Residences 43 through 57

481  Thus where residences 43-56 signify the area within the triangle [n450] and, the woman's vagina [n452,471,506], residence 43 portrays the woman herself [n3:7; n4:49], and residence 56 portrays the bridegroom (5) and chosen bride (6)—or, Ariadne? [n4:13-14; n20:37-39]—thus signifying true love [n4:38,124]. And, where the 5th multiple of 14, i.e., 5 x 14 or, residences 57-70, my 57th residence, together with the Day of Epiphany, signified the advent of the spiritual husband—or, crux of the matter—regarding the marriage (7) and its relation to the bride (6). In other words 576? [n1:38; n10:1; n20:39; n21:1-3; n24:15]. Which is precisely how I felt about May, which followed me all the way out to my 78th and 79th residences in Ontario, Oregon, in 2012 [n20:29-32; n24:10-12], where I continued to duke it out with Mike, up until 2021, nine years later [n16:78].

Residences 58 through 64

482  Having shown the significance of my 57th state [n437], my 58th state entailed changing jobs (at the same company) and commuting to Wilsonville, about a 25 mile drive. This is where I met Darlene, the 14th Ari [n15:10,17-21], who I referred to in chapter 17 [n2,11,48; n16:9]. Being a temporary job, there was a time limit on how long I could stay, up to one year and, ultimately I got laid off. Before that though, my roommate and his fiancÚ in Hillsboro—as in Don-key Hill? [n24:39-43]—decided to get married and gave me until the middle of June I believe [n16:20] to find another place to stay. Which, once I did, it became my 59th residence.

483  Of course this is also where the sh*t hit the fan with Mike in chapter 16 [n20-36; n24:37]. And, with its relation to my 95 Mercury Mystique [n573-74; n16:5; n24:37], where Mike and I arranged to make the delivery to May, which preceded all of this, it was one reason why I opted to extend this chapter [n450], after I completed chapter 24 [n37; nf:15]. And, where 59 and 95 are reciprocals, it correlates with the Christian Fellowship Church in Nyssa, Oregon [n24:1], at the corner of 5th Street and Ennis Ave. (59) and, at the top of Don-key Hill, near the junction of Anderson Corner and Highway 95 [n24:39-43].

484  Beyond this, due to the time limit on the last job [n482], I got laid off, although they said I could come back in two months. I then started temporary job at a small electronics firm in Beaverton, which became my 60th state [n437]. There were mostly women managers there, however, not that I have anything against that, but things weren't very well structured, in my opinion, and half the time I had a hard time understanding what they wanted me to do (not enough communication). Nor was it just me, for after I first moved to Portland and started work in 1994 [n463; n6:24-26], I met someone who just got fired from there, who complained about all the "bossy women!"—whereby 60 corresponds to Sybil (4) or, a woman's will? [n4:1,46].

485  So, after about two months, around lunch time, I got a call from a woman from the agency, saying, "Why are you there? You shouldn't be there. Please leave." Although I think they may have left a message on my answering machine. One or two days later I believe, I got a call from Darlene in Wilsonville, inviting me to come back to work, so the timing couldn't have been better! And, being my 61st residence [n437], it was located in building 61 of all places—aha!—where the number 61 signifies the husband (5): i.e., 14 x 4 + 5 = 61—or, in relation to 576? [n448,450,481]. This was also about the time my feelings began to intensify towards Julie [n17:13-15] so, it seemed to coincide with that.

486  Towards the end of 1998, after living with Dianne for four months, I opted to find another place to stay, and wound up moving two miles away to Aloha, back to the shared rental I lived originally in 1994 [n461-62]. So, after four years, it looked like I had come full circle. It wasn't as bad then, however, for two of the young people had moved out, although it was bad enough, for the place was rundown and dilapidated and, like I said before, you never knew who she'd rent a room to! [n463]. At any rate this became my 62nd residence, where I lived until 2000, after my mother moved up from California to share an apartment with me in Wilsonville [n455,491).

487  While the company started to downsize in April, 1999, and prepared to sell its location, including Building 61, to one of its main competitors. Whereby I got laid off on Friday, April 23rd. And, for the next three months or so, I stayed at home and viewed this as my 63rd residence. While for the first two months I lay almost exclusively in bed, making my projections of the heavenly marriage and, Julie Beloved, having felt so strongly about the events at work [n17:16-20,41-42]. Plus, whenever I got hungry, I got up and drove to Taco Bell to get something to eat—with lots of sour cream! And, as I wasn't required to walk nearly as much as I did at work, to go to the bathroom if nothing else, I must have gained 20 pounds!

