Where is Ariadne?

1  For those who appreciate the Greek myths, when considering The Advent of Dionysus, one should ask, "Where is Ariadne?" For how can you overlook something so integral as the bride? Or, for that matter, how do you refer to the advent of the New Church, without mentioning the relationship between Husband and Wife or, God and The Church—or, the Queen of Athens? [n4:5,22; n12:49; n20:7,33; n21:1]

2  This is an important distinction to make, for it coincides with the publication of this book on the Internet, in February, 1997. And it can honestly be said, although more in a representative sense, this is the point at which Ariadne makes her approach. And though nothing really became of it, if I hadn't pursued it as such, for those wishing to scoff, it would never have unfolded the way it did, and there would be nothing to write about. I had nothing but high hopes for the prospect that lay ahead [n27].

Day of Epiphany

3  It began after I moved to Portland, Oregon, from Santa Rosa, California, and had lived there a couple of years. I got another temporary job at one of the well-known manufacturers doing electronics assembly. I started work on January 6th, which is also the day the Christian Church celebrates the miracle of the wine cited at the beginning of the book [np:2], also known as Little Christmas. Which is strange, for a similar festival was once held on the same day in Dionysus' honor, to celebrate one of his famous epiphanies! In fact it was called the Day of Epiphany which, was interchangeable with the name for the Christian celebration. Any wonder where it may have originated?

4  I also found this out, fifteen years to the day, on January 6th, 2012, without specifically looking for it. Wow! [n1:20]. What was I saying about the Queen of Athens and the number 15? [n4:5]. And here we are at the start of chapter 15! There were also the Kentucky Fried Chicken incidents in the next chapter [n16:9], regarding the number 479 [n8:1; n11:332], where Kentucky is the 15th state [n6:67].

A Girl from Laos

5  I had been there about two weeks when they hired another temporary, a young woman who I knew briefly from the other building, at the same company. An attractive young woman, she was originally from Laos, but had moved to the United States when she was very young, and had pretty much become Americanized. We only spoke briefly before, but I couldn't help but notice, and I remember the one day she told someone she wanted to have lots of children when she got married again. She was divorced or separated and had a little girl. And I began to think, "Man, I sure wish that was me!" Of course she left shortly afterwards and I didn't think much else of it.

6  It also brought up a vivid dream I had a few years earlier? Where I sat at the dining room table working on a large fancy quilt. I don't know how I or it got there? And this crusty old man steps in out of the dark hallway, and points a finger and, in a loud voice says, "That man there is going to have 33 grandchildren!" . . . and it filled the whole room! And I looked up and went, "Huh?" as he stepped back into the dark. It reminded me of "the cook" on one of those old Henry Winehard commercials. Indeed it sounded quite archetypal [n1:1) and, prophetical. And, as the number 33 has its own significance [n6:34,67], I began to wonder what it meant and, when it might occur? This in effect gave impetus to everything that followed, and I couldn't help but think it was being fulfilled. It was like, "Yeah, let's get started!"

7  Needless to say I was surprised to see her again, and being one of the only people she knew at the new building, she began to rely on me for telling her what to do. Which was really all I could ask, as I sat on cloud nine for the next few days. But I soon realized I should try and cool it, when she started getting friendly with some of the other employees, and I could see this is all it was with me. Besides, there was our age difference. I had just turned 41 and she was only 23, and I couldn't bring myself to be so forward about it.

8  Soon afterwards I told her I was writing the book, that it was about religion and Greek mythology, and I had just posted it on the Internet. And I encouraged her to look it up. While she said she was interested in Greek mythology in high school and intended to look it up that day. But it was at least a couple of weeks before she got back to me, and when she did, she said she didn't understand what I was trying to do? That it didn't read like a book and it was hard to follow: i.e., it was the first time she tried accessing the Internet and didn't understand the format. She was quite adamant in fact, so I didn't see any point in pursuing it.

9  Yet over the next few months it became clear how keenly interested she was in the Greek myths. She was totally captivated and enthralled when we got on the Internet together and looked them up on other sites. Which really surprised me but, I figured it was due to her culture from Laos, where the worship of several gods was probably not uncommon. She may have said something to that effect.

