The New Church / Southern Oregon

1  Shown are the seven major communities in Southern Oregon which I've ascribed to the New Church. A correspondence I suspected since 1988, I finally drew it up in 1993. Now the reason I selected these cities, as opposed to some of the larger communities—except for Grants Pass [n15], Medford [n20] and Ashland [n22]—is due to their familiarity and, they stood out most in my mind, and so required little thought on my part.

2  And here I lived in Grants Pass and Merlin [n12], while Selma [n10] and Cave Junction [n7] were strategically located nearby on Highway 199, which enters Southern Oregon from Northern California and links U.S. 101 with Interstate 5 at Grants Pass. These four cities are located in Josephine County. While Rogue River [n18], Medford and Ashland were located next door off Interstate 5, the major highway running the length of Oregon. These three cities are located in Jackson County.

3  Now there's a remarkable similarity—in configuration—to the Seven Churches of Asia in Revelation 1-3 which, were central to the Kingdom of Lydia [n1:5]. And though there is some variation, both look nearly the same, except the Southern Oregon area is about half-scale. Thus when speaking of the Church in Asia, we're speaking of the Christian Church [n1:1], and where it initially became established. And, having lived in Southern Oregon for about three years, before moving back in January 1989, I suspected it had something to do with the New Church, and it occurred to me that there might be a parallel. And there is!

Number 46 / Pacific Northwest

4  Being the fourth and sixth churches, the obvious correlation is with the number 46, which corresponds to Sybil (4) [n4:46]: which is the woman's mother or will, and signifies the fourth church [n1:31]. Suggesting the sixth church [n1:34] mirrors the fourth. Beyond that, it seems significant that the Christian Church, which proceeded from the Israelite or third church [n1:30], migrated to Greece, which was northwest of Judea: a direction which, when plotted on the cross [n6:67], corresponds to the number 3. Thus it seems fitting that when The Church [n1:7] migrated to Great Britain [n1:35], it was northwest of Greece! And, finally when it migrated to the United States [n1:36], albeit more of a westerly direction, it came to Southern Oregon—or, the Pacific Northwest! And beyond that, to Russia, which is primarily northwest of Oregon.

5  This is also where Roy Masters relocated the Foundation of Human Understanding from Los Angeles, California, more specific to Grants Pass [n15] and Selma [n10]. Indeed, the FHU has played an instrumental role in the development of the New Church and, without them, there would be no Church to speak of. And so corroborates what I'm saying above. However, as I state elsewhere [n10:19], I view them more as its forerunner. Yet it would suffice to say the New Church has manifested itself in Southern Oregon.

6  And so in the following, I give a general account of the New Church. I follow-up with the piece, An Account of Theseus [n31], a more personalized account that helps confirm this, regarding the number 46 above [n4]. But before I begin, I'd like to carry the theme of Joseph a little further, for the first four cities are located in Josephine County, where I lived four years altogether. And, as I said in the last chapter, I lived in San Jose or, Saint Joseph, for nine years as a youth [n11:6], and worked another nine years there as an adult [n11:140], before relocating to Grants Pass. And, since Josephine is the feminine of Joseph, it prompts the marriage [n3:6]: where the last four years portray the bridegroom or proposal (19) [n4:56]; the bride to be or engagement period (20) [n4:66]; the marriage itself (21) [n4:72]; and, the honeymoon (22) [n4:83]. By which the number 22, in accord with Joseph, the 11th son, appears to correlate with the number 2112 [n76; n4:115; n11:9].

1. Unto the Church of Cave Junction / Ephesus

7  Located in the Siskiyou Mountains on Highway 199—like Selma—Cave Junction is the first major community you enter after crossing the California border [n12:1]. Primarily a tourist town, it was named for its proximity to the Oregon Caves, about 20 miles east off Highway 46—again, regarding the number 46. And, both Highways 199 and 46, junction here.

8  And so correlates with the Church of Adam [n1:28], or first church. For according to The Forgotten Books of Eden, typically bound with the Lost Books of the Bible, Adam dwelt, and finally died, in the Cave of Treasures. And here, when truth is separated from charity, explaining the nature of Adam's fall, man is resigned specifically to his intellect, in accord with the first church [n3:13]. And, as he attempts to rationalize his failure, through knowledge, it can be likened to sinking into a dungeon—or cave—of one's mind. Or, labyrinth? [n44].

