yellow, they seemed to glow in the dark: from the streetlights? They were day-glow colors and it seemed more like a fantasy. I surmised I was in heaven, but wondered if I was where I really belonged. It all happened so abruptly. I then turned to face what looked like my mother's apartment building and suspected I was at the right place. But I was determined I should have a key to the door and, pulling the keys out of my pocket, I approached. I fumbled around for a moment or two, but to no avail. I just didn't have the coordination, and was too disoriented.

12  I found myself lying on the ground next to the walkway as a man approached, the same man I left with? I reached out my hand and in a muffled cry asked, "Could you please help me?" Before I knew it I was on a hospital bed as he wheeled me into the house. He wheeled me through the living room into the kitchen and we began to talk, and I soon began to recover my vigor. I was fully awake now, and I could see, I could hear, I could talk, and I possessed my sense of touch; while everything appeared in three dimensions. Moments later his wife stepped in from the other room; both intended for me to stay for they believed I died. And as I looked over at her to get a closer look, the whole living room became enlivened. Just then I caught a glimpse of the sun through the front window coming up over the mountains. In only an instant I was wide awake, laying on the sofa-bed in the middle of my mother's living room!

13  This to me was an encouraging sign, for although my life had been in a shambles, I knew there was a better place, and I knew it was still accessible. It seemed to be the fulfillment of something Swedenborg said about a man's life coming to ruin in the world. That if he were good, God would take him first, before allowing his soul to be destroyed.

The New Church in Heaven

14  This prompts the experience I had in the fall of 1986, in November? which speaks of the New Church in heaven before it sets down on earth [n4:109-112]. And I had dream, where I was approached by a young woman who reminded me of my sister Cindy—her innocence [n4:39-40]. I stood on a dirt road, near a field about ready to be plowed, and it was a gray evening. And she approached asking about God, I don't recall what, but I suggested she talk to the Father in Heaven and pointed straight up. Looking up at the same time, there it was, a huge shiny full moon, and it was magnificent! When I looked down the young woman was gone, but I looked up again and there they were, two beautiful full moons talking to each other! Across her moon ran a thin dark cloud, or something to that effect.

15  And I was astonished, and thought surely it was a great sign, and all around me in every direction, stars began shooting up to heaven, a thousand perhaps? This was equally impressive, and I knew these were other people being lifted up to heaven. This went on for a few seconds and I suspected it would soon be my turn, but I wasn't sure when and, I was hesitant to follow. Looking to where the young woman first stood, to my left, there appeared another woman, and on her head she wore a globe, looking similar to an outdoor light fixture that appeared like a moon. And there was gas swirling around inside, as she tried to ignite it: a vivid reflection of her indecision which, was a reflection of mine! And I said to myself, "I guess it's my turn," and took a little hop, and shot up like the rest.

16  The very next instant I was in a large auditorium with a large group of people. I sat in the middle of the front row, and up on stage were two or three people, preparing to give a demonstration. I'm reminded of the demonstrations given in Swedenborg's writings. But sensing it had something to do with me, specifically, I couldn't sit still. I squirmed in my chair for a moment or two, as I tried to let things proceed, but I couldn't settle down. I don't recall excusing myself, but a moment later I was wide awake in bed.

17  After gaining insight into this several years later, I realized it was preliminary to The Advent of the New Church on earth [n5:1], that indeed it was the New Church becoming manifest in heaven. And so applies to Revelation 12:1:  "And there appeared a great wonder in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars." And, as Swedenborg says in The Apocalypse Revealed, the new church in heaven is expressly implied—by the moon under her feet! Then there's the crown of twelve stars, which suggests something similar to the stars in my dream. Indeed all the elements were there.

18  I also said the young woman reminded me of my sister, which is significant for Cindy comes from Artemis [n4:39], the moon goddess, and virgin! thus correlating with this woman's innocence. And this was a couple of years before I made the connection!