The First Ari

10  Then one day we were on the Internet and she was asking about Greek mythology names, for she was considering changing hers, when she became an American citizen. This went on for about fifteen minutes when I finally asked, "What do you think about the name Ari?" Which is basically the same as Ariadne, and means, "of Aries," The Ram and, symbolized how I felt about her. And, in terms of the 14 Gerarai [n4:1], arai is the plural of Ari? Wow! But she was so caught up in her own ideas that she didn't hear me. I said it at least twice. It was just as well, for I didn't want to make it sound like I was unduly influencing her. And although it sounded like a suitable name, in spite of how I felt, it was something she had to decide.

11  It was also about the time I showed her the similarity between my mother's name and Semele's name, Dionysus' mother. That by changing the e at the end to i, you get Semeli, which is essentially the same. I've seen it spelled both ways. Then, by taking the first three letters, Sem, and shifting them to the right of the eli, by inserting the s between the l and i and adding a space between the e and m,, you get Elsie M which, happens to be my mother's name, the first name and middle initial. And I added you could only do this with the M, which stood for May which, happened to be this young woman's name. Yet I later realized my mother's middle name was actually spelled Mae, which is just as well, for these were the worshippers of Dionysus! The Maenads!

12  I believe it was in May that the TV miniseries, All Movie GuideThe Odyssey, by Francis Ford Coppola aired, and all she did was rave for next the two weeks. While I said I'd seen the previews, and intended to watch myself, but forgot by the time it came on. But she had video-taped it and seen it twice already, so I asked if I could borrow it. She said yes. She was supposed to bring it in the next day but didn't do so for about a week. Meanwhile, I brought in selected chapters of my book for her to read, saying it was more like an actual book, as opposed to her ideas about the Internet. And said chapter 11 was written specifically about Odysseus and, pertained to me. While I was tempted to bring up the part in the movie where Athena turns Odysseus into an old man, even after she brought this up later, for it could easily have applied to me.

13  That's because I have a lot of gray hair, which makes me look several years older. Yet if I were to color it, I would look considerably younger, at least at the time I wrote this. The main reason it's gray is due to this whole odyssey of stress I've had to endure. The price paid for wisdom? And having established a close affinity with Athena over the years, the goddess of wisdom [n11:91], one might cosider it done at her bidding. Perhaps to disguise me from a potential mate? even as Athena disguised Odysseus so he could see if Penelope was still faithful.

Your Typical Maenad?

14  A charming and vivacious creature, May had an intoxicating aura, that sent my mind whirling with some of her ideas. Her enthusiasm was phenomenal. Her exuberance wild. She was irresistible, yes! Yet this is who she was. Sound like your typical Maenad? Of course I would usually cool off by the next day. I would have to! And I'd walk back into work as if nothing happened. That is, until she snuggled up to my leg again—like a cat—with some new proposal. Saying things like she trusted me and wanted to drive to California with me, she was leaving the same day I was, asking me to go to the nightclub with her and some friends from work, offering to cut my hair in front of everyone and, telling everybody we were pals! Things like that.

15  Of all the people at work, May is the only one I really cared for. And everybody knew it! With so many people I wouldn't give the time of day to, mostly because I liked my privacy, you'd be blind not to see it. While like Odysseus, there were too many things happening that I didn't agree with, that I was better off holding my peace. Yet she had this way of creeping over the fence and getting into your backyard, and before long you began to wonder why you would even ignore her? And there were times when we carried on—and we got along famously!

16  It had been over a month since I gave her my book, but she hadn't gotten past the first few paragraphs. This is when I realized I had a copy of The Gods of Greece, by Arianna Stassinopolous, now Arianna Huffington, one of the better books written about it. And although one of my favorites, I thought it would serve well as an introduction for someone as special as May, and I had no problem parting with it. Besides it had been sitting on the shelf for so long that I almost forgot it was there. While there's something about the author's name, Arianna, which has the same significance as Ariadne. They're basically the same name. It too was on my mind when I gave it to her.

Second, Third & Fourth Ari's

17  Thus when I handed it to her at work, the first thing she did was turn around to her best friend and said, "Look, Arianna," which was her friend's granddaughter's name. And I said that's odd, because Arianna is the same as Ariadne, the wife of Dionysus. And I said I used to have the hots for Arianna Stassinopolus, before I knew she was married to the California congressman, Michael Huffington and, I sent her part of my book to read a few years earlier. I then said Ariadne meant "of Aries," and it was strange how there were so many references to it. At which point she brought up her daughter's name, "Arielle." By now my mind was racing ahead, for here was the fourth Ari: the first being the day she talked about changing her name [n10]; the being second the author of the book [n15]; the third being the woman's granddaughter's name; and now the fourth, her daughter's name. While the name Arielle suggests, "daughter of Ari." So there it is!