9  Beyond Adam, towards the end of the first church, Noah appeared and built the Ark. So, is it just a coincidence [n1:20] that Noah's Ark [n38], the "World Famous Petting Zoo," is located in Cave Junction? Which, at one point it was called Woodland Wildlife Park, before it was bought and sold by the Foundation of Human Understanding and renamed.

2. Unto the Church of Selma / Smyrna

10  As Adam portrays the first church, and Noah portrays the second church, together they portray the Church of Man [n1:7], in accord with the number 12 [n1:29; n3:14]. And when speaking of Noah's Ark, I've heard Roy Masters say, though I haven't verified it myself, Selma was an Indian wordfor ark! Thus at the end of the first church, Cave Junction [n7], Noah built and launched the ark and, when he landed, he established the second church—Selma. And, similar to what I say in chapter 5 [n5:21], a flood signifies an abundance of falsities. So there it is!

11  And so reflects the Church of Smyrna in the last chapter [n11:83] which, according to Swedenborg, signifies false doctrine and, applies to Roy Masters' church. Which brings up Tall Timber Ranch, Roy's working ranch in Selma—of all places! This is the place you go, after paying a sizable tuition, to get in touch, and become further acquainted with Roy's lifestyle or, philosophy. Meaning this is where you go and become indoctrinated! Thus having ascribed it to the church of false doctrine, we're speaking of Selma, Oregon. ". . . I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan." Revelation 2:9

3. Unto the Church of Merlin / Pergamos

12  One thing notable about Merlin is its location, which is to the northwest: a direction that corresponds to the number 3 and, the New Church [n4,26]. It's also the direction the Rogue River flows out of Grants Pass [n15], which is mainly accessed through Merlin, via the Merlin/Galice Road. And here Galice is about 12 miles northwest of Merlin. Often called a wilderness area, this is where the Wild and Scenic section of the Rogue River begins [n1], and continues for the next 32 miles. And so explains all the whitewater outfitters located in Merlin.

13  Thus in accord with the New Church, regarding the wilderness, it refers to Revelation 12:6: "And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days." According to Swedenborg, this signifies the New Church in its infancy, which has yet be established and taken root [n26-30]. And so correlates with my eighth residence [n11:205] where, having become the scapegoat at my seventh residence [n11:149] in Grants Pass and, out of a sense of persecution and great travail, I moved all that I had and fled to Merlin! Only to find myself out in the middle of nowhere, completely isolated.

14  Nor shall we forget the Merlin of legend, the magician and high priest to King Arthur's court. Remember the movie, All Movie GuideExcaliber? [n11:286]. "And to the angel of the church in Pergamos write; These things saith he which hath the sharp sword with two edges . . ." Revelation 2:12  Whether the town was named specifically after Merlin or not I don't know, however, an immense amount of magic, regarding the spiritual marriage was released when I moved there [n11:205]. And when speaking of the Church of Pergamos, Swedenborg says it corresponds to the priestly kingdom which, corresponds to the celestial or heavenly marriage. And so it seems fitting that we're speaking of Merlin, the high priest, who presided over the marriage of Arthur and Guinevere (32) [n4:51].

4. Unto the Church of Grants Pass / Thyatira

15  Although Rogue River [n18] is the focal point of the region, Grants Pass is the actual hub, or center of activity: and in the spiritual sense, everything seems to be channeled through Grants Pass . Most of this is due in part to the recent development that's occurred in Southern Oregon—more so in Grants Pass—as a result of the Foundation of Human Understanding relocating here. As I stated in the last chapter, Grants Pass was named after Ulysses S. Grant [n11:148], the Civil War hero and president of the United States; and, that Ulysses was another name for Odysseus. Thus being the 18th president, in accord with Sybil (4) [n4:46], it corresponds to Grants Pass (4). So what of Odysseus? Have we forsaken his house? [n4:102]. And when can we expect his return?

