Revelation 12:7

1  "And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, and prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven." Revelation 12:7-8

The Lunch Date

2  As the champion of the New Church, this is what Michael represents in Revelation 12:7—and/or Heracles? [n83; n11:450,505-509; n15:46; n17:33]. And so coincides with December 7th and Pearl Harbor Day as mentioned in chapter 6 [n90] and below [n18]. While it concerns a friend Mike at work, which is who I asked to deliver the additional pages of Princess Thianna to May in the last chapter [n15:38], about a month-and-a-half after I quit my job. He didn't seem to have any qualms about doing it, so we arranged to meet at the local Lyon's restaurant for lunch [n15:42].

3  We agreed to meet on Friday, November 7th, around noon, and I showed up as I said. And I began to wait, and wait, and continued to wait, for about forty-five minutes. I even went inside the restaurant a couple of times, to check and see if he wasn't already there, in case I missed him. And, although I thought about waiting inside, I didn't feel like sitting at the table alone and have them wait on me. I just assumed we started at the same time and didn't want to feel obligated to buy anything. So I spent most of my time in my car in the parking lot, scanning the entrances for his arrival.

4  I decided to give him another ten to fifteen minutes, which would give him a full hour. About one or two minutes later I noticed his truck pulling into the parking lot. He just pulled into the parking space as I got out of my car and walked towards him. He got out of his truck and I asked why he was late. I think he said something was wrong with his truck. I don't recall exactly what, but it struck me as kind of odd. I then asked if he wanted to go inside and he said no, because he didn't have time. So we decided to talk in my car for about ten minutes.

The Roman God Mercury

5  When he stepped inside he exclaimed how much room there was, he was pretty tall, and how new it looked and asked what kind of car it was. I said it was a Mercury Mystique and, that it was named after the Roman god Mercury. While I said it was another name for the Greek god Hermes, who was the messenger to the gods. We talked about this for a bit, and talked about symbolism and numbers, before he brought up the number 47 [n15:47]. And asked if I knew it appeared in each of the original Star Trek episodes (linked below), and if I understood what it meant. I said I wasn't aware of this, but said the numbers 4 and 7 were the first two digits in the number 479, which corresponded to the name Dennis [n8:18]. Which, for whatever reason, didn't seem to register.

6  I then asked if he would be interested in doing lunch on Monday, but he said no, because he was taking the day off for his birthday. So we decided to give it another try on Tuesday, the 11th which, happened to be Veteran's Day: "And after three days and a half the Spirit of life from God entered into them, and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell upon them which saw them." Revelation 11:11. While there's something about his birthday being so close to Veteran's Day [n12 below].

7  I then gave him the envelope with the manuscript for May, which he agreed to deliver that afternoon. And, as he stepped out of the car, apparently he was impressed by our little chat, he said he was the god Mercury about to make the delivery. Which seemed kind of odd, coming from a man of his size. I always imagined Mercury, or Hermes, as more petite, and smaller in stature. Closer to my roommate from Bulgaria, in fact [n6:32]. Neither did he seem to fully grasp what we were saying. It was only the first time I asked him to do this, although I'm sure it was something the god Mercury did on a regular basis. Nor he didn't seem like the type. That kind of gave it away. And I thought, Okay, if he wants to believe this that's fine, just so long as he makes the delivery, which he did. Or, possibly he was trying to humor me, as evidenced by some of the things that follow.

8  Neither did he seem noticeably upset or bothered about anything, except for his excuse for being late, which was a bit lame. I just figured he overslept. So I didn't think there were any issues between us. Come to find out later this was probably the last thing he wanted to do, and things were beginning to come to a head. Anyway he got in his truck and left to do whatever he had to do, and delivered the manuscript to May later that afternoon.

Kentucky Fried Chicken / 479

9  I still had about an hour before I had to go to work, working swing, at the same company I met Julie and Darlene in the next chapter [n17:1]. I was still hungry, but no longer felt up to the occasion, neither did I want to spend the money. So I opted to go to Kentucky Fried Chicken instead, and buy the three piece meal for $4.79. It seems I had eaten there earlier, and bought the same meal for $4.79, meaning it was the second time. And, since we were just talking about the number 479 [n8:18], although it didn't mean much to him, it meant something to me, so I thought it would be a fitting tribute to myself.

