47  . . . I don't care to have my work taken out of my hands (New Mexico).

48  . . . I don't care to have my work taken out of my hands (Arizona).

49  . . . I don't care to have my work taken out of my hands (Alaska).

50  . . . I don't care what the hell you want to call it, I call it subversion . . . (Hawaii).

51  While it was shortly before Christmas that I stopped by a second time and had the same meal for $4.79. Thus on the day before New Years, after I got back from my trip to California, I decided to buy lunch at a different restaurant, but missed the left-turn signal and opted to go straight instead, which I did. But then as I turned down the last street, I realized it was the same street Kentucky Fried Chicken was on, and at the last moment I decided to eat here, and buy the same meal for $4.79. And guess what? When I looked at the trip meter, which I had set to zero before I left for California, it said 479! Wow! And then again there's all the gold in Fort Knox. Kentucky! And how about those 49'ers!

52  So why is it "nobody" would partake of a meal with me at Lyon's Restaurant? Well I guess nobody actually did, 21 days later. You got that Jack? . . . What? . . . Am I Jack?

53  "And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof." (Revelation 5:5)

54  I understand the Mighty Lyon Burger is pretty good!

55  And in case you don't know, the last update(s) involved Humboldt State University.

56  While indeed, Satan, which is "the liar," is the very Devil's Advocate. Which after all, is the name of the game isn't it?

57  Neither shall we forget Lucifer the Lawless One, who has scaled the very heights of Babel, looking to exploit any opportunity. All the way from A to Xena! While I'm sure Hera-"sees" all of this (heresy?), and has no intention of putting a stop to it. For it's this cuckoo bird changeling (and I don't mean chameleon), which has no qualms about ravaging the songbird's nest, that has usurped control. With its constant, Feed me! feed me! feed me! . . . til everything is burned up! We have found the enemy and he is within! A-greed? He's also Hera's son!

58  Hey don't look at me, I'm 300 miles off and two miles deep, resting at a very cool 34 degrees!

59  Oh Schnitz! . . . Or whatever your name was? Maybe I have misjudged you? Yet I still can't apologize for the big "blow-up," because that's not the way it happened. And given the criteria and circumstances, although I admit they were highly unusual, if it had been anyone else, I would have blasted them out of the water! Down under? Hmmm . . . And while I do admit to taking things a little too personally, it doesn't mean I have a short fuse. For as I've already tried to convey, it kind of goes with the territory, especially when it involves great duress. And yet, considering my current state—too many sharks in the water, really!—I would have to concede the final word is yours.

60  Except for this. There are times when anger is justified, the one good example being when Jesus throws the money changers out of the temple (an example Roy Masters continues to cite), which, occurs right after the first miracle, changing the water into wine! John 2:11-17 Wow! Hera we are with the cuckoo birds again! (with references to the wine of God's wrath). Also, I thought you might appreciate the e-mail I received from Joe last night, as it was very timely. I was only two stitches away from updating this page (n_47-58) when I got it, and it was just enough to make me pause and hold off, realizing I would probably only exacerbate things and fan the flames . . .

61  Hello again, Dennis,

Your story is quite interesting to me. I wish I had time to read all your pages, but I am trying to finish my own pages too.

62  It seems that when people become aquainted with dreams, symbols and myths, they soon find that events in their lives take on new meaning. I read a book called, "The Waking Dream," which speaks of such things—dreams, coincidences, myths and such. It is said that this is a "symbolist world view," and that it was the major world view in the past. Me thinks it is making a comeback!

63  Your spat, and the resolving of it, with Mike may be quite purposefull. In my own symbolist view, the harlot or Kali force is at work in these things. It is a force of division involving great anger. Dee and I spoke of this, and she did a web page about it: Tamasisk. Anger. Fury

64  It often seems that our greatest anger comes from a sense of justice. When we feel violated, or feel that our loved ones are violated, the fury is evoked in the extreme. Often too, the "enemy" feels the same way. So, who's the "bad guy?" Good question. In any case, I do think it is part of a learning experience. Solar Eclipse. 1999 (Joe's page).