18  Yet there was one more thing to be played out, and it concerns Ariadne's relationship with Theseus [n12:65]. In April or May another temporary was hired. He too was from Laos. And before long he, May and her best friend became chums. And almost immediately I wondered if he was Theseus. In the myth, Ariadne runs away with Theseus, before he deserts her. But all I had to go on was that both his name and Theseus' name started with a Th. I wasn't overly concerned but, my interest peaked when all three went out to the nightclub together. And although it didn't amount to much more than that, it continued to stay in the back of mind.

19  About a week after giving her The Gods of Greece, I was doing a job requiring me to stand a lot and she kept asking if I wanted to trade. She was sitting down and thought I might be getting tired. Like so many times before, I kept saying no, that it wasn't necessary. But this time I was actually getting tired and finally suggested we switch after lunch, and she agreed. Anyway, we were getting ready to switch, when I said I first had to walk down the hall and turn my timecard in. And she said, "Oh, would you turn mine in for me too?" And I said okay. She then said—as if grabbing me by the arm—"Wait a second, let's go together!" and my heart began to pound. But then the other girl, her best friend, said, "Oh, going to turn your timecards in? Let me go with you!" and my heart plummeted.

20  In the meantime she got the idea that I wasn't interested in switching jobs, which I couldn't understand, and said she was no longer interested, and started talking to the other girl. Now it seemed silly to have three people do what one could do and I said, "I don't know what you guys are doing, but I'm going to turn my timecard in." And I said, "Here," and set hers down on the bench. Which apparently was our cue, as we all walked down to turn our timecards in. But when we got there May turned around and asked for her timecard. And I said I didn't have it, that I set it down on the bench. And the other girl, with her usual sarcastic flair said, "You see, that's just the kind of man you don't want, one that's forgetful!"

The Fifth Ari

21  At this point I felt demoralized and just wanted to get back, while May walked back with me to get her timecard. While it just so happened I was working with the guy I thought was Theseus and another girl, and when I got back they both knew something was wrong. They already knew I was tired, but now I wasn't speaking to them. This went on for about 45 minutes until I glanced up at one of the computer screens, required by the job, and there it was, his last name—which, began with "Ari!" Here was the fifth Ari! Suggesting like Theseus, he was related to Ariadne. And I began to think, "Man, there really is something to this whole maze of trouble I've been put through," as the pressure began to subside—i.e., a Labyrinth? This occurred on Friday, August 1st.

22  The following week I drew I up a representation of this, beginning with my suggestion of the name Ari, and showing the five Ari's in succession, as well as the relationship between my mother's name, Semele's name and May's name. While adding the part about how the first and only real girlfriend I had in grade school was named Arlene: where the first two letters, Ar, and last two letters, ne, were the same as in Ariadne. And so I handed it to her and asked if she remembered the day she was talking about changing her name, and we began to talk. It took a few minutes before it sank in, and I confessed I'd be a liar if I had no interest in her. At which point she said she was flattered that I or anyone else would fantasize about her.

The Name Thianna

23  She was pretty intrigued, but kept wondering what it had to do with this other guy. This was right before lunch, and just before she left she said, "By the way, I think I've chosen a name for myself, Thian. Tell me what you can do with that?" Which for some reason I mistook for, "Tean," both sound like "Tee Ann," and after lunch I went right to work. I got my cue from the other guy's name, for although it began with Th, the h is silent and it's pronounced like T. So I decided to drop the h in Theseus, and took only the first consonant, Te, and added the an from Arianna, by dropping the Ari and na, which gives you Tean. Which was pretty close. But I was especially intrigued when she told me the actual spelling, "Thian." And went on to say the full spelling was "Thianna." And indeed there it was! Th (eseus/Ar) ianna.