10  Which is the strangest thing, for shortly before Christmas I stopped by once more and had the same meal for $4.79. This was right before I left for California to visit my mother. Thus on the day before New Years, after I got back from California, I decided to buy lunch someplace else, but missed the left-turn signal and opted to go straight instead, which I did. But as I turned down the last street, I realized it was the same street Kentucky Fried Chicken was on, and at the last moment I decided to eat here. And of course buy the same meal for $4.79, for the fourth time! And guess what? Just as I pulled in and looked at the trip meter, which I set to zero before I left for California, it said 479! Wow! Actually it should have said 1479, except there were only three digits on the meter, four including the one tenth digit.

11  It's also intriguing that Kentucky is the 15th state [n6:67], in accord with chapter 15 [n1] which, were the additional Princess Thianna pages I had Mike deliver to May. Then there's the relation in chapter 8 [n30], where I stood in front of the TV, looking at the bars of gold from Fort Knox, Kentucky, stamped with the number 479! And so coincides with my dream about Kentucky Fried Chicken at my tenth residence [n11:321] and, although no specific reference was made to the three piece meal, nor the number 479, this is where I was living when working for the company where I received the badge with the number 479 and, had worked 15 days! [n8:2]. So, although these are two entirely separate instances, separated by over 10 years, they both contain the same elements! Thereís also the Wine Press symbol update, regarding the number 11:11 [n6] and four instances of 479, which I recently added to chapter 14 [n37].

The New Lunch Date

12  The three piece meal for $4.79 was amazing enough, regardless of what happened on the trip meter, and gave me some consolation for what happened when we were supposed to meet for lunch on Tuesday. And here, my roommate came home late on Monday night, because Tuesday was a holiday for teachers. He was unusually noisy and didn't go to bed until around 4:00 am. I think he had been out drinking. Consequently I got upset and couldn't go back to sleep. I had just fallen asleep when he got home. Then at 8:00 am he got on the phone in the next room and began to talk—much louder than normal—for the next four hours! Needless to say I only got about an hour's sleep.

13  But true to my word, I dragged myself out of bed and got ready to meet Mike. It was just after 11 o'clock, but my roommate was still on the phone. And, since Mike had asked me to call him, just to make sure he was awake, that should have been my clue!, I drove to the local Fred Myers store to make the call. But there was no answer! And I thought that's odd, and thought maybe I should drive to the restaurant anyway and try calling from there? Still no answer! So I drove back to Fred Myers and tried once more, to no avail. When I got home my roommate was still on the phone so I crashed out on the living room sofa, where it was more quiet. While the blinds were open and I could see Arlington Street across the way [n38-39].

14  Mike didn't know I was still suicidal, if he knew at all. I only alluded to it briefly in the last chapter [n15:29]. So by standing me up for lunch, both times, was probably the worst thing he could have done. I still felt a deep sense of loss over the past month, and was having a hard time containing myself, as I drafted up the next thirty or so pages to give to May. The last thing I needed was to feel like I was all alone.

Feelings of Betrayal

15  Did I feel a sense of betrayal? Yes. I was finally deserted by the only person I thought would understand. Having known Mike for four years and, although we weren't best buddies, he was the only person remotely interested in the book. In fact he had read it several times over. We even discussed this early on, when I first gave him a copy to read, at which point I mentioned Michael and Revelation 12:7 above [n1]. And, once again, the name Michael signifies the champion of the New Church, which is kind of what this chapter entails. Is anyone prepared to step forward and backup what I'm saying? As with my experience in the search for Ariadne, the answer appears to be no or, it becomes part of an ongoing process. It doesn't begin with and end with my friend Mike in other words.

16  Although I really didn't expect Mike to step forward and get involved, for it wasn't the time or place. I wasn't ready to take it any further than what I had to do myself, and it was too much to ask from someone else. It was still my project. Yet he may have felt under the gun, thinking, "What does this guy want from me?" Which no doubt came to a head when I asked him to deliver the additional pages to May. Yet for the most part I asked very little of him, one or two favors at most. Although admittedly I started using him as a sounding board at work and kept him abreast of the things I was working on. He seemed to be interested and I really had no one else to confide in. If I knew I were infringing, however, I would have cut it short.