Best wishes,


65  What purpose does it serve to believe in Jesus, but not in the principle of Jesus? For it's the principle that saves, not the man who portrays it. Or, even if Jesus was God Himself (as some people claim), it all comes to naught if you don't accept the principle of God. Which is why there's more than one religion in the world, for they all embody very similar principles, but are represented by different people. So don't let anyone fool you into believing in any one person, for it's only a ruse by which an institution establishes power, and maintains dominion over the masses (through a bureaucracy).

66  And here it would suffice to say, "God does not dwell in a house built by hands."

67  Might does not make right. Neither does cunning or craftiness . . .

68  Yes, you encourage me to ramble, and then turn around and accuse me of Babel, about that which I wouldn't ordinarily speak to anyone else, due primarily to the fact that I like to be thorough, and don't wish to have the meaning misconstrued. (Boy that was long!) Which has pretty much been my position all along. Or else why try and reveal that which is "sacred?" And indeed the Bible is very correct when it says, "Don't cast your pearls before swine!" And besides being just a word—like piss, shit or whatever—what other possible meaning can the word profanity have? You should go so far Lucifer!  Babel on! Babel on! . . . What? . . . Loose lips sink ships? So much for the New Carissa!

69  If you can't keep it simple, it won't work for me. It won't work for my children. And it won't work for my wife. And we won't be perceived as one (coalesce).

70  . . . Babylon 5?

71  And what of the sea of Argos? The very sea Dionysus is let down into before he makes one of his many epiphanies. Thus it is Argos, the hundred eyed one, the spy and son of Hera, is cast down, when Dionysus reemerges. While it was the very playful Hermes (not a serious game player), who bores Argos to tears with his "lyre" and slays him. Ho humm . . . Yawn . . . Yeow! . . . A liar? (i.e., Hermes was instructed not to lie at Apollo's request). Lucifer is that you? Oh what a beautiful peacock!

72  By the way, I used to work for a company called Argos, in Sunnyvale, California, before they let me go. I suspect I wasn't a serious game player? You can look it up if you like, I'm sure you have your means, although I'm not asking you to take me literally. But then again I guess that's part of playing the Devil's Advocate, nothing but espionage and intrigue! Right? Or is this something the psych major calls reverse psychology? Hey don't fall asleep on us now . . . Thwack!!! . . . Wow!? That almost sounds like something Theseus might say? . . . Or do?

73  Are you Sirius? The Dog Star? The brightest star in the heavens? Alright wise apple! Polish any good ones lately? . . . Just kidding! . . . Hmmm . . . This is rather curious, for after I quit my job at building 73 (the company I refer to in Princess Thianna), I started another job the next day at Sirius Electronics. But I didn't quite fit in here either and was let go two days later. I wasn't much of a player and was overqualified . . . And I immediately went on unemployment, and didn't start work until two months later, on January 6th.

74  Tell me, what's up besides Uranus? (Father Sky). It's Time!!! (Cronus). And Time Stands Still!  If you would like to help me out with my book let me know?

75  Live! . . . And in color! . . . From Microsoft NBC! . . . It's big brother Bill!   Microsoft NBC

76  Los Angeles! . . . Los Angeles . . . The City of Angels!

77  The Pendulum Swings!  You got that R.O.Y.? (55-74).

78  The marriage is at hand and the bride is ready! It's time to lift the veil!

79  Enter Diana and her four hounds! (47-79). Whereas my lollipop was yellow (3-2) and her lollipop was orange (2-3). And David gave me a second lollipop, which was red (3-1). And so close to Easter too! For they were bunny lollipops.

80  Enter Ju-dah (4) Le-vi (3). And enter Daphne (43). While it's funny how the very day I mention the name Daphne to her, someone had brought in a branch or plant that looked like laurel to work, she says she had been to the nursery the night before, and was looking specifcally at a daphne plant! Wow! Whereas she had mentioned earlier that her daughter's name was Jennifer (2), and it wasn't difficult to see how it correlated with the number 12—which, happens to be the New Church. And I explained to her the story of Daphne and Apollo and told her the significance of the names. (We looked it up on the Internet.) This all happened about a year ago and that was pretty much it, although she's continued to pervade my thoughts ever since. In a most delightful way I might add!