Ariadne's Bridal Chaplet

19  Having equated Dionysus with The Church [n1:7], it's only fitting that I bring up Ariadne, his beloved and dear wife. And in the myth, Ariadne's bridal chaplet, which was first given to Theseus, giving more credence to what I say about Theseus in chapter 12 [n31], was set amongst the stars in heaven as the Corona Borealis: which means, Northern Crown. And while the constellation only contains seven stars, the Greeks still refer to the heavens in terms of the signs of the Zodiac, suggesting a similarity to The Woman and her crown of twelve stars, which is The Church.

20  It's also a northern constellation, a direction corresponding to the number 12 or, 12:00 o'clock. Which brings up Pisces, the northern constellation and 12th sign [n4:16,110]. And so alludes to the fact that my rebirth experience occurred during this time, March 4th [n5:4], while showing the relation between the number 12 and The Church [n1:7]. And, being midway through Pisces, as it approaches Aries, it's significant that Ariadne means, of Aries. And here, I give an example of the relationship between Aries and Ariadne at the end of chapter 15—The Sixth Ari [n39].

21  It's also significant that her chaplet was comprised of roses, for in Swedenborg's Conjugial Love, he says they signify the highest form of expression between a man and a woman, conjugial love itself. And so alludes to the marriage of God and The Church. Whereby it's no wonder Dionysus is called the divine androgyny [n4:105], the closest assimilation between the masculine and the feminine traits; and, why he's called a fertility god. And although at times he's portrayed as effeminate, it's conceivably the highest form of masculinity, the masculine realization of conjugial love. Hence to be macho, which is a form of extremism and opposite to seduction, by no means implies what masculine means. What is so truthful—or masculine—about degrading women? Similarly, Jesus Himself is portrayed somewhat effeminately, yet He's equated with the Father Himself. Indeed, He's even called The Father, even as Dionysus was called a second Zeus.

The Two Witnesses / 543 BC
Two Witnesses

22  This symbol underscores the significance of the number 543, in conjunction with the year 543 BC, mentioned in chapter 2 [n7-8]. Thus I'm referring to The Two Witnesses in Revelation 11, as I draw a parallel between Christ and Dionysus. And, as eleven is the key or, number of verification [n8:13], the table at the right suggests something unique. Each number, which is integral to the configuration—thus depicting the inherent symmetry—corresponds to eleven! i.e., in terms of Gerarai [n4:1]. All of which is hinged upon the shift that occurs when the 4 is placed in the center, like on the front cover, i.e., between 5 and 3 or 53 which, is 543. This is what the indicator arrows show, although they apply more to the numbers 123, 333, 543, 347, 53 and 67, what I was working on before I realized the other numbers applied. If this wasn't enough, everything is exemplified by the twelve-hour clock—when at eleven o'clock! Which is surely more than a coincidence! [n1:20].

23  Thus I know for a fact that my rebirth experience occurred in 1987, in accord with the sixth church [n1:16,34], which was 230 years after the fifth church was instituted in 1757, as detailed in Emanuel Swedenborg's work [n1:10]. And, as the Jews were freed from the Babylonians in 538 BC, in accord with the fourth church [n2:7], it was approximately 2,300 years before 1757, only a five year difference. And conceivably something could have happened in 543 BC, specifically, to signify this. Perhaps because it was the year the Buddha died, as noted in chapter 2? [n11]. It's also interesting how one of the famous pictures of Dionysus' epiphany, Dionysus aboard his ship, was painted by Exekias in 540 BC. Similar to Ezekiel? [n2:12].