Paragraphs 479 and 480

488  In order to make any sense here, paragraphs 487 and 488 were initially 479 and 480, when I first noticed the synchronicity, i.e., before I added paragraphs 445-49 and 469-71 [n445-49,469-71]. I had to squeeze it in somewhere! Thus where residence 62 corresponds to Vanessa (6) [n4:68]—where the grafting or marriage occurs [n6:58-59]—residence 63 corresponds to Karen (7)—or, the marriage itself [n4:72]. Regarding the number 479 and paragraph 479 above? [n487]. Indeed! [n482-83,363-65; n4:79; n9:34]. This was also the point where I established a more direct spiritual link with Mike or, it sure seemed like Mike—he certainly seemed to know me!—and from there, on July 4th I believe, I started to drive out to Lincoln City, a few miles south of the 45th parallel [n16:73], and engage in battle with Mike near Devil's Lake, etc. [n16:66-67].

489  And, where Lincoln was the 16th president [n16:67] and, in relation to the 45th parallel and the 14 Gerarai [n:1], where 45 corresponds to 3 (14 x 3 + 3 = 45), and 16 corresponds to 2 (14 x 1 + 2 = 16), you have the two reciprocals of the heavenly marriage: i.e., 32 and 23 or, 32 (+) 23 = 343 which, is 7 x 7 x 7. And, in relation to paragraphs 479 and 480 above (487-88), this is when the Greeks conquered Persia, in 479 BC [n8:33], in order to maintain their Ruling Love? (479) [n8:7-12,31-32]—and, nearly lost it in 480 BC. There appears to be a precedent here! [n6:71-73; n9:34]. (Persian Wars)

490  Also around this time, sometime in July? I found another job working at the main company I had worked all along, with residences 52-53 [n461-67], 55-58 [n468-82], residence 61 [n485], and now, residence 64 [n437], except in a different building in Beaverton. It was also next to the building where residence 57 occurred [n479] and, where Mike still worked, although he transferred there too from the original building where we first met [n466]. I worked there as a temporary for just over a year, doing production test of micro-electronic circuits (not too difficult), when they hired a new manager, a woman who, like before [n475], reminded me too much of Hera, with her "micro-managing" style, etc. Meaning she was too bossy. While she practically ordered me to hire on permanently—or else?—which I did. Beyond that I tried to avoid her or, simply stay out of the way, as much as possible.

65th Residence

491  Thus where my 50th residence entailed living in Aloha, as did residences 62-64, residences 50 and 64 also correspond to Justine [n4:1,83]. While in Hawaiian Aloha means both hello and goodbye, and although my mother and I said goodbye, I hadn't really left like before, and we were really saying hello. While my mother had moved up from California six years later (May, 2000?), to share an apartment in Wilsonville [n455,486], where I worked that inspired me to write Julie Beloved in chapter 17 [n1], and spent time in the mental hospital in 1985-86 [n275]. And, after tallying it up later, it became my 65th residence. It also signifies the point where Mother Earth (6) marries Father Sky (5) [n1:37; n10:1; 20:10], and I wondered if it had anything to do with my father and the Hamilton family, as I believe he was born in Portland.

492  While it's funny that in 1966 when I was ten years old, my father took us three kids to spend the summer with our cousins in Southwest Portland, and I'd swear it was in the same neighborhood as my 51st residence [n463], at the top of the hill off 42nd Ave [n473]. Or, if not in the same house, then two or three houses down headed east. I also remember going to the Fred Meyer store in Raleigh Hills to get some large cardboard boxes to build our houses and forts, etc. This is something I have continued to wonder about. Thus being my 51st residence and, the age my father died when I was in the hospital [n299], the number 51 signifies a state of true intercourse [n4:1,88]. I also noticed Hamilton Street on the map about a half mile away.

Residences 66 through 79

493  My mother and I leased the apartment for a year and, about two or three months later, I bought the mobile home I referred to earlier [n455] and elsewhere [n16:75; n20:29; n23:1,27]. It was in a senior park in Tigard, Oregon, where I figured it would at least be quiet, and for the most part it was. Although Highway 99 ran alongside out in front, but our home was set back at the end of a cul-de-sac, so it wasn't too bad. This was in June or July of 2001 I believe, and so corresponded to my 66th residence. And, it just so happened, one or two months later, I got laid off [n490], which became my 67th residence. This was one or two months before the World Trade Center attack on 9-11, and I remember laying bed, listening to it come over the radio.

494  Sometime in the fall I believe or, during the winter, I found another temporary job at a small company in Hillsboro, assembling components for min-iature electronic power supplies. It was pretty basic stuff and very repetitive and, as I had become used to working swing shift [n466,498], I had a hard time getting up and showing up for work at 7:00 am in the morning. I also kept dozing off during the day, which became an issue over the next few jobs, which started early in the morning also. I just couldn't find any swing shift jobs and, unless you took any available job you could do, the unemployment office would take your benefits away. So, I didn't have much choice.