81  Oh mighty Eros, says Apollo, what have I to do with thee? Your pangs have pierced me in such a way that I deemed not possible. Forgive my foolhardiness towards your sweet nectars of delight, for I have tasted of them and now go unfulfilled. Forgive my insolence (insulin?), lest something more tragic shall befall me, and I become a shambles of a god, not worthy of the mention of the name. Whereas I'm to understand now, that when all Chaos breaks loose (see Daphne), it's really a sign that you've arrived, and I should look at it less in terms of dis-May? and more in terms of an opportunity, for fulfillment.

82  It's like what I was explaining to my friend Eric in the car one night, something Joseph Campbell had so aptly put, "A cat has three names, the name his master calls him, the name science calls him, and the name nobody but the cat himself knows." And I looked over at Eric, thinking, now what's a name he could relate to? And I said, "Let's say you had a cat and his name was Ralph . . . " And he said, "Wait a second! I had a cat named Ralph!" Enough said . . . "And to the angel of the church in Pergamos write [3rd church] . . . To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it." Revelation 2:12-17

83  Then again there's Moses, born of the lineage of Levi, the 3rd son and high priest, the man who spoke with God, whose sole task it was to lead the children of Israel (the 3rd church) out of the wilderness and into the promised land. Exodus 2-3 Yet here it was Moses was not eloquent and had a slow tongue (to utter that which can't be uttered?), for which it was necessary for God to appoint Aaron, his brother, as his spokesman. Exodus 4:10-14  And speaking of high priests, we mustn't forget Merlin, the high priest over King Arthur's court, whose task it was to preside over the marriage of Arthur and Guinevere (32).

84  While it's funny how when I had the dream about The Devil being cast out in chapter 5, it involved another young woman with the same name as above. While the experience with the lollipops occurred almost twelve years to the day after I had this dream! Wow! And indeed at one point she expressed a genuine interest in me . . . She had also just recently separated with her husband and I didn't want to go there . . .

85  And let's not forget the spirit of Demeter, or would that be the Liberty Spirit? While it's funny how I had cataloged your rebellion against all the gods, Lucifer, but neglected to say Demeter, the goddess of the grain, thus signifying the trunk of the tree at its base. Whereas I had actually thought about her—last—but nothing came to mind? And since I had already given some very good examples here, I was wondering if she might take exception to it? Sure enough the very next day it happened! . . . Yet isn't this what it's all about? The fight against one's personal liberty or freedom? (your offense against me and everyone else). Neither should we forget the role of Hermes, the god of free commerce.

86  So much for being a-Gnostic! And so much for trying to divide my house! For as the scriptures say, "A house divided against itself shall not stand!" Matthew 12:22-30

87  I of myself can do nothing! John 5:30 Which is to say, without humility all you have left is strife. Which thus becomes the medium and golden opportunity for Ares, the god of war. And the game of one-upmanship continues . . . So how do you keep everything from rampaging and going to hell? Certainly not by mocking that which you don't understand. You start by saying I don't know! . . . You big ignoramus! . . . Now be good! And by all means check your motives!

88  Are you a Communist? Are you of the Luciferian Creed? Are you a sorcerer? Do you practice witchcraft? Everything you've accomplished so far leads me to believe you're in league with such things, and so intend to take the reins. Which has so compromised my position, that here I find myself at the front line of battle. Tell me, are you getting your Leavensworth? (a rise out of it). For indeed this is where I've planted my cross, right at the gates of hell (Leavenworth, Kansas). What I would suggest is that you learn how to cast out your own demons (pride being the biggest) before you come taking it out on me. Then, and only then, would I charge you with battling these other heresies.

89  Deviled eggs anyone? Mixed with that special blend of mustard sauce and mayonnaise. Hmmm . . . sounds like some weird fertility concoction. Well, actually I passed them up at the last supper at work last Thursday (last company potluck). Hey, a bag of nuts sounds real good right about now. Or how about an avocado? While I must admit I have a thing for bananas, and cherries too! And I love cantaloupe! Of course I don't recall having any strong feelings towards a glass of milk, but then again if I had a thing for cows! And what did the cow and bull do in order to put the veal on the table? I love baby veal! Served with tender asparagus shoots? While lamb chops are simply divine! Those sheep must have been up to something besides grazing in a meadow. Thank God!

90  Ever been to the Siskiyou's this time of year? To the Smith River? When the trees are in bloom? Indeed it's quite fragrant . . . flagrant? And, while I'm not sure of the species of tree (more than one?), and here I should say it's the first time I've ever mentioned this, and I kid you not, the whole place smells like semen! Honest to God! . . . and then again this is where the word testimony comes from, from testis!