17  The next month or so was difficult, during which time I sent Mike several emails that went unanswered. While I was distraught—and angry—and began to project some of his foolishness back at him, in my mind. Whether or not he was aware of it I can't be certain, but judging by some of things that happened later, something was brewing. While I neglected to say Mike had studied metaphysics and practiced lucid dreaming, which is similar to the experiences described in my book, where I'm in the spirit [n5:1; n6:10; n9:3]. I think it may have been why he was so interested. So, if anything was going to happen, the stage was set.

18  While on December 7th I sent an email to another person named Mike, I don't recall who? and sent a copy to Mike here, while referring to Revelation 12:7. And I said, Remember Pearl Harbor Day! While moments later I received an email from Michael in the navy! It was someone I never heard of before, inquiring about my web page and book. I later realized it was probably Mike playing a prank on me.

The Big Move

19  I don't recall when Mike got back to me, but I think it was in response to a link I sent about some free offer on the Internet, possibly as late as February or March. Anyway he started off with some off-the-wall comment, like, "Well, we certainly don't get enough of these anymore! Let's get started then!" Those weren't his exact words, but it wasn't something I expected or, it was out character with how he normally came across, as more subdued. It was like something you might say to someone who hangs around too much that you don't really care for. And you try giving them the cold shoulder and do what you can to avoid them, but they won't go away [n32]. I know it seemed odd at the time, but I don't recall taking it this way? It's too bad, for if I had, and taken this as my cue, I could have spared us both a lot of trouble later on. I just figured if he had any problems he'd get over it. And, except for this one instance, that seemed to be the case.

20  In April I believe, my roommate and his fiancť decided to get married, and they gave me until the middle of June to find another place to live. My roommate owned the house. My other roommate, who moved in shortly after I did, immediately began to fret and get all worked up about it. Both he and I liked living there and neither of us wanted to move. But he was more attached to the owner and the living arrangement, and was at a loss as to what to do. But I said, Hey, I'm not going to worry about it, we still have two months to find a place and I probably won't start looking until the last week or two in May. I had been through the drill before, and most people who are looking to rent a room, want to rent it right away, and won't hold it very long. So it wasn't until the last two weeks of May that I started to look.

Using Mike as Reference

21  The first week I looked in the paper, twice, but couldn't find anything. The second week, on Sunday or Monday I believe, I found a woman named Dianne who was renting a room in Beaverton and I called and we arranged to meet. I was living Hillsboro at the time. She was a little older, she was 50 and I was 42, and we talked for over an hour, and she started giving me the third degree. As it was I wasn't feeling well, I either had diabetes or was borderline, which had checked but it wasn't confirmed and, by the time she was finished, and finally said, Yeah, I think you'd make a good roommate, I was exhausted. Yet I was relieved, thinking it was finally over. But when she asked for a reference, other than a previous landlord, preferably someone who was local, I was at a total loss. I couldn't think of anybody! Although I had lived in the Portland, Oregon area for four years, I spent most of my time in my room, working on my book, so there wasn't much time for acquaintances. Nor was I really soliciting it.

22  So I sat there on the sofa for the next few minutes totally dumbfounded, wondering who I could get her to call. I tried not to look overly concerned, although it was rather apparent, when I realized, "Hey, there's Mike, he knows what the deal is, he would make a good reference." So I gave her his phone number. While at the time I questioned if I shouldn't first attempt to contact him, but figured if I held off, she might take it as a sign of bad faith. What else was I to do? So I gave it to her and hoped Mike would understand. And I immediately sent him an email when I got home to explain what happened.

23  Mike emailed me the next day I believe, and said Dianne called. I believe after he read my email. I don't recall exactly what he said he told her, something to the effect, "Dennis is a good guy and he would make a good roommate," while explaining we knew each other from work, etc., so everything seemed in order. While I emailed him back thanking him, and apologized for notifying him on such short notice. Nor at the time did he seem disgruntled or have any misgivings about it. So it was just a matter of her getting back to me, which she did in the next day or two, and making arrangements to move.