495  At any rate it became my 68th residence or state [n437], though I think they let me go one or two months later because of this. Also, at least half the workers were Russian immigrants, and I wondered if it had anything to with the Russian Church in 2010 [n1:45; n2:19; n5:4; n10:26; n12:4], albeit nothing became of it. I then started another temporary job at a medium sized company doing electronics assembly off Highway 217 in Beaverton, which was closer to home and became my 69th residence. It still started at 7:00 am and I had issues staying awake. But then they transferred me to different department, where I did precision mods on PC boards (closer to my specialty), and the inspec-tor complimented me on how much she liked my work. So, I figured the job might last awhile but, it seems I got let go two or three weeks later.

496  I then started a temporary job in the fall of 2002? at Suntron Corporation, off Highway 99 in Newberg, again doing electronics assembly. While come to find out, it was a few blocks from where I bought my 95 Mercury Mystique at the dealer in 1996 [n473]. Thus being my 70th residence, in relation to my 57th, it signified the completion of the 5th sequence of 14 [n451-52], meaning residences 57-70. And, where the number 57 suggests the husband (5) regarding the marriage (7) [n479,508], the number 70 suggests its fulfillment—or, a prelude to the marriage? I also equated Newberg with the New Church in Revelation 12 at that time—or, New-Berg?—and I began to entertain the idea of moving out that way. And, where the woman clothed with the sun appears in Revelation 12:1, in relation to Sun-tron? it seemed fitting.

497  The problem here is they expected you to work ten hours a day and show up at 5:00 in the morning, which I wasn't prepared for, having worked swing shift the past six years [n466,494]. So, you either agreed to work the ten hours or not take the job, which the unemployment office tended to frown upon. Meaning I was tired all the time and/or dozing off during the day. So, I did the best I could to suck it up but, it was still pretty grueling. I managed to stick it out for three or four months though it seems, when they asked for volunteers to work swing shift, which I decided to do. It was also about the time work started to slow down and I got laid off anyway.

498  Beyond that sometime in 2003, I got a temporary job in Vancouver, Washington, at a firm which was once a subdivision for the company I worked at in Beaverton and Wilsonville [n490], hence my 71st residence or state [n437]. It was pretty rudimentary and boring, and entailed cutting and terminating coaxial cables all night. Needless to say, although it was a swing shift job [n466,494], I had difficulty staying awake. I definitely had my problems. It was also a good 35-40 minute drive up Interstate 5, which ultimately took its toll on my 95 Mercury Mystique [n473] and, maybe a month later, I blew a head gasket on the way home. If not for that, I might still be driving it now (as of June, 2021)—or, up on Don-key Hill? [n24:39]. Albeit yeah, driving a 26 year old car, per Highway 26 at the Highway 95 junction? [n24:3,39], might be too far of a stretch. Although the 1991 Toyota Camry I drove to replace it [n456], was 28 years old when I sold it in 2019—so, you never know!

499  Also, where Washington is the 42nd state [n23:3] and, where the number 42 signifies blasphemy [n452-55,473; n4:151-52; n14:50; n23:7,16-17], I began to wonder if it had anything to do with what happened to the car? And, where the 5th sequence of 14 [n451-52] begins with 57 and ends with 70 (5 x 14) and, where the "7" within the circle corresponds to 70 [n461]—or, Suntron? [n496]—the 6th sequence begins with 71 and ends with 84 (6 x 14). In other words 6 x 7 = 42, regarding the 71st state or residence. So yes, there appears to be a correlation there!

500  My 72nd state entailed working for the same company at my 69th residence or state [n437,495], but only for one or two months. I didn't care much for working there anyway, as it was pretty rinky-dink, with too many acting supervisors. Their product line wasn't all that impressive either, and everyone behaved like they were conducting official business. I believe they let me go due to a lack of work. My 73rd state [n437] involved a temporary assignment at Credence Systems in Hillsboro, that lasted at least 20 months, modifying and refurbishing modular electronic test systems.

501  It was a swing shift position and the work was pretty detailed, and I didn't seem to have as much trouble staying awake as before. Except for a period of a few months when they went to mandatory 12 hour days for five or six days a week, sometimes even on Sundays, which was pretty grueling. They also had an 18-month time limit for temporaries but, my manager was trying to get me hired on permanently, that is, until they had a general lay-off, and that settled that.

502  Soon afterwards I got another temporary job at a smaller company in Hillsboro, working four hours a day part time, starting at 7:00 in the morning, again doing electronics assembly. Hence my 74th residence or state [n437]. The work was also very repetitive, tedious and boring, and I quit about a month later. While the agency found another temporary job closer to home, near Tigard, at another small electronics firm. But it seems I was only there one or two weeks before they let me go, due to a dispute with the management? So, I didn't include this on the list.

