Residences / 14 x 4 = 56 

Relocating to Eastern Oregon

450  As I already said [n444], it had been about 20 years since I left San Jose [n11:1] when I moved to my 41st residence so, it would seem fitting that I end the Odysseus theme there. However, since it's still relevant to the rest of the book and, closely tied to the feats of Heracles [n505-06; n12:32-33; n14:12; n16:83], meaning Glory of Hera, I decided to create Part 3 of chapter 11 or, an addendum. Also, where I detailed residence 41 in paragraph 444 (before realizing it), it seems fitting for it signifies the full spectrum [np:5-7; n6:54-55] and, in relation to the number 10 (14 x 31 + 10 = 444), the completion of one's objective [n4:95; n7:49-52]. So, that's about where it stands now.

Events Beyond 2010

451  Thus as the testimony of the Two Witnesses in Revelation 11 (10 + 01 = 11) serve as a prelude to Revelation 12, which signifies the New Church, I'd say we're about through with the testimonial part at least [n11:1]. While in April, 2021, I finished writing chapter 24 [n1], which is where I think much of this is headed, the events outlined beyond 2010 [nf:7; n1:45; n20:31]. It then occurred to me, per the symbolism above, I should group the first 56 residences in groups of 14, in accord with the 14 Gerarai [n4:1], and the Greek letter delta or, equal-sided triangle.

452  And, similar to what I describe in chapter 2 [n16-17], residences 1-14 portray the establishment of the New Church, residences 15-28 portray its duration, and residences 29-42 portray its end or state of decline, all the way up to the 42nd state, thus signifying blasphemy [n499; n23:7]. Hence the Sixth Church was fully established when I visited Grants Pass and sent the letter to David the FHU at my 14th residence in November, 1987 [n357-64; n8:1]. Its duration lasting until after I moved in with the father and his two sons in Grants Pass in 1989, and got laid off from the (original) company I deemed my 26th residence [n12:47-48]. Hence the beginning of the 29th state [n437], signifying its end or decline. Which was later confirmed after I got rehired at the same company in January, 1990, and the company moved from Grants Pass to Medford [n438; n12:64]. And, as I said in chapter 17 [n24], I opted to begin the first series of Gerarai [n4:1] with the numbers 43-56 in mind so, it seemed its very fulfillment. And, in relation to the Greek letter delta or, the fourth aspect which, together with the apex and the number 43, again in relation to the numbers 43-56, it portrays the interior of a woman's vagina [n471,506].

Residence 42 / Blasphemy

453  As for residences 43-56 or, the area within the triangle, I said I hoped to move to Idaho, the 43rd state [n23:3], after I moved back to California from Oregon [n440]. Which I kept telling my mother, who found it rather annoying. This didn't happen either, although I got the opportunity to visit in late 1992 [n23:20]. While I'd been a permanent employee at Weigh-Tronix for about a year now [n20,440-42], and decided to take two weeks off and visit Idaho. Well on the very day I got back, I received my review, which was past due and, due to a host of things beyond my control, it was most unfavorable. So I got upset and quit! It was a bad time to give a review.

454  As I still lived at my 41st residence [n444], I viewed my trip to Idaho as the beginning of the 42nd state, for it signified the transition between jobs [n437]. Thus when I found a job a couple of months later, Idaho was now out of the question—or, so it seemed—but, it was something I deemed necessary. Nor was Idaho quite what I expected. While according to Swedenborg, the number 42 signifies or, correlates with blasphemy (Apocalypse Revealed n489,583) [n6:71], and you should have heard the words uttered from my lips that day! These folks weren't the least bit fair, however, so one has to ask who committed the greater blasphemy?

The End of the Church?