Mike's Pickup Truck

24  Since I only had about a week to move, and Mike was the only person I knew with a pickup truck, I didn't waste any time asking if he could help move a load of stuff over in his truck, primarily the bed, dresser, computer desk, etc. Which would take about an hour and I would pay him $25. While I said I could take the rest over in my car. Nor did it occur to me to ask until after I read his email, so it's not like I automatically had my sights set on Mike to do this. Anyway, I sent him an email with my request, which he didn't answer right away. I believe I sent him an email the next day, prompting his reply, to which he finally responded.

25  Basically he said he used to help people move stuff with his truck all the time, to where he became too easy, and mentioned once where somebody "roped him" into moving some gun cabinets, and he hurt his back. And he said, "No, never again!" I believe there was more to it than this, but this was primarily the gist of it. And, while he may have been upfront about it, that's not how it looked, and when I wrote back I said, "It would have sufficed to say, 'No I can't help,' rather than give me this long running excuse about it. Therefore, thanks for being a jerk" . . . or slouch or, whatever.

26  That was about the extent of the exchange, until the next day I believe, when I sent him a couple of emails from work to scold him more thoroughly. And this girl Lisa, who I worked closely with, decided to get in on the fun too, after I showed her what I wrote, who was pretty amused and we both got a good laugh out of it. She sent him an email too, and basically called him a schmuck. So now it had gotten more personal, because at least one other person was involved, although I don't recall Mike getting back to me. He probably wasn't prepared for what happened and didn't know what to say. Neither did I get back to Mike, for at least another month. I figured I said what needed to be said, although I questioned whether I should have gotten Lisa involved.

Moving Day

27  As it was, I asked a kind-hearted Asian man at work, I think he was Cambodian? if he could help me move. He had a smaller pickup truck and I believe I said I would pay him $50. He said he had no qualms about helping me, and we arranged to meet at my old residence over the weekend. When he got there we loaded up the truck and couldn't get everything to fit, because it was a smaller truck, plus he wanted to help me move as much as he could, instead of the few things I asked Mike to help with.

28  So it took two loads and about two hours to move. Neither do I recall making any more trips, except perhaps for a few small things. But, by the time we were through and I got ready to pay him, he said it wasn't necessary and, that he was only happy he could help. And I said I was more than willing to pay, but he insisted it wasn't necessary, so I asked if I could at least buy him lunch? He said yes. But, when we got to the restaurant, and both got out of our vehicles, he said he really needed to get going, and reiterated again that he was only glad he could help. In part I think because I had helped his younger brother out at work. So he got back into his truck and left, leaving me standing there perplexed. Oh well . . .

29  So I finally got moved and started getting settled in and things were going reasonably well with my new roommate Dianne; and, about a month later I decided to send Mike an email. Just to let him know I was doing well and no longer had any misgivings towards him and, I suppose to rub things in, just a little. But I was no longer angry with him at least, and the main thing is I was where I needed to be at that time, and gone beyond the ordeal of moving. Despite what happened I was in a better place.

Don't Send That Email!

30  The email was fairly lengthy, or at least it took awhile to compose and, as I got ready to send it, I just hit the send key when suddenly there was a loud thundering boom outside, and one of the power transformers blew out. Consequently the electricity and lights went out at the same time, and here I am sitting in the dark starring at my computer, wondering about the email that almost got sent. And I'm thinking, "Whoa, it's like somebody upstairs is telling me, 'Do not send that email!'" Indeed it was loud and clear, as if Zeus, the god of thunder, had issued a warning.

31  And I seriously questioned whether I should take heed, and just let it go with Mike. And I had plenty of time to think about it, because the lights didn't come back on right away. But when they finally did, a half-hour later? I figured I spent so much time composing it, and went ahead and sent it anyway. That was probably the dumbest thing I could have done! While early on, after Mike got back to me, I questioned if I had affronted the archangel Michael or, whether Mike was Michael or, represented Michael, and this is who I was up against. Although I later realized Michael was equally a part of me [n17:33], and was essential to my growth.

The Email War

32  Anyway, Mike didn't waste any time getting back to me, and when he did, he was fuming. I guess he'd had plenty of time to brood over it the past month, and had a good idea about what he wanted to say. Basically he called me out on pestering him and invading his privacy, similar to what I said above [n19]. And, he compared me to a dog he kept throwing stones at but, I woudn't go away. And we started arguing about what truth was, with him stating it amounted to nothing more than a matter of opinion. Meaning I wasn't justified or had grounds for being cross with him. And he almost had me convinced! While admittedly, I had only written about such things in the book, and wasn't too adept at arguing, making his idea all the more compelling. But then again, why was he getting angry at me with no clear idea about the truth himself? While at one point he compared himself to a chameleon, karma chameleon? and what does a chameleon know about the truth, other than trying to disguise it? Now we're getting close! By the way, a war, in spiritual terms, signifies the battle of truth against falsity [n11:66].