Portland, Oregon

24  The impact of this symbol was brought home after I moved to Portland, Oregon from Santa Rosa in 1994 which, I just finished working on before I moved. I was only there a week-and-a-half before I started working, and the most unusual thing happened on the second day. I wore a green t-shirt that day, thus signifying the number 5 [n54], which I noted, which happened to be the color of my supervisor's shirt, as he and I worked together. And while it seemed a little odd, I didn't make much of it, until one of the ladies came up to us and said she was intrigued by it. There was also the gardening crew outside who wore green t-shirts that day, which I think prompted her to say it. While she said she was especially intrigued by how numbers cropped up in pairs, particularly when she was driving and saw two cars with similar license plates. Which I said I didn't think was that unusual, and said I had a similar interest and, that I was writing a book about it. And that was pretty much it.

25  This was first thing in the morning, and later that day it all came to light. A person who I knew and worked with in Grants Pass, at the company I refer to in chapter 12 [n31], who I hadn't seen in five years, hence the color green, walked through the front door! He had worked there all this time! Thus being the only person in Portland who knew me, he stood as a witness to the fact that I was there: hence the Two Witnesses. But there's more. Before he moved he bought a sports car which, had the number 543 on the license plate! Having already developed my theory about the number 543, I was intrigued, for I had correlated his name with Dionysus, Jesus and Hestia, or Vesta, its Roman form. Indeed I had equated him with the Two Witnesses. While they celebrated his fifth anniversary working there a day or two later! What a pronouncement this lady made!

26  While it was partly because of him that I moved to Portland, for my boss said he moved there because of all the electronics manufacturers there. Indeed, one of the first things I did was look him up to see if he could help me get a job, but he wasn't in the phone book. I also thought I saw him walking down the street, twice, but it was someone else. Yet here he was at work! The company has since moved back east, to New York, the 11th state [n67]. How strange?

The Masonic Connection

27  On the day that I addressed my mother about our problems [n4], I parked my truck in the lot across from the Masonic Lodge, a rather modest looking building, on 7th and Beaver Streets. Here, the parking lot was close by and was usually empty, and there was relatively little traffic. Meaning I didn't want to be disturbed, as I reflected on the new symbol, The Seal of God [n1].

28  Some time later I remember walking up to the building and wondering about the Masons. Who were they and how did I wind up here? (I returned more than once.) Could there be a kindred spirit here? I had a vague idea about it but kind of dismissed it, although I continued to wonder in the back of my mind. I even considered the possibility of presenting my materials to them, in order to establish an affiliation. I don't belong to any organization and it seemed like a possible option for promoting my book. But I thought it was too forward, nor did I expect them to understand.

29  Indeed, there hasn't been much press given to the Masons in this country, perhaps purposely. Yet I came to find out most of our founding fathers were Masons. The founders of our country! I also found out George Washington was a Mason, which gives more meaning to the vision I had in chapter 5 [n10]. And, while it may have been prompted by the closeness to his birthday or, the piece I was reflecting on, where he's addressed by an angel from heaven, as "Son of the Republic," which foretold the future of this country, it was also about the time I began working on this symbol! While it's interesting that the only National Masonic Monument, the George Washington Masonic National Memorial, in Alexandria, Virginia, is dedicated to him.

30  While the Masonic emblem itself shows a compass laid over a square, with the letter G in the middle. And, except for the angles being incomplete, it resembles the Star of David, i.e., what it's derived from. While the G, which is also the 7th letter, stands for geometry, an essential part of Masonry. Indeed, this is expressly what I had in mind when developing the Seal of God [n1]: the ultimate geometric expression, depicting the perfect balance.

31  Finally there's Hiram Abiff. Considered the greatest builder of the ancient world, he was a central figure in Masonic lore and, their greatest martyr. A master builder, Master Mason, and adept in the art of geometry, he was commissioned to build King Solomon's temple 1 Kings 7:13-51 and, was grand master of the Dionysian Architects! Yet another exclusive tie! While the lodge in Santa Rosa was on 7th street—an important Masonic and religious number—and Beaver Street, with the beaver itself being a master builder. And, when George Washington is portrayed laying the cornerstone to our nation's capitol in Masonic garb, it suggests he too was a master builder. Hiram was also murdered on the site of the temple, much of which reflects the afflictions I suffered in the parking lot [n11:333-339]: where one of the only times I didn't suffer, being when I reflected on the Seal of God.