455  Whether that entailed the end of the Sixth Church or not [n1:16] is debatable—but, I got the blasphemy part right! Nor was that the end of the relation to Idaho. In fact after my mother moved to Wilsonville, Oregon, in 2000, where we shared an apartment at my 65th residence [n491], I bought a used mobile home in Tigard, Oregon, about a year later in 2001 [n493]. Where we lived until May, 2012 (my mother moved out a few months earlier), after I got evicted for being three months behind on the space rent. I'd been out of work since 2009, due to the big Bank Bailout in 2008 and, after my unemployment ran out and, the Mental Health Services people pressured my mother into moving into an assisted living arrangement—who, was paying half the bills—what was I supposed to do?

456  The home was worth about $10,000, which I owned outright but, I had no choice but to walk away from it all. It might have helped if the management let me sign the title over to them, as they had done in the past, but they no longer did that. I also tried to sell the home and, possibly get somebody to rent a room to me but, had no luck there either. So, on May 10th 2012, I packed all I possibly could into my 1991 Toyota Camry [n498]—boy it was packed!—and headed out to Grants Pass. At first I planned to move to Ontario, about 12 miles north of Nyssa, with its relation to the Axis Mundi—and Idaho, yes! [n450; n23:1]—but was talked out of it by a neighbor the night before [n20:31]. It didn't pan out after I arrived in Grants Pass, however, and two days later I headed to Ontario anyway, 22 years after I drew up the Axis Mundi symbolism in 1990 [n23:3]. While a most unusual chain of events occurred surrounding this, as I relate in chapter 23 [n27-36].

457  So, it appeared the Axis Mundi criteria was still in effect, which was further confirmed on April 6th, 2019, after I drove out to milepost 262 along the Highway 26 corridor, near Cairo, similar to the milepost 46 incident in Southern Oregon [n12:1,50-54,74; n24:9]. I had driven by at least 20-30 times already, and each time I couldn't help but think, "Here was ground zero, in relation to Mother Earth below (23) and Father Sky above (32) or, 230 + 032 = 262." Whereby the opposite becomes, 320 + 023 = 343, as portrayed in chapter 24 [n6-8].

458  Then one day out of the blue, on April 6th I thought, "Why don't I drive out there and park in front of the sign, and see what comes to mind, if anything?" which I did. And I was only there about a minute when I realized it had been 230 years from 1757 to 1987, where the Fifth Church began in 1757, and the Sixth Church (allegedly) began in 1987 [n2:1]. And, from 1987 to 2019 it had been 32 years, in other words 230 + 032 = 262 years! [n24:6-8]. When I realized this I was astounded! And yet, there's more! The final realization (currently) occurred on November 30th and December 1st, 2020, when I discovered the Christian Fellowship Church at the corner of 5th Street and Ennis Ave. and, Don-key Hill, about two miles heading east out of town just after crossing the Idaho border [n24:30-44]. So yes, there appears to be more than the establishment of the Sixth Church alone! [n455; n1:16,34; n3:6; n20:31].

Residences 43 through 56 

459  Having said all that, my 43rd state involved getting a job at some power supply company in Santa Rosa [n437], that built power supply systems from lasers? I signed on as a contract employee for three months and, when the contract was up, they opted to let me go. As for my 44th state, it wasn't long before I received a call from Jennifer, hence the number 44 [n4:1], at one of the temporary agencies who had a job lined up in Petaluma [n437]. It didn't last more than a couple of weeks but I still acknowledged it as such. The 45th state involved getting the job I refer to in the last half of chapter 8 [n34], in February 1993, and the events surrounding Easter. This was located in Rohnert Park. The 46th state was the period between jobs and the 47th state was a temporary job I got working at a plastic injection molding place in Petaluma [n437].

460  The 48th state involved another temporary job in Petaluma, California [n437], and I was intrigued that the number 48 bus took almost the same route I did. While the person who sat next to me kept talking about moving from Arizona—the 48th state. Until he quit or, they let him go? It's also funny that after he left, one of the girls from the other department sat next to me, and she quit too! And said she was moving to Alaska—the 49th state. And soon afterwards my roommate bought another house, in Petaluma, and we moved! It was my 49th move! While that same week I quit my job, i.e., it still coincided with the move, and spent the next two months at home.