503  I then got a referral from someone I worked with at Credence Systems [n500], at the same location as my 64th residence [n437,490], again, another temporary assignment, working swing. But instead of doing production test, they trained me doing micro-electronic assembly, under a microscope all night long. That was rough, just trying to stay awake! I managed to stick it out for a few months though, before they had a general layoff. While it seems I was out of work for at least few months, before I found another temporary job in Aurora, Oregon, a few miles southeast of Wilsonville, at a small electronics firm that manufactured "signal beacons" for small airplanes.

504  And, although the work was tedious and boring and, repetitive—as usual?—the people were relaxed and friendly, and it was a fun place to work. So, when it was hinted I should hire on permanently about six months later, I deemed it a good idea. This is also where I met the young woman Rhea, in chapter 18 [n1]. Of course after the big Bank Bailout in 2008, and the economy took a nosedive, I got laid off in 2009, and was out of work for over two-and-a-half years, whereby this became my 77th residence.

505  And, after the unemployment ran out, and my mother moved out [n455], who paid half the bills, I ultimately got evicted in May, 2012 [n455]. As for residences 78-79, after I moved to Ontario, Oregon, I discus this in chapter 24 [n11-12] and elsewhere [n14:47; n16:75; n19:41; n20:29; n23:1]. And, having equated it with the twelve labors of Heracles [n506; n14:47; n16:83], it correlates with Heracles' marriage to Hera's daughter Hebe below. That in effect is what part 3 of chapter 11 conveys [n450], which I considered for some time, before adding it here when finishing the latest edition of the book (preliminary copy), on June 19th, 2021—on the 251st anniversary of New Church Day! [nf:15; n16:80; n24:51].

Number 54 / A Woman's Vagina

506  Given the number 12 signifies the New Church in Revelation 12:1 [n:110]—regarding the number 54? (14 x 3 + 12 = 54)—could it be the New Jerusalem descending from heaven in Revelation 21:1-2, in its official capacity, represents Hera's vagina? [n442,471]. Or, after Heracles completes his twelve labors [n14:12; n16:80], and he's finally reconciled with Hera, he's ceremoniously taken under her gown and got a good peek at her private parts? Who is then presented with Hera and Zeus' daughter, "Hebe," as his new bride—with its similarity to Hebrew and, the New Jerusalem? Or, ask Archie Bunker, who commonly refers to the Jews as Hebes! That's way too much of a coincidence! [n1:20].

Or, look it up—City of the Jews:

507  Thus where the Greek letter delta or, equilateral triangle, signifies the fourth aspect or, the domain within, it corresponds to the woman's will [n3:5,17; n4:46] and, as I suggest, a woman's vagina; who offers her consent to gain access? And, in relation to the crux of the matter—or cross—as shown on the original diagram [n450], it corresponds to her masculine side or husband (5)—and/or clitoris? Or, in relation to the goddess Athena? [n14:8]. That is what Athena signifies to me at least. And, by offering to strip for me at my 54th residence [n469-71], my manager had offered possible access, as my private dancer? Indeed! Hence its relation to the god Hermes or, father of the nymphs, and my roommate who I met about this time, where he and I began to frequent the local strip clubs at my 55th and 56th residences [n469-71].

508  In relation to that, at my 57th residence [n479], May said she had previously entertained working at a strip club. And, where the number 57 signifies the husband (5) regarding the marriage (7), that was clearly my intent, hoping that May might offer me access. Furthermore, shortly after I moved from Dianne's house at my 59th residence—together with the numbers 59 and 95 and Mike [n473,483,498; n24:35-42]—I had an erotic dream, with Dianne sprawled out on the carpet, nude, as we practiced position 8 [n7:42]. And she said, "For a man who hasn't spent much time with women, you sure know your way around." And no, I won't bother repeating what I said, but it was hilarious! So yes, at that point I had gained access!

Three centers / 50: 4-7-9

509  Thus where the "5" within the circle signifies Pentecost on the diagram [n450] or, the 50th day, regarding my 50th residence in Aloha [n449,461] and, the Three Centers diagram in chapter 8 [n7], it portrays residences 54 [n468], 57 [n479] and 59 [n482], in relation to the husband (5), that is. At any rate, now that we've procured the woman's vagina, whether the Sixth Church ended earlier or not [n455; n12:64], it's time that we proceed to chapter 12. And yes, it seems fitting that I add Part 3 [n450] to chapter 11 here. Also, in relation to Michael in chapter 16 [n1,83; 17:32], I believe that's what Heracles represents.

"And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars." ~ Revelation 12:1

Hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle (per position 12 in chapter 7 [n58]), the cow jumped over the moon—in Ecstasy! . . .