16  One thing unusual about Grants Pass is the lifestyle of the people, which I view as unique and yet, well defined. It's unlike any other place I've been. It's as if somebody called a truce and everybody agreed to go along: most everyone behaves in a neighborly fashion, and goes out of their way to extend their charity towards you. Yet much of it is superficial and corny, and reminds me of smelly socks! This is due in part to the lack of major industry in the area, except tourism and, that many Southern Oregonians have relocated from California—from Los Angeles! It's quite a contrast, and makes people feel compelled to conform, out of suggestibility. And, out of a fear of deterring from their new found charity, they get hemmed in to the idea. But, it beats the heck out of the rat-race!

17  And so brings up the letter delta, the fourth aspect or, the area contained within . While in Swedenborg's account of Thyatira, he says it signifies faith joined to charity, which are good works. He also says it signifies the opposite, faith separated from charity. So in my mind the question becomes, how genuine is our charity? Is it only a show that we put on, to try and fool everyone? Swedenborg also says we need to become the same person on the inside that we display on the outside, otherwise we'll meet up with the person who's really there when we die!

5. Unto the Church of Rogue River / Sardis

18  As Rogue River is the fifth church, in relation to the number 5, we are speaking of the understanding [n1:32] and, is what a river signifies [n2:5; n4:20]. Thus we are speaking of the town of Rogue River, specifically! While it's interesting how it was first called Tailhold, Oregon, for a ferry crossed the river here and, in order to avoid its high cost, people swam across with their horses—holding on to their tails! I already said a bridled horse corresponds to the understanding [n4:8; n7:31] and, that the color green corresponds to the number 5 [n6:54-55]. Thus the river, which bends due west and runs through Rogue River [n1], is actually green! from agricultural runoff. And as it supplies water to our fields and cities, a river promotes green foliage [n6:87]: signifying one's faith or, understanding.

19  It's also interesting that Interstate 5, the main artery which runs through Southern Oregon, runs through Rogue River and, like the river bends due west! between Medford and Grants Pass. And, as Oregon is the 33rd state [n6:34] which, corresponds to the number 5—as does Interstate 5—we're speaking of the focal point, as depicted on the map/cross in chapter 6 [n67]. Indeed Rogue River appears to be the focal point which, is most central to the Southern Oregon area. It also signfies the spiritual husband or, bridegroom [n3:18; n4:56].

6. Unto the Church of Medford / Philadelphia

20  Although I'm not sure about Cave Junction and Selma, Medford, like the other cities, is located in the Rogue Valley [n1], which is named after the Rogue River. It's funny because Medford and Ashland are situated in a valley to the east, where the river only skirts the northwest edge. But, I've always heard it called the Rogue Valley. While Grants Pass and Rogue River are situated in a valley—maybe half the size—to the west, where the river meanders throughout, and runs directly through both towns. So it would seem fitting that this be called the Rogue Valley but, until recently, I've never heard it called this. On the other hand, Bear Creek [n11:154,363; n12:76], which runs the length and down the middle of the Medford valley, runs directly through Medford: as it skirts along Interstate 5, from Ashland to well north of Medford, and enters the Rogue River. So I'm surprised they didn't call this Bear Creek Valley. However, since it is part of the Rogue Valley, it suggests a closer affiliation with Rogue River, Grants Pass and Merlin (543 + 67).

21  The largest city in the region, Medford is the most industrialized. Most of which is due to the lumber industry, which has nearly died out. In many ways Medford appears to have followed suit. And, when driving through Medford, it appears archaic and rundown, about due for renovation. Which brings up Revelation 3:11 and the Church of Philadelphia: "Behold, I come quickly: hold that fast which thou hast, that no man take thy crown." To me this implies having gone the distance or, something in its latter stage. And over the years, Medford and the lumber industry have been the mainstay of the Rogue Valley [n1]—and, gone the distance. And suggests something similar to the United States [n1:36]: i.e., the Sixth Church [n1:34] and, waning world industrial giant. It's time now to modernize and revitalize our national interest. And, as I've associated the trunk of the tree with the sixth aspect of the cross [n6:58], Medford is associated with harvesting timber: cutting trees at their trunk or base.

7. Unto the Church of Ashland / Laodicea

22  In Revelation 3:16, Laodicea is called the lukewarm church. But why Ashland? Two things are brought to mind: Southern Oregon State College, located in Ashland, Ashland being a college town, and The Shakespearean Festivals, also held there. And here a sense of culture and wealth is implied—when in fact there is none—that Ashland expressly promotes. Indeed it's the only town in the valley that makes this kind of boast.