Aloha, Oregon / 50th State

461  I didn't have much luck looking for work, nor was I too interested. Feeling I stood a better chance of finding work in Portland, Oregon [n6:24], I opted to move there instead. Whereby it became my 50th residence. I also thought about Hawaii the 50th state, and didn't really expect to find a correlation. But one of the first places I called was in Aloha—i.e., Hawaii, The Aloha State. Indeed it crossed my mind when I called, but the room was already rented and I didn't think much else of it. Besides, it seemed too far away according to the map, as I was unfamiliar with the area. While in relation to the "5" within the circle on the diagram [n450], hence the crux of the matter [n481; n1:24,32; n6:58], it corresponds to Pentecost [n449; n4:76] or, the 50th state [n437]. And, in relation to the first four aspects, it corresponds to residences 51-54 [n463-68].

462  I finally found a place to stay in Beaverton, and hadn't given anymore thought to Hawaii. But it was a shared rental (similar to a boarding house), and I began to notice the other people's mail. It was addressed to Aloha? Come to find out Aloha is a subdivision of Beaverton and I had actually moved to Aloha! Although it's pronounced with a silent h, and if pronounced normally, people would look at you funny. I also rented a post office box in Aloha, at the Ronald Reagan [n6:71-73] Commemorative Post Office (at 97007) [n449], which I maintained until my mother moved up from California in 2000 [n455, n491]. While my freemason friend and I stopped by to pick up the mail almost every night, before going on our nightly adventures (n470,474).

Southwest Portland / 51st Residence

463  I also started a temporary job about a week after I moved in [n437], doing electronic assembly, albeit it was more mechanical. This was the same company I referred to in chapter 6 [n24-26], where I met up with the person I worked with in Grants Pass. Due to problems with my roommates, however, whose behavior the landlady compared to eight year olds, they were mostly young people, the landlady let me move to her other rental house in Southwest Portland. This was after I paid the second month's rent at the Aloha residence I believe and, it became my 51st residence [n492]. Now I had four new roommates and, although it wasn't much better—you never knew who she'd rent a room to!—it was bearable in most regards at least. My room was also located downstairs in the basement.

464  Though one roommate worked as a security guard at night—either grave or swing?—who came home early in the morning and, with his bad leg and jack boots or, whatever they were, came clunkering down the bare wooden stairs, that ended at my door! And it kept waking me up! Or, if I was asleep, I'd start having bad dreams, comparable to thugs attacking me, and I'd have to wrench myself awake! [n7:79; n11:399; n13:19; n16:38]. Then he'd take a shower, which was next to my room or, go upstairs to get something to eat and, with the bare wooden floors upstairs, except for a couple of throw rugs, there was no escaping the noise!

465  As it was, I was lucky to get one or two hours sleep and, having to be at work at 7:00 am, which required doing precision assembly, albeit it had become fairly routine, I had difficulty staying awake during the day. Of course I got fired about a month after I started—or, six weeks?—after the big-wigs came to town to inspect the facility. And, when one started to boss me around, which I wasn't accustomed to and, not knowing how to respond (basically I sat there and looked at him), I got canned for insubordination! I later had a weird dream that night, where my manager, Jenny, which is short for Jennifer [n4:32], was pregnant (with my child) and, she was very upset about it!

Another Temporary Job

466  It was just as well I guess, for I started another temporary job at a larger well-known company in Beaverton, doing electronic assembly working swing. Which was probably the best move I could have made—hence my 52nd move or state [n437; n12:47]—for now I could sleep in if need be, during late morning or early afternoon, and not have an excuse for not getting enough rest. Which is why I almost always looked for swing shift work afterwards, whenever I could find it. This was also the company where I first met Mike, who I refer to in chapter 16 [n1].

467  After nine months though, towards the middle of 1995, the company decided to move all its board building operations from various locations in the company, to one building at the opposite end of the plant. And they gave you the option to move to the new building or, look for a new job. So, that became my 53rd residence or state [n437; n12:47]. Everything was highly disorganized though and, basically a big mess, which is why I opted to change jobs a few months later.