New Roommate / Hermes

32  The Masonic Connection was further illustrated after I moved to Portland, Oregon, and centers around Oregon, the 33rd state—and, the beaver state. I had been living in the area for about nine months when my new roommate moved in: i.e., a shared rental with five other people. A younger person in his mid-twenties, he had immigrated to America a few years earlier from Bulgaria.

33  Aside from being Bulgarian, he was Mason, a rarity itself, for there aren't many Masons from Bulgaria. He was introduced to the craft while living in Switzerland by his uncle. Thus about the time I introduced him to parts of my book, he began to espouse the virtues of Masonry and started pestering me about it. Indeed, I already forgot about what happened in Santa Rosa [n27-28], and clearly wasn't interested, nor did he seem that credible, i.e., subject to fantasy and over-embellishment. But over the next seven months it began to add up. It was he who first mentioned Hiram Abiff. It seems someone had to come all the way from Bulgaria to tell me about it! He was also familiar with the Greek gods and had a special fondness for Hermesthe messenger—and, like me with Dionysus, he was an emissary of Hermes. Wow!

Oregon, the 33rd State

34  We later established something very unusual, when we found out Harry Truman held the highest degree of Scottish Rite Masonry—the 33rd degree. This is when I said he was the 33rd president, and that here we were talking about it in Oregon, the 33rd state. While he spoke of how Christ died at the age of 33, with its relation to the symbol of Oregon and the cross in this chapter [n67]. So we both concluded 33 was a very mystical number and that, for both of us, Oregon had become the land of destiny, something he continued to stress. He was also a member of the Beaverton lodge of all places!

35  This was all brought home when we drove to California for Christmas in 1995. A week or two before that he gave me a book to read, which spoke of secret sects and related phenomena, with specific references to Masonry. I didn't get a chance to read it all, I was reluctant, and asked if it was okay to take it to California to read. He said yes. We drove down the Saturday before Christmas, and on Sunday I took him to the Santa Rosa bus terminal to catch a bus to San Francisco. We still had a couple of hours so I decided to show him the temple on 7th and Beaver streets. There wasn't much more to it than that and not a lot of fanfare. He wasn't too impressed.

36  Later that evening I began to read the book. And one of the first things I read was about Hiram Abiff, and it stated outright that he was Grandmaster of the Dionysian Architects! Now I had already entertained a similar idea, that he was secretly a member of the sect, but now there was no denying it!

OMNI Research

37  This and the number 33 was expanded on about a month later when we got back from dinner one night, and I suggested we see what was on 33rd Street, just out of curiosity. We lived off 45th Street, he had just relocated from Utah, the 45th state, and we figured it wouldn't be too far away. But it was hard to find, and when we did, it snaked around and we weren't sure if it was the same road. We finally reached the end and there was a small building called, OMNI Research. And next door, on 32nd street, was another curious looking building. We drove by a couple of times and I remarked how unusual it looked, like some kind of Masonic building, although it didn't register with him. He would know better than I.

38  We were getting ready to leave, and driving back on 32nd Street when I noticed a small plaque on the side, and I said, "That sure looks like a Masonic emblem." Sure enough when we turned around to take a look it was! How strange? Of course the temple was on 32nd Street, but both numbers have a similar Masonic meaning. And here, my roommate and I ordered some Masonic ornaments before Christmas, and mine corresponded to the 32nd degree, the double headed eagle, with its similarity to the name Dennis and the numbers 32 (left head), 23 (right head) and 33 (center), as described in Karen (7) [n4:79-80].

39  As for OMNI Research, we weren't sure what it meant, but later discovered the word omni is a prefix, meaning "all" or "universal," and of the ten or so listings in the dictionary, half of them were titles of God: omnificent, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, etc. And so the word omniscient means all knowing, and probably best describes what it implies. Which is essentially what the number 33—in accord with the number 5 and, the understanding—implies, a universal sense of enlightenment which, I had already determined!

