1  This chapter begins with the letter I wrote to David, one of the staff members at the Foundation of Human Understanding in Grants Pass, OR (dated: 11/20/87), and concerns the number 479 and the badge I received at work. I've transcribed most of the letter, while additional comments are given in brackets [*]. I follow up with a piece I wrote about the number 479 and the name Dennis (dated: 3/15/88), much of which is included in the accounts of Karen (7) [n4:72] and Penelope (11) [n4:102]. This is followed by some further ideas about the number 479, plus the final relation about what happened when rewriting this chapter. The letter to David begins as follows:

Dear David:

2  I have only one thing to relate to you now. When living in the Bay Area (in Santa Rosa, CA), from May, 1986 to April, 1987, I worked at a company called National Controls Inc.—i.e., N.C.I. I worked as a temporary employee, through a temporary agency, Liberty Temporary Services, from December, 1986 to January, 1987, and worked 15 work days altogether. While there, I was given a badge which read as follows:

The Badge

3  There's a lot of significance to my working here, but I'm only going to relate the significance of this badge. [I later returned to work here and became permanent in September, 1991 [n11:438-439].

The Mind's Eye

4  It was some time later while meditating, during late March, together with a visualization technique I was practicing, that I closed my eyes and had a vision of this badge, being strung up to the top third of a pyramid, signifying the minds eye [n19:28].


5  I immediately understood what it meant, except for the "479." It meant, Not Christ Incarnate but, that he does represent Christ—Temporarily.

6  As for the number 479, I didn't surmise its meaning until September, 1987. Now I can relate to you what it means: "None come to the father except through me," and that, "All works are sanctified through Christ." Thus in doing your works through Christ (i.e., the Ten Commandments), the Sabbath is fulfilled. As Christ said, "I've come to fulfill the law." [In looking back, it was correct for me to interpret this vision, as it occurred to me. Also, Dionysus was called Lord of Souls and, associated with the soul's transcendence.]

The Three Centers

7  What it means, is Christ is the Sabbath and, that we find our rest and worship through Him; nor do we necessarily need to set a day aside for this, for the Sabbath points to the relationship a person should find in his or her heart [Mark 2:23-28 Mark 3:1-5]. Let me show you a symbolic representation here:

479 Centers

8  The first triangle portrays the first four commandments of God: and here, the first three signify the Holy Trinity—believe it or not—while the fourth corresponds to worship, or the Sabbath. All of which comprise the Mind of the Matter [i.e. it's through the mind, or one's understanding, that suitable worship is implemented].

9  The second triangle comprises the Heart of the Matter, with respect to worship, the Sabbath or 7th day, and portrays the 5th, 6th and 7th commandments, with respect to the first four—The Mind. [The fourth commandment says, "Remember the Sabbath." I'm also suggesting Christ corresponds to the number 7.]

Tenth Commandment

10  The circle comprises the Soul of the Matter. And here, the number 8 signifies the body of the Ten Commandments, or its flesh: "Thou shalt not steal" [i.e., a theft is committed when any commandment is broken]. The number 9 signifies its essence or soul or, infilling of the flesh: "Thou shalt not bear false witness." [Thus to lie, especially to oneself, is nearly always a prerequisite to doing something wrong—as falsity and evil go hand-in-hand.] While the number 10 signifies what is objective [n4:95], towards the body (8) and the essence (9)—of the first nine commandments: "Thou shalt not covet what belongs to your neighbor." And here, the digit "1" next to the zero, serves as a point of reference:

Number 10

11  The tenth commandment is the point of reference, and serves as the key to the first nine, for it deals with the Matter of the Heart: "He who has committed it in his heart has already committed it." [Matthew 5:21-22, 27-28].

Mind Heart and Soul

12  With respect to the first three symbols—i.e., 4-7-9—when combined and integrated they become the symbol detailed below. [Also note, the soles of one's feet correspond to one's soul. While the number 479 signifies the high priest [n4:161-162; n9:31; n14:37,46]. See also The Key of David / 479 in chapter 6 [96].