91  Whereas I understand someone has a ravenous appetite for things of a spiritual nature, so much so that I'm afraid it might consume me whole! Like the lion loves its prey? Then again it might be better if we didn't try and push it and let nature take its course. It would be nice to get a breather, and let the waters subside! "And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood. And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth." Revelation 12:15-16  Sound a bit like deja vu? Or, maybe this is what Chief Joseph represents. Yet it was Dionysus' grandmother, Rhea, Mother Nature herself, who ultimately saves him, which thus signifies, the wisdom of the earth.

92  All of which brings up a dream I had a few years back. Where I was a young boy about ten or eleven (a couple of years older?) and was the son of a Mafia crime boss. And I found myself in a tavern or bar or similar establishment, with a couple of Mafia types, who were about to bust the heads of the proprietors. The reason I had come along is because this was my day to learn the ropes. But I knew inside of me it wasn't right and I protested, saying I didn't want to do it. And they said, "Come on kid, it's easy once you get used to it, besides, we know you're a natural at it, and we're well aware of what you're capable of doing" (due to some prior disturbances I created). And I began to think, if I had busted anybody's head (if it appeared that way), it was probably because they were stubborn and weren't listening and had to be dealt with. But not because I wanted their money or anything else that didn't belong to me, and I continued to protest.

93  We went around with this several times, before they finally took me in to see my father, who was glad to see me and inquired what was wrong? And it was explained I was reluctant to do as I was told, at which point he proceeded to tell me this was the nature of the business and I would have to get used to it. And I began to mock him (talking up and down at him while making jokes). To which he was mildly taken aback, thinking I was only joking, and said, "Son, I know you're still young, but please don't mock me." And I began to mock him even more! And a very grave look came over his face, as he said, "Son, what am I to do with you?" At which point I knew I had just been disowned and my days were numbered. Sound anything like the movie, The Godfather?

94  But then my grandmother stepped in and whisked me into the other room, and asked, "How's my grandson today?" And I said, "Well, not so good judging by what happened in the other room." And she replied, "Oh, that's just your father, don't worry about him, I'm used to getting the final say so around here, especially when it involves my favorite grandson." And she proceeded to tell me how enthralled she was with a paper I had written in school (amongst several I had done), thus praising my intelligence, saying my education was far more important than going around busting heads. It's like I said above, Dionysus was restored by his grandmother Rhea.

95  She then asked me if I had a girlfriend or what my plans for marriage were, to which I couldn't reply. Again she repeated I was her favorite grandson, and said, "All you need to do is ask, if there's any woman you wish to marry, just let me know and she's yours." And she said, "You see your cousin over there? (nephew?). He's supposed to be getting married tomorrow, indeed she's a very beautiful bride, but just give me the word and I'll call it off." And I began to ponder, "What could I have done to deserve this?" and woke up shortly thereafter.

96  A Message From Planet Earth: Without the earth to receive the light and heat of the sun, we would be in the dark and in the cold. Hence there would be no precious thermals by which to soar and touch the sky. In fact there would be no sky (atmosphere). Consequently there would be no heaven . . . not of this world anyway. And when I lift things up to the Lord above (Father Sky), it's because of me, not in spite of me, that you're allowed to achieve altitude. Please bear these things in mind, oh little one (i.e., don't ignor me), when I ask you to remember from whence you came. Don't forsake your mother, lest ye be cast back down . . . Knowledge is not wisdom!

97  Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind. He who has integrity is most like God. Whereas he who conquers himself conquers the world.

98  Are you talking to me? Hey, I am a good listener, because I listen to myself. How else would I know? So this becomes the testimony, of that which I have witnessed.

99  Anyone care for some pollen cakes? Hmmm . . . Food for thought . . . Snicker snicker . . . Arh arh arh . . . You get the yoke! . . . Splat! . . .