33  This went on for the next few days, where he and I sent emails back and forth—an email war, that is!—with him getting angry and spewing out the accusations, and my being more on the defensive. Clearly he didn't want to talk sense to me, he just wanted me gone. While early on he called me a "puny little ***hole"—yes, guilty!—and, towards the end vehemently slammed on my writing style which, admittedly left something to be desired: with its passive style and tendency to put everything in quotes, etc. [nf:4). I can see why he might have been annoyed, yet before all this happened he did nothing but sing praises about my web page, including my writing style? Thus by the time we were through, with him maintaining the upper hand and getting in all he had to say and, my sitting there, my head practically in my hands, I was thoroughly exhausted and exasperated. This is when Dianne approached, and asked what was wrong? And I told her I just got in a big email war, and had a falling-out with my friend Mike. So much for getting settled in!

34  One thing that Mike said, regarding my using him as a reference, was he sure hoped I didn't get all weirded-out on this woman like I did with May which, is when I realized it probably all started when I asked him to deliver the manuscript [n7-8] or, even before that, otherwise he wouldn't have brought it up. Whereby he also accused me of acting like a teenager [n15:39].

35  Another thing he said towards the end, was don't be surprised to see him—Mr. Chameleon!—crop up periodically, just to mess with me and try and confound my Internet experience: with my tendency to look for signs, synchronicities, etc. Apparently he thought I was a fake or, he just wanted to ruin it for me, the way he felt I ruined it for him. Although if I had ruined it, I didn't have to resort to such treachery and deceit. I just had to be myself. Not unless my whole persona was a total lie? Of course that's not how Dianne felt, when I left a few months later, having accused me of being one of the most honest men she ever met and, saying it was the highest quality you could look for in a man. Yet at the same time, I was nothing but honest towards May, and Mike so, what are you going to do?

36  Another thing that happened, shortly before he said he was going to mess with me, since he valued his opinion so much, I said, "So what! I have a successful web page, and I'm receiving over 25 unique visitors a day. What do I need you for?" And he said, "Are you sure about that? You might want to check your stats." And sure enough, I went to check and all the visitors had stopped, and nobody visited for at least 24 hours! So, the fun and games had already begun and, had been doing so for some time! Apparently it was designed or, so he thought, to take the wind out of my sails; although prior to this, I assume, he thought he was actually helping by making me think my site was becoming successful and encouraging me to work on it. Either way I remained undeterred, until later at least [n56] but, I just as soon he didn't tamper with my site this way.

Granddaddy Shark

37  Shortly after Mike and I cut it off or, after I stopped replying, a few days later? I had the most unusual dream. I stood at the bottom of the ocean, and had two or three pages of my book in hand, which appeared to have a formal quality, like doctrine? i.e., to The Church. And I was amused about something or, having a little fun, and tossed a couple of pages which fell to the floor into the sand. It was almost like I treated it like a weapon, although not with any dead-seriousness but, in an impish sort of way. And so coincides with my idea of rubbing it in with Mike above [n29]. Meaning this is what got me into trouble! And I looked down and saw a baby sand shark, although it could have been an adult, which are typically small, swimming across the floor. I glanced for a second or two, and it's like, "Did somebody say shark? Now it's time to meet its granddaddy!"

38  And immediately I was at the top of the ocean, lying in bed which was tilted to one side, my legs dangling over, in the midst of my new bedroom floor! And a great white shark had just surfaced, and with all the ferocity it could muster, tried snatching one of my legs, if not my whole person, and drag me under. And I did the utmost I could to hold on, and pull my legs in close, while trying to wake myself up. It's jaws were inches away. It was just like a great white shark attack on the Discovery Channel! And, after wrenching myself awake, a vivid image remained for the next few seconds, meaning if I fell back asleep or got sucked under, my encounter with Jaws was not over. While the attack was both terrifying and exhilarating!