Odd Fellows Apartments

40  About a month later, we headed across town to see what was on the other 33rd Street, across the river. Sure enough when we finally found it, it too was hard to find, between the corners of 32nd and 33rd Street, actually 30th and 33rd, there was an Odd Fellows apartment building, retirement center? an organization founded by the Masons! While I understand Albert Pike, the head of American Masonry in the 1800's, and Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite, he's responsible for the order as we know it today, was at first an Odd Fellow.

41  We also found out Oregon City, which is part of the greater Portland area—in relation to Oregon the state—was the first incorporated city in Oregon, and became the first state capitol. It was at the end of the Oregon Trail and was the first incorporated city in the west. While according to my roommate, although I couldn't verify it myself, it was founded by the Masons! Which may or may not be true, it was founded by Dr. John McLoughlin, who wasn't a Mason? but, the first Masonic lodge west of the Mississippi was established here, Multnomah No. 1, which is equally impressive!

My Name is Nobody

42  There's one final thing I'd like to relate about my roommate, regarding the New Church and the overall theme of the movie, All Movie GuideMy Name is Nobody [n11:95; Terms]. Basically there are three levels of justice portrayed in the Old West at the turn of the century in the late 1800's. The first was the overall sense of lawlessness and disorder, accompanied by the constant threat of violence. Why else call it the Wild West? The second was the introduction of law and order, via the likes of Jack Beauregard, the aging and soon to be retired gunslinger, played by Henry Fonda. The third was the advent of society and civil order, and ushering in of a new era, via the youthful antics of the happy-go-lucky, Nobody, played by Terence Hill.

43  And here it must be understood Nobody's demeanor—carefree, light-hearted, childlike—wasn't possible without the likes of Jack Beauregard, whose dead seriousness stood in direct contrast to Nobody's frivolity. Beauregard, whom Nobody admired greatly and idolized when growing up, paved the way ahead of time. And I'm reminded of my relationship with Roy Masters, as conveyed in chapter 11 [n58,95], a relationship I must stress, also the significance of 230 years below [n52]. While I obviously liked the movie!

44  And so brings up Swedenborg's three levels of spirituality maintained in the spiritual world after we die, albeit established in ourselves on a personal level [n7:26; n12:35]. The first is the natural, in accord with the natural world and, to the world of spirits, that exists halfway between heaven and hell. The second is the spiritual, in relation to the spiritual kingdom, which is the first or lower heaven that rules above the natural. The third is the celestial, regarding the celestial kingdom, which is the second or highest heaven that rules above the natural and the spiritual.

45  It also brings to mind the three spiritual hierarchies or, Ages of Man that I refer to in chapter 2 [n10], which convey something similar. The first being Uranus or Father Sky who, due to his unruliness and ravaging of Mother Earth, was castrated by his son Cronus, Father Time. By which Cronus becomes second who, was ultimately dethroned by his son Zeus, God Supreme who, becomes third. And here, Uranus portrays the natural or Wild West, Cronus portrays the spiritual, Beauregard, and Zeus portrays the celestial, Nobody. In fact the whole idea seemed quite plain from the start.

Nobody is Faster!

46  The movie begins with three outlaws (Uranus) riding into town, a church bell ringing in the background, as a sign of foreboding. They stop in front of the barber shop, as the clock starts to tick (Cronus), as they peer across town and scout out the area. Two of them then go inside and bind and gag the barber and son, and prepare for Beauregard, who's about to leave the telegraph office. All the while the clock continues to tick.