479 Composite

"None come to the Father, except by me."  [John 14:6 ]

Number 11 / The Key

13  Now the number 11 is a key, and helps allude to the nature of the Two Witnesses, as outlined in Revelation 11—i.e., the Two Candlesticks. [n4:50,106,151,157; n6:134; n11:8,329].

14  The number 11 is actually the number 10: when read frontwards (10), as well as backwards (01), and juxtaposed: 10 + 01 = 11. It also represents the two hemispheres of the human brain: the left side which is rational, and the right side which is intuitive, that come together to form the center of the psyche. It also portrays the two sides of the body, more specifically, the left and right sides of the bosom.

15  In Hebrew, a language based more on the intuitive sense, which reads from right to left, the number 10 would read, "01." In English, a language based more on the rational understanding of things, which reads from left to right, the number 10 would read, "10." When juxtaposed, they come together as, "11."

16  The number 11 also alludes to Joseph, the 11th son of Israel. Genesis 37-50  Joseph was Israel's favorite son and, was given the coat of many colors. Signifying prophecy? He was the first son of Rachel, Israel's second wife but, his first and true love: through Laban's deceit, Rachel's father, Israel was tricked into marrying Leah on their wedding night instead. Genesis 29:15-31  And, through Reuben's default, Israel's firstborn and Leah's son, Joseph received Israel's main inheritance. Genesis 49:3-4 [I refer to this specifically in chapter 10 [n8]].

17  The dreamer of dreams, Joseph was despised by his brethren, who they cast into the pit and sold into slavery in Egypt. Genesis 37  And when speaking of the dream of Pharaoh, Joseph said: "And for that the dream was doubled unto Pharaoh twice; it is because the thing is established by God, and God will shortly bring it to pass." Genesis 41:32  Which takes on something similar when speaking of his two dreams to his brothers. Genesis 37:5-11  Being the same dream dreamt twice, it was witnessed twice, hence again, the Two Witnesses. This is what the number 11 embodies, and what Joseph—the seer—was about. [It's what this second writing signified to me, for it helped substantiate the letter I wrote to David. And being a second witnessing or corroboration of that, it was essential, for I didn't begin work on this book until December 1989.]

479 / Number Table

18  Listed below is a group of single digit numbers (square roots) which, when multiplied by themselves, produce a two digit number. These are the numbers 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. And note, only these six numbers will produce a two digit by-product: i.e., it doesn't work with 3 (3 x 3 = 9) and, it doesn't work with 10 (10 x 10 = 100).

479 Table

19  As you can see, I've inserted a zero between the two digits of the by-product numbers, and multiplied these by 11—the key. For example, 16, which is 106 x 11 = 1166. Notice I inserted the square root number (4) inside the zero initially, i.e., 1(4)6, and expressed the product as 1(16)6.

20  Now what's interesting, is that this bears express testimony to what I just did with it. It expressly witnesses 4 is the square root of 16, the 4 within the zero becomes 16 within the parenthesis, and that it's appropriate to insert the 4 between the digits 1 and 6 and generate the new expression "146." Like I said, there are only six numbers you can do this with, the numbers 4 through 9: i.e., begins with 4 and ends with 9 or, simply "49."

21  Now the reason I went through this exercise, is to see if it's suitable to insert the number 7, the square root of 49, between the digits 4 and 9 or, 409, and generate the new expression "479." As you can see this expression works and, in two distinct ways, the one verifying the other, as the table and indicator arrows show.

22  As I show in the letter to David, the number 479 is very symbolic. And what I'm about to present, is it's essentially the same or, very similar to my name—Dennis. Which thus becomes a witnessing of the letter to David; and conversely, the letter to David becomes a witnessing of this: i.e., Two Witnesses. See also The Key of David / 479 in chapter 6 [n96].

23  When looking through a book of names, I found the name Ennis, something I wasn't looking for, which is Greek in origin and means the ninth. I already knew the letter "D" was the same as the Greek letter delta, which means the fourth, and it was only a matter of putting the two together before I could see my name corresponded to the number 49: i.e., D (4) + Ennis (9), or Dennis (49) [n4:14,76].