23  And while I'm not saying you shouldn't go to college, there is something disturbing about academic study. Why should the retention of a mass of facts and information, i.e., knowledge, constitute intelligence? This is a common misconception, which tends only to serve, the egotistical. Indeed, it seems we are easily seduced by knowledge when we are young. You gotta cram anyway right? Knowledge is not wisdom! And what about the professors? As college life tends to be buffered from the outside world, many are simply out of touch. Then there are those who, after devoting their entire life to such a system, become absolute tyrants; who are seized with madness and, behaving like they were gods, begin lording it over the students.

24  As for the Shakespearean Festivals, it's an extension of the educational system itself. And while I'm not knocking Shakespeare, it entails a lot of pomp and ceremony, and a sense of mania is passed on to the audience. It's significant that western drama was invented by Dionysus and, that Shakespeare was part of it. Along with this wealth is implied: it's yet another diversion for the rich and, opportunity for exhibitionism and snobbery. Indeed, Revelation 3:17 seems to apply: "Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor . . . and naked . . ." etc.

25  Did somebody say naked? I just heard on the evening news, December 20th, 2009, that the city of Ashland has an ordinance or, lack thereof, where people can walk down the street entirely naked as a matter of free expression. That's the strangest thing I've ever heard or, it's the only city in the United States I'm aware of that you can do this. It's like nobody is supposed to take notice? How weird! But, then again, no one need ever be confronted about their nakedness, so long as they don't want to see it. So, is it just a coincidence it should coincide with what I've written here? [n1:20]. Of course they were also discussing attempts to ban the ordinance.

8. And the Woman Fled into the Wilderness . . . 

26  Situated in the northwest corner of the Rogue Valley [n20], the town of Merlin signifies the New Church [n12]. And so prompts the events that occurred beyond my eighth residence [n11:205], and brings up what Swedenborg says about the significance of directions in the spiritual world. He says east corresponds to love, towards the Lord, because this is the direction the sun rises [n6:55]. He says south, more specifically the southeast, corresponds to wisdom, as the sun shines strongest in the south, in the northern hemisphere at least. While he says love and wisdom are greatest in the east and south, and begin to diminish as it progresses from east to west and south to north, and ultimately drops off to where it becomes a wilderness or, in fact hell, to the northwest.

27  Thus where the woman flees into the wilderness in Revelation 12:6, it signifies the advent of the New Church, which is alone and isolated before it becomes established. And, although my eighth residence represents something similar, I ultimately left in May, 1986, without establishing anything. Despite all my crazy ideas, the potential was not realized or understood at this time. It wasn't until January, 1989, after I returned, at my 25th residence [n11:424], and camped out along the Rouge River west of Merlin, that it began to mean anything. And, as noted above [n1], I suspected a correspondence existed at that point.

28  I should also say that prior to this, I left my aunt and uncle's house on December 6th, 1988, i.e., my 23rd residence [n11:391], and camped out along the Smith River for a month, my 24th residence [n11:415], where I battled and defeated the Titans [n5:24]. And, although I was well-aware of the reference to Revelation 12:6 which, I portrayed at that time [n6:116], I had no idea I was headed for Merlin. I only left because I had overextended my stay with my aunt and uncle and knew it was time to leave. So there it is!

29  Yet there's more. After arriving at the Rogue River, come to find out I camped out right below Hellgate Canyon and, that up on the highway, about a half-mile east at the overlook, there's a plaque or historical marker dedicating Hellgate Canyon as part of the "Wild and Scenic Rivers system" or, something to that effect. Wow! That's precisely what Swedenborg and Revelation 12:6 says! That by fleeing into the wilderness, the New Church winds up at hell's doorstep. Not that it's done anything wrong, just that no one else is aware it exists or, understands, leaving it alone and isolated.

30  They also filmed a scene from the movie, All Movie GuideRooster Cogburn, with John Wayne and Katherine Hepburn, right where I camped out, at the bottom of the rapids! Oh well, I would soon be headed back to Grants Pass [n31] to talk my boss' ear off!