Mike the Psychopath?

39  Once fully awake, I'm going, "Whoa, was that Mike!?" But, instead of Mike the archangel [n31], it was Mike the psychopath! Indeed, not long afterwards, I was led to a site on the Internet, by what appeared to be one of Mike's aliases, that explained all you wanted to know about psychopaths, with specific focus on Stanley Kubrick's films. And I began to wonder if this wasn't who I was up against? And, although Mike didn't appear this way on the surface, he could have been using his lucid dream episodes as an outlet for his psychopathic adventures. And of course, once he awoke, he didn't have to worry about getting into trouble. Though not all psycho-paths are cold-blooded killers. And yes, I began to have a whole series of episodes like this, although not quite as intense and immediate as the first, for the most part. And I started to think, has Mike gotten into my head?

40  While a couple of other things happened to help illustrate this. The first started happening almost right away when, at the moment I fell asleep, it was as if somebody else was there, who may have been startled? and yet, it was like, "Oh, what are you doing here?" And they'd spin my ahead around, like it were merely a top, which is how it felt, before casting me aside, about the time I awoke. This happened at least 20-30 times, often within minutes of each other, over a period of about two weeks. I found it more annoying than anything else, albeit yes, it was disturbing. I didn't sense they were trying to hurt me though. It was more like, "Get out of my space!" or, their head?

41  The other account was even more eerie, and happened about two years later. It was first thing in the morning when I awoke, while looking at myself lying in bed with the covers pulled over me. When suddenly, somebody—I don't know who?—yanks the covers off. And I began to sit up, thinking, "What the heck?" when, suddenly I awoke a second time, looking at myself with the covers pulled over me! And it's like, "What the double heck!?" Come to find out I was still asleep the first time, and yet, to be honest, I couldn't tell the difference between the first time and second time. It was that real! The only difference was that the covers were pulled over me the second time, when I truly was awake, plus I had to get out of bed and do whatever I had to do that day. This happened at least twice, while lying in bed like this. I'm also reminded of reports I've heard of Near Death Experiences.

The Letter to Joe

42  Below is a rather lengthy letter I wrote to Joe Mason, a person I met on the Internet. It was written in February, 1999 I believe. Joe has a web page at

43  Hi Joe,

I thought you might appreciate some background into why I sent you the email yesterday, on Sunday. It has to do with this so-called friend of mine, which is a bit rare for me, who I had a falling out with last year in June. His name is Mike and he too is into metaphysics and lucid dreaming, and I remember forwarding you his email where he mentioned polishing the "dog turds," regarding metaphysics and religion in general.

44  I've known Mike about four years now, yet unbeknownst to me, he too has few close friends, if any? He seems rather personable. Of course I didn't do much to tax our friendship. I didn't think it was necessary. I thought we had more of an understanding, where we didn't need to be buddy-buddy all the time. And yet if I had, over this whole period I may have asked a few small favors of him, something I wouldn't hesitate doing for someone else, I would have found out what most everyone else finds out much sooner. That we weren't friends!

45  Anyway he's the person I gave a copy of my manuscript to way back when, who seemed to show an inherent interest, having read it several times over! But then when he says, "Dennis I can't help it if people wish to maintain illusions about me," meaning it's all their doing, and he can't understand why he makes several enemies a year by people who get the wrong idea? it leads me to wonder why? While I had the gall to suggest he was dishonest and needed to be more upfront with people. We then got into this big email war about what the truth was. Which I guess gets back to this thing about polishing dog turds!

46  Mike was also the person I had deliver the extended pages of Princess Thianna to the young woman named May in November, 1997. Which if it were anyone else, it would have been too much to ask. Yet he was one of the only people I thought understood. But come to find out later, when I asked if he could help me move a load stuff when I moved in June, 1998, being the only one I knew with a pickup truck, I got an entirely different story [n34]. Oh well? . . .

47  Mike and I have also discussed the meaning of the name Michael in Revelation 12:7: "And there was war in heaven, and Michael and his angels fought . . ." And I thought it was significant that his name was Mike, short for Michael, for he was the only one who showed an interest in my book early on; where Michael signifies the protector of the New Church [n2]. Indeed there's more to say, which I don't have time for now—more!?—but I'm beginning a page called The Quest for Michael which should cover this.