468  And here I found another temporary job working part time, doing elec-tronics assembly. Except I didn't have to be there until later in the morning, so getting enough sleep wasn't as big of an issue. Plus it gave me more time to work on my book which, is what I really wanted to do. This is what I told my previous boss why I wanted to quit. So, this became my 54th residence or state [n437; n12:47]. But, I wasn't getting much done with the book and, as I had problems with the new supervisor (too opinionated), I quit about two months later. And, where did I go? Back to the previous job—which, became my 55th residence.

Local Strip Club

469  Albeit one thing occurred to me when writing about my 54th residence [n437], when my supervisor's husband's business partners took him out to lunch at a local strip club for his birthday. It wasn't that unusual, even for married men. Though yeah, it is rather disrespectful towards your wife, not unless she approved of your having a mistress or, something to that effect. So, after they got back or, when she found out, she was very upset, and started to tell me about it, and said, "If he wants to watch somebody strip, why doesn't he want to watch me?" and practically yanked me into her office and strip in front of me! Or, it was like, "If he doesn't want watch, you'll do! Do you want to watch?"

470  She may not have been entirely serious but, it sure felt that way! And, while I admit to having an ongoing fantasy about her, albeit mild (she was very attractive and, an Asian immigrant?), I just kept my mouth shut and thought, "Nope, I better not go there!" If it had been anybody else, who knows what would have happened! This was also about the time my freemason friend moved into the house [n6:32; n462] or, fairly close, which seemed fitting, for right after the big blasphemy at my 55th residence below [n472] and, prior to moving into my 56th residence, he and I opted to frequent the local strip clubs together, on our nightly escapades after work [n462,474]. So, it seemed to coincide with that.

471  And, while I had entertained the idea before, though not seriously, this seemed to offer that extra nudge. Or, rather than take my manager at work up on her offer? That seemed to have some bearing on it too. In other words this was my first time around (at age 40). Also, where Hermes is called father of the nymphs—or, exotic dancers? yes!—and, where Dionysus was called the god of women, it seemed a perfect match. Although 25 years later (as of 2021), I no longer deem it appealing and, it was more of a phase? And yet, all was signaled when my manager offered to strip for me, in accord with the number 54 [n468-70] and, a woman's vagina? [n452,506].

56th Residence / Hillsboro

472  After working at the previous job for awhile [n468], up until the spring of 1996? I moved in with some Japanese American who owned a house in Hillsboro, hence my 56th residence and fourth aspect [n450]. I believe his parents were from Japan or, possibly Hawaii? [n461]. This was after I got into a big shouting match with one of my roommates at the other house below (it was nearly physical), who did drugs and was cheating on the landlady and not paying the rent. He'd also spent some recent time in prison. My freemason friend, who I refer to in chapter 6 [n32-41], kind of instigated it all, and was thoroughly delighted to watch as we shouted blasphemies at each other for close to half an hour. He had more fun than I did at any rate!

1995 Mercury Mystique

473  While I traded in my old Mercury Topaz almost right after the argument I believe, and bought a used 95 Mercury Mystique from the dealer, the newest car I ever owned with 14,000 miles on it [n16:5]. Though due to my roommate, I parked it down the hill across the highway at my landlady's house, to keep him unsure of my comings and goings if nothing else or, from vandalizing the car. This was after walking down 42nd Ave. every day, the most blasphemous hill (very steep), and parking it at the end of 43rd Ave. Thus reflecting what happened at the house, as well as my 42nd and 43rd states [n437,453-59]. Indeed! While according to my other roommate, the freemason, it confounded him, and he had nothing but fun and games here!