47  When Beauregard arrives, one outlaw is dressed as the barber, the other two slipped outside, and prepares to shave Beauregard. He fastens the cape around his neck, lathers him up and steps over to pick up the razor on the table, and looks out the rather large window at the other two waiting to make their move. He steps back towards Beauregard, swiping the razor in his hand and, as he reaches toward Beauregard, his neck exposed, the clock suddenly stops. And there's a loud click. There's Beauregard's pistol, cocked and ready, poked at the family jewels! And immediately the nervous hen starts to cluck—loudly! Was Cronus about to do the deed? It was hilarious!

48  He then proceeds to shave Beauregard, as the clock resumes ticking and the clucking subsides, and continues until he's done. Only then, after Beauregard gets out of the chair and steps over to look in the mirror, do the others make their move. They only get one shot off, which hits the mirror, as Beauregard pivots around and guns down all three in what sounded like a single shot. Or, that's what the kid said after Beauregard let them out of the closet. And he exclaimed, "Pa, ain't nobody faster on the draw than him!?" And his pa shook his head a moment, and said, "NOBODY!" So apparently Nobody (Zeus) was faster on the draw or, perhaps more refined?

Hermes / The Big Shootout

49  Towards the end of the movie the big shootout occurs, where Beauregard faces off against the Wild Bunch. Jack on one side of the train tracks and the Wild Bunch on the other, as he digs in and starts blasting everyone off their horses from a afar. Earlier he saw them in town placing dynamite in their saddlebags, and started aiming at the shiny snaps and buckles glinting in the sun. Then it showed several fallen horses, well short of the tracks, riders squatting down and shooting over them. And, as the camera drew in close, there were several close-ups of one rider in particular who, was a near spitting image of my friend from Bulgaria! Wow! Hence the relation to Hermes and The Masonic Connection above [n27-33]. While just before that, to the tune, The Ride of the Valkyries, Nobody kept telling Jack—riders and horses flying everywhere—"You will end in history! You will end in history!"

50  So, one might think the guy who doubled for my roommate went around telling everybody about it. Why not, since my roommate proclaimed himself to be Hermes—messenger to the gods! In otherwords it was Hermes' role to spread the news. And so in the last shot, before it switches to Jack hopping the train, he has the most amazed look on face, one of childlike wonder and awe, as if he could hardly believe what he sees. Yet he's almost sad, sorry to see this great hero leave, without getting a chance to meet him. And how often have I seen the same look on my roommate's face, the amiable rogue that he was! Who, can think of nothing better than to hear of such tales, and tell everyone about it. So let it be known!

51  The Divine Messenger of gods and men and, the god of commerce, Hermes was also the god of synchronicity. This is why the Masons revere him so much! and, why they established the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. This was something else my roommate was familiar with, who brought it up more than once. While there's no doubt, at least to me, these things have heen communicated by Hermes, along with the synchronicities throughout the book. So let this serve as a reminder!

230 Years

52  Just as the train pulled away, the camera drew in close and took a picture of the engine and two or three cars which, if you were quick enough, you could identify the train: "NEEM - RESERVE BANK OF TEXAS - 230." The only part clearly visible, however, was the number "230" on the caboose by itself. That's what caught my eye in other words. And when I first saw it I was dumbfounded, for it was the exact corroboration of what I'm talking about!

53  As I said in chapter 2—aptly titled 230 Years—the Last Judgment was performed in the year 1757 [n6], and signified the advent of the Swedenborg or 5th church [n1:10] which, continued until the year 1987, with the advent of Today's Church [n1:16]. And, being a period that lasted 230 years, it seems fitting that we find that number on the caboose: suggesting the end of a specific era [n1:13] or, train of thought? Wow! Also, as I said in chapter 12 [n5], Roy Masters and the FHU do not signify the New Church, however, since Roy was instrumental in bringing it about and, it wouldn't have happened without him, he represents the transition from the old church to the new. Indeed! Which, is the exact same relationship I've ascribed to Beauregard and Nobody in the movie! And note, I determined this several years before I actually went out and bought the DVD and noticed it on TV one day. Which is all the more uncanny!