24  Afterwards, I had to get back to her about one thing, that Theseus was the son of Poseidon, the ruler of the sea, and that the sea signified the natural world. And being Ariadne's lover, Theseus represents her natural or mortal side, before he deserts her. I then said the name Thianna suggests Ariadne is still caught up with her mortal side, be it Theseus, this other guy or partying too much, and hasn't yet recognized her true husband. Which is what Dionysus represents, her spiritual husband. And she said, "Oh, are we getting married?" I don't recall what I said, but she said she'd probably still be single when the book got published. She seemed to be more concerned about the money, which is understandable, considering her financial situation.

25  And we began to talk about what she did after she left her husband. She fell in love with someone else, a very handsome man, who dumped her. And guess what? His name was Thi! Here we are again! I believe she got Thianna from this and the other girl's granddaughter. To take things further, something occurred in ancient Alexandria, where Antony had the audacity to portray himself as Dionysus at one of his processions. Hence as Ariadne and Dionysus were lovers before she ran away with Theseus, it seems only fitting that May's ex-husband's name was Tony!

26  May was so intrigued that she read the whole book that night, and proceeded to tell me about it the next day. This is when I said she could keep it but, she was more concerned about the cost, saying the paper looked expensive. At which point I estimated at about 150 pages, using double-sided sheets (75 sheets), it wasn't much more than a dollar. While it's funny that when we spoke again later, she spoke of the dream she had that night, about winning $150,000 in the lottery! Which I suggested could of have been about the book, without realizing what I said about the 150 pages. For at least to me, it represents the value of the book, which not only belongs to me but, to whomever it is I marry.

A Sign of Encouragement

27  While it remained to be seen if anything would come out of this, May and I were still smiling and talking with each other at the time I wrote this. In fact she was thoroughly delighted to read it, and even exclaimed how optimistic I was about the whole thing, which I took to be a sign of encouragement. In fact on the following Monday, this occurred on Friday, she and her best friend were talking about relationships with older men and what it would be like to be married. And while her friend seemed dead set against it, May was very positive and open minded about it. This went on for at least an hour, and I could only assume it was done for my benefit, for I was standing right there, kitting up parts. While throughout the day, I experienced the most profound sense of nobility about the prospect that lay ahead.

28  It was short-lived though, for there are lots of things that happen in the work place that have little or nothing to do with work. Indeed there were several young people there, with nothing better to do than brag, spread rumors, maintain one-upmanship, and exhibit a general disregard for other people's feelings. And while much of it was vulgar, the thing I found particularly disturbing were the sexual references made, specifically towards May. And being young and attractive, and desiring to be the center of attention, May had a tendency to encourage it: where every young stud thinks he has an erection. In fact she saw the majority of it. Sound like Odysseus' problem with the suitors?

29  Some of this happened on Monday, when she kept asking one of the noisier lads when he was going to take her out to dinner. But it got particularly bad the last couple of hours on Tuesday, when the sexual innuendo really got thick, and she was reveling in it! And in lieu of everything that had just transpired, I was distraught, and by the time I got home all I could think about was ending my life. While something similar happened shortly after I drew up the representation with the names. Needless to say I couldn't sleep that night, and about 4:00 am I got up and laid on the couch. I lay there for about an hour in a sea of emotions, when suddenly this wonderful calm came over me, and I realized it was time to write her a letter. Indeed a very eloquent letter, which captures the depth of my concern and the spirit that came over me at that moment. The letter is transcribed as follows:

30 My Beloved Arianna,

So long as you're near, all I long for is your embrace.

But due to the grossness and inequities of this world, with its lack of regard for privacy, our inner thoughts and feelings get cast out into the street as if it were trash.

But why do they call them private parts?

Why so little a regard for the highest and greatest (and deepest) thing two people can strive for? What else matters?

Indeed this is all I have to offer, for it's who I represent (the spiritual bridegroom).

But so long as I continue to feel exposed, without having an outlet for my true feelings, I begin to wonder if life is worth living and if maybe it wasn't time to pass on. (It will suffice that I change jobs.)

Arianna, will you give up your childish ways, and show where your loyalty lies? Please? Then maybe we can come down from this high and lofty talk, and not be so serious, but understand the potential will always be there—forever.

Just as the name Dennis means discerner of excellence, or like Zagreus, which means Great Hunter, I will settle for nothing less than this in a relationship. I've already made that choice.