474  This was also the same car I talked to Mike about above [n473] and, in chapters 16 and 24 [n16:5-7; n24:37,42] and, where Mike compared himself to the god Mercury—or, Hermes—my roommate, who claimed to be Hermes' emissary [n6:32-41], seemed better suited for the task! About a month after I bought the car, I moved to Hillsboro—after giving the landlady a month's notice?—leaving my former roommate with no idea where I had gone. While my freemason friend and I continued to see each other for at least few months afterwards, as we went on our nightly escapades after work, as I escorted him in my Mercury Mystique [n462,470]. He seemed pretty intrigued by the idea too. As for Mike, well, he only spent ten minutes in the car! [n16:4-7; n24:37].

Quitting the Job

475  After they changed managers in late 1996 and, caring little for the new one, a woman who reminded me too much of Hera, with her "micro-managing" style, I opted to quit. And, in late December, I started another temporary job at a small hole-in-the-wall company called Sirius Electronics. While a month or two prior to that I met the young woman named May in chapter 15 [n1-5], though we weren't formally introduced, who quit in early December I believe. I also only worked at the new job two days before they let me go, i.e., another conflict in management style—though I was warned by the agency!—otherwise I would have deemed it my 57th state [n437; n12:47].

The Dog Star Sirius

476  If I recall correctly, the new job started on Christmas week, albeit I'm not entirely certain. Though if true, it seems fitting that on December 22nd, the shortest day of the year the Dog Star Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, aligns with the three stars in Orion's Belt which are called the Three Kings—or, Three Wise Men. Which points to the beginning of the sun's ascent by one degree in the southern sky on December 25th. Sound familiar? Although I was wholly unaware of this until December 22nd, 24 years later—which I wrote about in chapter 24 [n46], uh oh!—after I started watching the movie, Zeitgeist, on YouTube. Meaning it was the exact same day!

477  I wasn't looking for anything particular to watch, when out of the blue I noticed the title and, having heard somebody complain about it earlier on Facebook, I said, "Okay, I'll go ahead and watch." While it claims the events surrounding Jesus' birth on December 25th, in relation to five or six other deities, including Dionysus, was entirely astrological and, in effect Jesus never existed. While it used this to support a conspiracy theory that extends all the way back to the Council of Nicea in 325 AD [n6:112], suggesting it an attempt to historize Jesus and gain control over the masses. Here is a link describing the general idea:

478  And, while I don't doubt some of the conspiracy theory is correct, that doesn't mean God doesn't exist, nor that any ideas about Jesus (and Dionysus) are at least allegorical—as part of the collective unconscious? [n1:39; n20:35]. Nor does it explain how I should discover this on the very day the alignment occurred [n476], 24 years after I worked at Sirius Electronics in 1996 [n475]; which, I just completed writing about at the end of chapter 24 [n46-50]. Whoa! And, whether it happened during Christmas week or not (it was about that time of year), the Sirius part is correct and, there's no way it could have happened all on its own [n1:20]. Not unless I'm making it up? But, you may as well accuse me of making the whole book up, right? Except I'm a terrible liar! [n16:35].

57th Residence / New Job

479  Shortly afterwards though, I started a new job on January 6th, 1997, on the Day of Epiphany [np:2; n15:3]. This is where I met May a couple of weeks later, at the same company in another building, which I wrote about in chapter 15 [n1]. Whereby it became my 57th residence or state [n437]. While it's funny because I began writing about it on May 7th, 2021—regarding the number 57, which is the husband (5) in relation to the marriage? (7). Indeed, I even created a thread about it and posted it on Facebook!

480  The Day of Epiphany is also called Little Christmas in some circles (link below) [n15:3], and celebrates the twelfth day of Christmas (per the song), which begins on December 26th. It's also been associated with Jesus' birthday and, in fact Dionysus' birthday! And so illustrates the close ties between them [n1:1-4] and, a clear relation to the Dog Star Sirius. While in astrological terms, where December 22nd is the shortest day of the year, it signifies the death of the sun and, beginning on December 25th, three days later, its ascent or, resurrection [n476]. So there it is! Albeit it's not fully realized until Easter, when the days start to become longer instead of shorter.

Here's a link where the movie discusses this about 19-23 minutes in and, the relation to the other deities about 14 minutes in. I also posted it in chapter 24 [n46]: