Just a thought about this chapter . . .

**  Due to the overwhelming number of hits on this page—compared to every other page on my site—it's a safe bet that we're all preoccupied with sex! The fourteen sexual positions? Yet if you're looking for that triple x-rated, over-sensationalized, exploitation of women and children kind of crap, you've come to the wrong place. On the other hand, if you'd like to learn a little about life, and possibly what it means to be intimate with someone and, to have a little fun without destroying someone else (while practicing sex), this could be the place.

**  All I'm asking is that you have a legitimate interest when visiting this page. Of course it's okay to be curious, for you won't know unless you actually take a look. (It's not the idea of sex that's wrong, but more the motivation behind it.) While I do recommend a visit to my home page, to get an idea of what this site is about. Or for that matter, a visit to chapter 5, the main experience that ties everything together. I also recommend a visit to chapter 4, which includes the fourteen (nude) pictures of Gerarai and details the account that helped consolidate my ideas on women and sex. Well that's about it for now, and thanks for stopping by! **  Go There Now!