Love Always,

Dennis / Dionysus


31  I didn't have to be at work until 2:15 pm, working swing shift, and I gave her the letter shortly after I got there. We spoke briefly about it after lunch, but towards the end of the evening we had a nice heart to heart talk. I don't know if it was her chat with her friend on Monday, or if it had anything to do with my thoughts about dying, or if she didn't understand what happened the night before, but the bottom line was she wasn't interested. And she proceeded to tell me she had no feelings for me and didn't want to see me get hurt.

32  And when I asked what she thought about the letter, whether it was unusual or not, she said no, that she'd received many letters from "secret admirers" before. A secret? To whom? We even talked about it before, when I asked her why I didn't give a damn about anybody else. Apparently she wasn't expecting me to be quite so serious, and while I admit she treated the whole thing more like a game initially, I had nothing but high hopes after what transpired on Friday and Monday. So this was the last thing I expected to hear. Although I did say if we were to have a relationship, she'd have to seriously consider what was outlined in the letter, for this was how I truly felt. A bit too much to ask? Not in light of what happened the night before!

An Earthly Aphrodite

33  We went back and forth with this for about an hour, with her saying there were lots of other women in the world and, that she wasn't the woman for me. Of how she was outgoing and I was very private and, that she wasn't a very nice person and only had loyalties to herself. While adding she was a real heartbreaker and tended to have this effect on a lot of people. Sound a bit like Aphrodite? For indeed this is how Ariadne is portrayed, as an earthly Aphrodite.

34  I had already acknowledged much of this, but thought there was enough between us to where if I could give her a little nudge, she'd come over to my side. And I told her I really liked her temperament, that our differences weren't all that great, except she was on the outside what I was like on the inside. And I reminded her that when we got along, we got along famously! And I said that of all the people at work, she was the most like me and had the most potential, in fact, more than anyone I'd ever met. Indeed I was very eloquent about pleading my case. While she kept telling me what a sweet man I was, and at least twice said she was going to go home and cry about it. Your typical female response?

35  She also said she would still like to be friends, the way it was, but I said no, that it would probably be best if I found another job. I said I couldn't go back to something that means so little, in light of what I've shown her, my true self. And, that it was too important to hold onto it if it wasn't going anywhere. How can I take back something that means so much to me? While I said she was the only one who stood as a witness to the fact that I was there, and I would feel too exposed if I stayed.

Ariadne Betrays Dionysus

36  So basically she turned her back on me, by not acknowledging my true intentions. Which is precisely what's required in the myth. For Ariadne is already Dionysus' beloved before she betrays him, in one account, only to have Theseus abandon her at the first opportunity, where she finds herself alone and stranded. And in the midst of her despair, she cries out to death as her savior, only to have Dionysus appear, and she sees in him the true love who was always there. And the two are married and ascend to heaven [n12:65].

37  As much time and effort that I put into this, and as much joy and sorrow I felt, it just wasn't meant to be, and I was really perplexed about why this lovely creature wouldn't respond. I will say that the week before I gave notice, the guy I thought was Theseus quit his job, without notice, and met May in the parking lot later that night. She invited him into her car, and the last thing she expected was him to make a pass at her, which he did. And she told him to get the hell out of her car! and she never wanted to see him again! And although they didn't really have an affair, it clearly alludes to this or, his intentions, and demonstrates a sign of his desertion. She later said she treated him with nothing but respect, and was extremely disappointed that it happened. Indeed, she was affected the most by his leaving. Yet I can't say I blame him, for I could see the same feelings, of frustration? cropping up in me, for this is the kind of effect she had on people. I've since had to settle for what it represents.

38  Of course there's more to it than this. For after extending the Ari theme further to fourteen, continued in chapter 17 [n2], and drafting an additional thirty pages, I had it delivered to May in early November. And yet, as it only reaffirms what's already been said, I don't feel it's necessary to include it here. It was written more to convey my sense of loss, after continued feelings of alienation and quitting my job in late September, in the hopes May would understand.

The Sixth Ari

39  However, I'd still like to mention the sixth Ari, which occurred the Saturday following the day I gave her the letter. And I drew up a note which said, "It's winter now, as love has grown cold. All I can do is hibernate, and await the spring thaw . . . as Aries makes her approach." And I began to think, here was the sixth Ari, and I wrote, "Or would that be Virgo, The Bride to Be?" i.e., the sixth sign. Which is funny because when I looked it up five minutes later, there it was, Virgo began on this very day—August 23rd! And I said look it up in chapter 6 [n19], where I refer to Ariadne's bridal chaplet and the crown of twelve stars, where Virgo and the number 6 are written on her breast. And I said, "The signs are in the heavens May, won't you please accept your crown!"