48  Since our falling out, after I took him to task for being dishonest, and he turned around and accused me of invading his privacy, he's sent me numerous emails under various aliases—something he implied he would do [n35]—questioning the validity of my intentions and my work. One of the first being from a woman named Vescia, with its similarities to Hestia [n14:1] and Vesta [n6:25], who was studying law and was about to take her bar exam. And, although I didn't really make waves with Vescia, it illustrates the position he intended to take, as prosecuting attorney. Of course I can't actually prove it was him.

49  It all stopped until recently though, when I updated my Princess Thianna page in early December, 1998, and included the verse from Revelation 5:1-5 [n15:41]: "And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof." Which was a verse I only alluded to before, two or three weeks after he delivered the rest of Princess Thianna to to May. And serves to illustrate I smelled a rat long before our falling out when I asked him to help me move. For indeed he tried to pin everything on the fact that I had a short fuse and had no grounds for being abrupt or angry with him.

50  So within a day or two, I get an email from someone at dragonninja, saying he's studying Greek Mythology, and needed as much information as he could get about Dionysus, and get this, by December 7th [n6:90]. I was then rather abrupt with him saying, the truth is self-evident and, that one plus one equals two, meaning why are you bothering me? and that was the last I heard of him. I had also just updated the look of my site, and added the new Site Meter at the bottom of each page. While I questioned whether it was something Mike led me to through one of his aliases, with all its advanced features, etc. Meaning if somebody really wanted to tamper with my site, they'd have a field day with this. And, that's basically what happened!

51  I got a few other unusual emails after this, actually a whole barrage since I updated the page, considering I hardly got any before? which I had pretty much dismissed, until I started getting emails from this guy in Italy? Yet it couldn't be mistaken for none other than you know who? This is when I began noticing all these bogus referrals on my Site Meter pages: domains that don't exist, personal names or codes instead of domains, unusual search engine queries, etc. Did I say Mike was very computer literate? I also noticed the counter on my homepage was getting close to 666 days since I last reset it on March 4th, 1997, the 11th year anniversary of my rebirth experience [n5:1]. And I began to wonder if anything might happen here? The actual date was December 31st, which went pretty uneventful until later that evening, after I pretty much dismissed it.

52  But then I noticed a second referral from the Italian guy, that I was aware of, and decided it was time to discuss my findings with him, as if I were talking to you know who, but without mentioning anyone's true identity. I should also mention I was watching a TV program about the year in review on January 1st, which mentioned finding out the true identity of the body in the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, through DNA tests—Michael Blassie. Which I referred to in the email, suggesting maybe this has been the mysterious guardian over our country over the years or, represented this. And, that with a name like Blassie—his middle name was also Joseph—suggests this was Michael's task, to ward off blasphemy. And I said perhaps this is who I should make my appeals to?

53  There was also some mix up on my part as to whether he received it or not, so I re-forwarded the email, but not until I added the part about the first person who was murdered in the Portland, Oregon area this year—Michael Joseph Scholls! While it's funny how I had just laid down to take a nap after sending the first email, on January 2nd, and had a vision of a man lunging at someone with a knife. And this was hours before I heard about it on the late night news. And how did Michael die? In a knife fight! He was stabbed in the heart! And I began to wonder if it had anything to do with my intentions towards Mike?

54  It's also funny how all the other emails stopped at this point, as he and I had a continual exchange until the end of January, when I put a stop to it. At which point he was trying build up my curiosity about his own web page, without referring to the URL, which I eventually found by following a bogus search engine query. And lo and behold, there it was: The Foundation for Human Understanding, in Dallas, Texas, on Reagan St., and it was all about gay rights. An organization I doubt exists, as most of the links were internal. Which I took to be a slam on Roy Masters, head of The Foundation of Human Understanding, who has very few nice things to say about homosexuals, who was thrown in jail in Texas of all places [n11:86], albeit in Houston, and did nothing but sing praises about Ronald Reagan!

55  Then if you took their recommendation, and visited the host server, it soon becomes apparent, if you're at all familiar with my Chief Joseph page [n9:17], it was even more of a slam on Uncle Roy and his sexual attitudes. And yet because most of it reflects what transpired between him and I, before and after the fallout, with all the hidden meanings and clues, I couldn't help but think it was a slam on me. Even more so! Like I said above, most of the links were internal. And it was almost made to look like I was in cahoots with the proprietor of the page!