24  And it wasn't long before I began to wonder how the number 49 corresponded to 479. It was a relatively easy next step though—how I often make my discoveries [n1:20]—for the number 7 was the square root of 49, and I later developed the number table and multiplication equation. Thus as the indicator arrow points to 7, the number range is defined, when 7 is multiplied by itself, i.e., 49 or, 4 through 9. Hence the three indicator arrows point to 4, 7 and 9, which is 479. Also, by putting the expression of my name another way you get: D-(49)-Ennis, or D-(Dennis)-Ennis. Which can be viewed as 4(49)9, the same exact expression I've already detailed: 409 x 11 = 4(49)9.

479 Further

25  There are a still few things I'd like to relate about the number 479. The first and obvious being its relation to the Star of David, hence the title of the chapter—Dear David / 479. Being a six-sided star, it suggests the name David corresponds to the number 6, and brings up what Revelation 3:7 says about the Church of Philadelphia, the 6th church: ". . .he that hath the key of David." And so gives more meaning to the symbolism above and suggests a close affinity between the names David and Dennis. This is elaborated further in chapters 6 [n96] and 13 [n61].

26  The second being it's a priestly number, which corresponds to the number 3—as does 409 above [n21]—in accord with Levi, the priest and, 3rd son of Israel. Which brings up the Church of Pergamos, the 3rd church in Revelation 2:12-17  And in The Apocalypse Revealed, Swedenborg says it corresponds to the celestial kingdom or, third heaven. And, as he calls it the priestly kingdom, per Revelation 20:6, it's a good indication 3 is a priestly number.

27  The number 479 also corresponds to the name Cindy of Gerarai [n4:39], who I also ascribe to the celestial kingdom. Having worked with my sister Cindy a lot, and Artemis, it seems significant that she's been instrumental in my recovery over the past few years (ere 1990). While in some accounts of the Greek myths, Artemis played an integral role in Dionysus' upbringing.

28  As I relate in Karen (7) [n4:77], the number 49 corresponds to the colors white (4) and black (9)—and, the number 7—and portrays their contrast: between good and evil. And it's essentially what the name Dennis (49) implies, a state of being torn to pieces from the conflict between the two. Indeed it reflects what's happened in my life; and, in Dionysus' life: who was driven mad as a youth and, called the mad god. While he was later purified, by Rhea, with a latter aspect associated with a full and healthy life. I'm also referring to what happened along the Smith River, the month after my rebirth experience, where I was torn to pieces by the Titans [n5:16].

29  Thus when Revelation 3:14-22 refers to the Church of Laodicea, the 7th or lukewarm church, it implies a state of wretchedness—or, being torn to pieces. A state which is remedied by, ". . .buying gold tried in the fire." Revelation 3:18  While gold is signified by the color yellow or the number 3 [n6:54]. And as the number 49 (Dennis) portrays the 7th aspect (or church), it becomes refined, in a priestly sense, by the number 479: regarding the number 3, or gold. Swedenborg also says gold signifies the celestial kingdom. Thus it's interesting how the gold rush to Californiathe Golden State—began in 1849: relating to verse 18 above, and the name Dennis (49). And as California is the 31st state, it too corresponds to the number 3—or gold. There was also a gold rush to Alaska, the 49th state. Go 49ers!

30  And so brings up a story I saw on TV about the gold in Fort Knox, that aired in May 1993. I was standing in front of the TV at the time, when it showed some bars of gold on the right. And I glanced at the numbers stamped on them, but nothing was signified. But when the camera panned to the left, there were three more bars of gold, and guess what? They were all stamped with the prefix 479! Hence it seems to corroborate this, as well as the next experience, that occurred when I rewrote this chapter.

31  The number 479 also corresponds to one's ruling love: i.e., the alignment of one's mind (4), heart (7) and soul (9) [n7-12]. What Swedenborg addresses in his work, Heaven and Hell, and describes as one's disposition or inclination: more so after death. Thus it's interesting how he breaks his work up into numbers, and addresses ruling love, specifically, under the number 479, of all places. He begins with the preface: "Man after death is his own love or his own will."