40  One final thing I'd like to say, which prompts me to write about it one year later—on August 23rd—is it reflects something that actually happened. And while the idea has since faded, and holds little personal interest, it clearly alludes to that which has manifested itself from above, i.e., heaven. Indeed this one thing can be said, and it's why I've included it in the book. While for those wishing to question my motives, or suggest anything different, they'd seriously be in error, although I will fess up to acting a bit like a teenager [n16:34].

41  Yet the burden of proof has always been mine, which can only be reaffirmed by saying, "yea or nay." Matthew 5:37

Lion of the Tribe of Judah

42  "And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah [as pertains to Lyon's Restaurant in the next chapter [n16:2]], the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof." Revelation 5:5

Relation to Michael / Chapter 16

43  After the June 19th update in 2021 [nf:15; n16:81; n24:51], I had yet to update the webpage and opted to clean things up a bit and add some final changes, while shooting for January 6th, 2022, as the final update—that is, in accord with the Day of Epiphany. Which, is the 25th anniversary of the job I started at the beginning of the chapter [n3-4]. And, while most of the changes are minor, this one change here, inluding the relation I added at the end of chapter 5 [n30-31], is more integral.

44  I opted to write about it on Christmas Day, December 25th, 2021, when reflecting on the winter solstice. Where the Dog Star Sirius lines up with the three stars in Orion's Belt—or, The Three Kings—on December 22nd or, the shortest day of the year. Which according to Zeitgest, the movie, which I discovered on December 22nd, 2021, oddly enough [n11:476-80; n24:46-49], this is an astrological sign signifying the death of the sun, as it reaches its lowest point in the sky. And, after it stands still for three days, and begins its ascent by one degree, this is deemed its resurrection. So, this allegedly is why December 25th was chosen for Christ's bithday. Not only that, it was chosen for several other gods as well, including Dionysus [n3-4; np:3], as the movie relates. So yeah, Merry Christmas!

45  Thus in accord with the Axis Mundi [na:1; n23:1,9-10], where the numbers 43 and 34 signify both the top (1) and bottom (6) and, in relation to the number 16, it seems fitting that it lead into chapter 16, in relation to the winepress in chapter 14 also [n14:37-39]. And, regarding the 33 grandchildren at the beginning of the chapter [n6], it portrays the top (43), bottom (34) and, the center (33) of the Axis Mundi—or, 4(33)4? Indeed! [na:3; n6:77-78; n11:450; n14:39; n23:37; n24:5,19,36]. Whereas the number 43 signifies the beginning of the 14 Gerarai and, the New Church [n3:7-9; n17:23]; whereby arai is the plural of Ari? [n10]. Aha! Just another coincidence? [n1:20].

46  At any rate, given Leo, the Lion is the fifth sign—or, Lyon? [n42; n16:2]—it and the number 33 portray the fifth aspect of the Axis Mundi. And, where Jesus died on the cross at age 33 [na:3; n1:33; n6:77; n23:11], it clearly refers to the Lion of the tribe Judah! Or, Jesus in heaven, per Revelation 5:5 above? Or, the advent of the Swedenborg or Fifth Church? [n1:10]. Indeed! And, in relation to the testimony of Michael [n16:2], where Julie Beloved also corresponds to the number 43/34 [n17:24,48]—and/or 16—it's uncanny I should mention Michael in paragraph 33 of chapter 17, which was paragraph 32 prior to the 2021 update, which I just now realized. So, that seems to apply too. As does any relation Michael might have with Heracles [n11:450; n11:505-509; n16:2,83].

47  Finally, where Mike mentioned the number 47 in the next chapter [n16:5] and, I refer to it here in paragraph 47, it too signifies the advent of the spiritual husband (5)—i.e., 14 x 3 + 5 = 47 [n1:38; n4:1,56]. Or, again per Revelation 5:5 above? [n42,46]. Or, 47:47? Or, with its relation to Pentecost [n11:449,461,509] and, The Marriage—567 [n1:38; n10:1; n11450; n21:1].