100  So how can you tell if someone is your friend? When they get egg on their face they own up to it!

101  How can you tell if someone is your enemy? When they turn around and buy the whole chicken ranch!

102  So let's say you and your buddies were feeling kind of frisky one night and decided to go to the local tavern and pick up on some action. And let's say there wasn't much in the works, except for a young woman sitting at the end of the bar, a fairly attractive young thing, kind of loose and slutty looking, who could have been mistaken for a hooker. But let's say she was too drunk to tell. And, having already had a few drinks under your own belts, your vision impaired, you don't take notice, before everyone looks at each other and nods, as if to say, "Let's take this whore for all she's got! And, because she's drunk, we won't have to pay!"

103  So you whisk her off into the back room, kicking and screaming, to gang-bang and rape her. I believe this is what they call Pulling the Train? While in the process she bites one of your buddy's hand, and you say, "Okay bitch, we're not only going to rape you, but we're going to beat you too," and you haul her into the back room and start pounding away. And then one of your buddies gets the crazy notion to open the back door and let all the bums on the street in on it (it was a seedy neighborhood), so everybody gets their fill! Oh man, what an occasion!

104  So tell me, was it right to treat this woman this way? Even if she was a whore? Sound like the rationale a whoremonger might use to justify being a whoremonger? Tell me which is worse, the whoremonger, who typically has a choice (he doesn't have to peddle the goods), or the whore, who's quite often drawn to such a profession out of circumstances? On the other hand, let's say she wasn't a whore. Let's say she had just broken up with her boyfriend or lost her job (a secretarial job, that required she dress loosely), and only came to the bar because she felt overwhelmed. Or perhaps at the instigation of a friend? And, being unaccustomed to holding her liquor (she rarely frequented the bars), she comes across as loose and tawdry. So tell me, was it right to treat her this way? . . . You can tell it to the judge! And to your buddies in the slammer!

105  Polish any good ones lately? . . . Just kidding! . . . Yet you really have to watch out for the fresh ones, for this is what my experience has been like on the Internet over the past two or three months (2-3). Land mines all over the place! And boy does it stink! But, boys will be boys . . . The boyse from Boise? (43).

106  I guess it's the patronizing part that bothers me the most, for throughout this whole ordeal I've done my utmost not to patronize you. Really (unless of course you consider some of the humor used to counter your land mines). While it's funny how some of the ladies at work last night were getting all upset about an accusation which was made by the other shift, and they were passing around the company policy on harassment, and one of the things mentioned were those things which could be construed as "patronizing" towards others. Which I suppose is another game right? (as opposed to being playful).

107  Whereas on my way home I saw a locomotive engine running along by itself, with the number 2315 on its side. And I was thinking that's odd, for the number 23 signifies judgment and the number 15 is Daphne's number (one of the main themes I've been working on lately). And yet this train has nothing to pull! Meaning, any accusations of whoredom, or for that matter, any other impropriety, doesn't exist . . . against the New Church. Then again if there were 23 cars attached, that would be 23 x 15 = 345, and the engine itself makes 360! Or, what if you portray a snake in a circle while biting its tail, that's the symbol of eternity. Whereas the 23rd hour corresponds to 11:00 p.m., which, is 12 hours after 11:00 a.m. . . . The 12th year since 1987? (i.e., 11/11?).

108  Which finally brings up a dream I had, which centers around a second cousin of mine who recently had a baby, who she named Matthew (1992?). And I remember the time she brought him over to my aunt and uncle's house (he was about a year old), and I was intrigued by his inquisitiveness, how full of life he was and joy. And I got to thinking about the book of Matthew, which seems the most complete of the four gospels (it's my favorite), and I remembered it was Matthew, the tax collector, who comes to collect the credit due to the Lord.

109  And when I had the dream sometime later (months?), there was a young woman who reminded me of my cousin who had just given birth to a baby, our son. And when I knelt down to kiss her (she lay on her back), she planted one on me like we were two teenagers in the back seat of a car. Which I was taken aback by, for it was very vulgar, and had nothing to do with the Love which was born between us. And at that very moment the Lord possessed me (entered my person) and magnified that emotion fully and completely, beyond anything that could be experienced in this world. It was felt everywhere! As if to say, "My dear child, be not mistaken, it is I who Love you, and this is our son."

110  Well here it is Tax Day again, and it's time to pay what's due . . .

111  Catch The Spirit . . . The Spirit of 76! . . . Tell us George, did you really chop down the cherry tree? So tell us Adam, our father, and wisest of men, who killed ol' one eye? (the cyclops). Now let's see, there was Apollo (43), there was David (34) and, there was Odysseus (33) . . . Hey don't look at me, I'm nobody!