32  While it's funny how in the only thesaurus I owned at the time, the word listed under the number 479 is confutation: i.e., the process of reproof or proving something wrong, convincingly. Which certainly applies to the following, "None come to the Father, except by me." John 14:6  My dictionary also cites, "Elijah confuting the prophets of Baal . . . with bitter mockery." Thus it's through the spirit of Jesus Christ (479) that our ruling love is determined, and ultimately determines what our state is like in the hereafter.

33  The number 479 also portrays victory, in accord with ruling love. For this is the date the Greeks conquered Persia, 479 BC, in their struggle to retain their independent state and, maintain their ruling love. It was during this period, more than any other, that they stood in danger of losing their freedom! This also corresponds to the period Dionysus was given official cult status in Greece. And so it seems fitting that the name Dennis—49 or, 479—have its Greek origins. While the year 479 BC was also the year Confucius died, and seems to coincide with the death of Buddha in 543 BC [n2:11; n6:22].

Final Relation

34  I'd now like to relate what occurred when I was rewriting this chapter. It was during Easter Week, in April, 1993, April 4th to the 11th, in conjunction with a company I was working for. Another temporary job, at one of the better companies I worked for, it lasted about two months. And while I was originally told not to expect it to last more than two weeks, and not to get my hopes up, which seemed acceptable, I hoped it would become long-term. I had been out of work for over two months.

35  After the first week I began working swing-shift, instead of days, to show I was flexible. And over the weeks, I clearly demonstrated my capabilities, and began to feel more comfortable. While the general consensus of the other people there is it would be long-term. My supervisors said they liked my work, and said they had plenty to keep me busy. There seemed to be enough work, or if not, it was rescheduled to keep everyone busy. So I was led to believe I would be there awhile.

36  But on March 23rd I had a premonition: I dreamt I had an altercation with my supervisor, more of a misunderstanding, and I woke-up concerned. For this was the day I quit my job in Southern Oregon in 1990, due to problems with my supervisor, primarily because the company moved [n12:71]. And for nearly three years I was mindful of its anniversary but, completely forgot about it by then—until I had this dream. And the funniest thing happened when I got to work. They decided it was time to move everything around in the company! They'd been planning it for awhile, but didn't start until the moment I walked in the door! around 2:30 pm. And I thought surely something was going to happen.

37  I managed to stick it out for the next two weeks, although they let some of the temporaries go that week, and I started to get comfortable again. They also transferred one of the employees from our department—he was on my team—to another department, so I assumed there was still an opening. But they finally let me go and, the ultimate reason they gave, was production had slowed because of the move. In fact they were still moving things around at this time.

38  Thus on Tuesday, April 6th, my supervisor informed me Friday would be my last day. Being a temporary job, it seemed fair enough, but I still felt betrayed. I had put in so much time and energy there and felt I was contributing. Then it occurred to me Friday was Good Friday, the day they crucified Christ. It probably wouldn't have if this hadn't happened, for I even forgot Sunday was Easter. I also felt I was drawing too much attention to myself, and tried not to think about it, but it was hard to forget. I felt I was the one being sacrificed.

39  And there were other elements involved. For someone betrayed me on my last day. I had loaned him a music CD two weeks earlier and he seemed two-faced about it. There was also something about his political motivations, which I won't go into, although it led to my getting the job. After a few days I began reminding him about it, saying, "Well, did you get a chance to listen yet?" I wasn't making a big deal about it though, for I figured I'd get it back if I continued to work there. I even considered giving it to him at first but, that was my choice. It wasn't a big loss. After finding out Friday was my last day, I asked him on Wednesday to return it, and asked him again on Thursday. But come Friday, I didn't bother to say anything, and consequently it wasn't returned. So basically he put his own personal gain above his responsibility towards me—like Judas—and sold-out. He kept telling me how busy he was, but most people would have made the effort to return it. I know I would have!