So tell us, who killed president Lincoln? . . . 43 + 33 + 34 (1 + 5 + 6) ? . . . You can trust the man. He's the man who wears the star. The big bright Texaco Star! So tell us, what kind of apple do you prefer? A Macintosh? No, that's a computer! . . . A Pippin? Didn't he play for the Bulls? (21) . . . A Golden Delicious? No, that sounds too much like Eris! . . . Or, how about a Gravenstein? Hmmm . . . I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact that I lived on 145 Lincoln Street? . . . Maybe it's time to clean house? . . . Or, maybe it's time Johnny Appleseed got the word out? . . . Was Apollo really the apple god?

113  And while Odysseus didn't actually kill the cyclops, he blinded him by putting his eye out. And in so doing he offends Poseidon, the god of the sea. Whereas in chapter 14, I've listed Poseidon as the 10th element to comprise the tree of life. Saying he corresponds to the water table, and hence the root structure and height of the tree. And as I say in Joyce, the number 10 signifies the man's objectivity, at its height. Thus it is the root structure or the depth would correspond to the number 01. (Poseidon was only second in command to Zeus, who I've listed first). Which helps to explain the nature of Odysseus' offense: 10 + 01 = 11. And, as we're referring to Odysseus' understanding (5), versus the mind's eye (15), it only seems fitting that I multiply 11 by 3 (33).

114  Whereas the mind's eye is represented by the top third of the pyramid, which is also indicative to the top segment of the cross (15). Thus it is Apollo slays this giant monster of pride (pride of intelligence), because he probably conjures it up through his own pride and can't bear to look at his own arrogance. Consequently Apollo (43) is cast down and is resigned to tending the sheep (44) for the mortal King Admetus, for one great cycle or eight years. Sound similar to circumcision? (344). Sound similar to Adam, who also fell from grace through his pride? Whereas our beloved David (34), the shepherd and second Apollo (resurrection of?), slays the mighty Goliath, with one well placed stone smack in the middle of the forehead (the mind's eye).

115  "Gather yourselves together, and hear, ye sons of Jacob; and hearken unto Israel your father . . . Reuben, thou art my firstborn, my might, and the beginning of my strength, the excellency of dignity, and the excellency of power: Unstable as water, thou shalt not excel; because thou wentest up to thy father's bed; then defiledst thou it . . . " Genesis 49:2-4 . . . "Reuben, tend the sheep!" Judges 5:15-16

116  No, you don't have to be Jewish first in order to become a Christian. On the other hand, if you were a good Jew, you would make a good Christian (i.e., in the highest sense).

117  So here it is treachery hangs reason up on the cross. And what do you get? Treason . . . Ares, you turncoat! What your sister Athena lacks in aggressiveness, she more than makes up for with skill and gracefullness, and you'll find yourself undone each and every time! . . . Enter Odysseus . . . Enter Ulysses S. Grant? . . . Is it time to clean house? And here president Lincoln is on a five dollar bill and Ulysses S. Grant is on a fifty dollar bill, which comes out to fifty-five dollars . . . I bet Odysseus (11) knows who killed president Lincoln (5): i.e., 11 x 5 = 55. He knows what started the Civil War in Troy (treachery over Roy?), and he knows what started the Civil War in the States . . . There's no doubt the warmonger and the whoremonger are one and the same . . .

118  So here it is we have the death of King Louis, the 16th and, the death of Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president. Both of which are incurred at the hands of a Sybil War? (43-34). Wherefore art thou Odysseus? (33). It is I, your beloved Penelope (11), the bride from the house of Louis (France), who waits in the habor. Oh Guinevere, Guinevere . . . Where is my Guinevere? (32).

119  Well here it is I've pretty much gone full circle now, having circumscribed a circle around the full hem of May. And frankly I'm getting a little tired (pissed). For if it wasn't for this young woman named May (see Princess Thianna), there would be nothing to write about here. Or would that be Mayhem? Yes that's a full 24 ounces. Or, would that be 24 hours? i.e., 24 x 15 = 360 degrees. So the only question is, is it May? or is it Judah (4) Levi (3). Daphne (43)? . . . Happy May Day! . . . Sexual Independence Day?