40  By the time Friday arrived, I had worked out most of the karma, and given up my ill-feelings about leaving, and I looked forward to doing something else. I even dismissed my earlier reference to Good Friday. And yet there was one other element to be played out. It involved another employee named Pete, who I wasn't formally introduced to until Thursday, the day before. This is when I brought up an issue about some defective parts on some electronic circuit boards. The person I spoke to told me to go see Pete, for he was the one who handled it. When I did, Pete said he'd look into it, and get back to me when he found something out. But I said he probably shouldn't bother, because Friday was my last day, and he should get back to the other person I spoke to. He said he'd get back to me anyway, and then left me there, perplexed. Well on Friday, he came up to me and started telling me how the issue was being resolved. And I said, "Man, today is my last day! What's the point?" and got a little irritated. He then left and I figured that was the end of it.

41  Well it was getting close to quitting time and I had finished a little early. I was anxious to go home and, get on with my life. It's funny because I had to wait for everyone else to finish, when it was usually the other way around. There were only two minutes to go when I looked over at a table with some rejected parts on top. Not the previous parts. And there were three rejection slips, and in big letters each had the word, "REJECT." And stamped in red letters next to it the number, "479," i.e., 4793, 4794, 4795. And each slip was signed, "PETER," how Pete signed his name. When I saw this I was aghast, for it appeared to be a formal rejection: REJECT—479, or who's affiliated with it—i.e., me! And I doubted myself, and thought surely I must have done something wrong. That Peter, Jesus' witness in heaven had rejected me. And I was very alarmed, and felt God had forsaken me! I thought it was because of the undue attention I'd given myself earlier—it wasn't the first time—plus the fact that I was slouching off before quitting time.

42  On Saturday it occurred to me that the same thing happened to Jesus when He died on the cross: when He says, "Father, why hast thou forsaken me?" Matthew 27:46  And of course Jesus said Peter would deny him three times before the cock crows! Matthew 26:31-35  And Peter responded twice, saying he wouldn't deny him (verses 33 and 35). Thus Jesus was telling Peter it was time to pass on and fulfill God's plan or, go on to something else? and Peter, by holding on, was denying Him. It's funny because this person Pete wouldn't acknowledge that I had to leave—twice! And, rejected me (my number) three times in the last hour. Even as Peter denied Jesus thrice in the last hour. Matthew 26:69-75

43  It also occurred to me that it's the witness of Peter, which is typically missing when I enter a relationship at work. Thus I'm referring to the quality he represents, which needs to be developed in myself—and in others—if I'm to sustain anything worthwhile. But it's nearly always lacking, and rarely becomes substantial, explaining why I have few close friends. Its quality is explained in Matthew 16, when Jesus queries the disciples about his identity. And Peter answers, "Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God." (verse 16). And Jesus says, "Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven. And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock [what the name Peter means] I will build my church. . ." (verses 17-18). Whereby it means we are all responsible for what we believe which, is the foundation for The Church. So where is my witness?

44  Yet another thing happened on Saturday which gives more credence to the number 479. I went to the store to buy a circle and ellipse template, for redrawing the symbols in this chapter, specifically. It was the funniest thing, for the circle template cost $4.79, while the ID number on the ellipse template was 479! And, although they were too expensive, and I hesitated to spend the money, I bought them because of this. Now it didn't occur to me until later, but here were the Two Witnesses again!

45  And so brings up what happened six months earlier, when I considered buying a new word processor for $479. When I finally decided to buy it, in late March, 1993, the price was reduced to $429 but, when I got to the store, it was reduced again, to $399. It was being discontinued. I still wanted to buy it, but there was only one left, a return and, as I didn't care much for the service, I decided to go to another store. I finally bought a word processor that day but, was talked into buying something different by the salesman—for $479! Again, the duplication of this number. Because of this I decided to rewrite this chapter first on my new word processor, which seemed rather arbitrary at the time but, it's interesting how it all worked out. Also, the same model was available at the other store, and its price has since been reduced to $479! as of August 1993.

46  Since all of this was closely linked with Easter, it occurred to me that the number 479 portrays the resurrection—or, the ascension. Which is the badge ascending to the top third of the pyramid! [n4].