56  While just prior to this, we were playing on the role of Hermes the messenger, where I mentioned my Mercury Mystique [n5-7], and asked if he ever wondered why a vineyard looked so much like a cemetery, more specifically a military cemetery, with all the trellises lined up in rows like crosses? signifying the blood or truth which was shed. For indeed this was the day I realized I had been living on the corner of 67th and Arlington! The actual address was on 67th. And lo and behold, when I looked it up, this is where the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier lay! In Arlington National Cemetery! And, having lived in the wine country in California, I asked if he cared for a glass of wine? Saying I understood the vintages from California were quite good, as well as here in the Willamette Valley in Oregon.

57  He made no mention of this when he got back to me, but asked what newspaper in the United States was most respected for its editorials? And I wrote back saying, "Yeah, I used to deliver the San Jose Mercury News," again, Mercury or the god Hermes [n5-7], while saying I had gotten a brochure in the mail the night before from the Wine Finders, inviting me to "Experience a Taste of California." Which I all but glanced at, but didn't bother to look at until after I sent the email. This is when I noticed it was from Emeryville, California, from a place located on 67th Street of all places! as I had wondered about the relationship between the number 67 and Arlington.

58  Again, when he wrote back, he made no mention of this, but said he couldn't find the S. D. Mercury's page on the web. But this was after I found the page(s), and knew darn well he wasn't referring to the San Jose Mercury News. But the San Diego Bears, on the Bear Network! And I wrote back saying, "I found your page. I also 'delivered' the message to Uncle Roy [sent him an email]. Maybe it's his turn to tread the winepress?"

59  Shortly after I put a stop to our email exchange, in fact the next day, I began to get other unusual solicitations. Then on February 2nd, my manager at work was singing an unusual song, which seemed to coincide with my month for a chapter and verse for a day scheme in the book of Revelation [n6:90], something Mike was all too aware of. And as I was working swing shift, it wasn't until after midnight on February 3rd that I got home, and when I looked it up there it was: "And they sung as it were a new song, before the throne, and before the four beasts, and the elders . . . " (Revelation 14:3). At which point I decided it was time to convey this little song, and the story behind it, to one of my recent solicitors. Whose last name was Travis, and first name began with a "D," i.e., Travis, D—or, travesty.

60  And the very next day I got an email from "Becky," just "Becky," mentioning how I could get the dirt on anyone over the Internet, while referring to a site that didn't exist. This is was when I began to notice more personal messages in the web stats, specifically some of the names of my cousins and things pertaining to them—i.e., I had just recently referred the Italian guy to my Cousin Pentheus page [n11:400] on January 13th. While I later realized this person Becky, could have been a cousin that I haven't thought about in years, whose name was Becky!

61  I finally got fed up with all the bogus referrals on February 5th, after all what's the point if you can't judge who's been there? for web development, etc., and yanked my whole site off for the next day or two. While I began to contrive the scheme which is there now, which you'll notice by going to any of the previous pages at This has a different page too. For example if you go to my Book Preview page, you'll find one of my Cat Jump pages, which explains someone's been tampering with my web stats, and refers to the song my manager was singing at work the other night. And by clicking on the Cat-chi link, it takes you to the story behind the song, while referring to Cousin Pentheus and his attempts to slam on Dionysus and Uncle Roy (Zeus). It's all quite humorous and yet, dreadful, for Pentheus' sake.

62  One thing I neglected to say, and have been meaning to get to, is that although Mike appears to be a slouch in so many ways, he's no slouch when it comes to metaphysics. Of course it's amazing how you can stir up all this pent up energy Pentheus? when calling someone a slouch for any reason. Where all this energy in reserve comes boiling to the surface, the monstrous obsession it is, just to prove how wrong you are. And make no bones about it, he's not only been tampering with me on an intellectual level, through my website, but also on a spiritual level. Whereby it's fair to say he knows when I'm thinking about him—seriously! [n39]. And over the last month-and-a-half the battle has been fought in earnest. This is no joke! While the implications are far-reaching.

63  Yet each time he appears to get the upper hand, I've managed to regroup and pull the rug out from underneath. And so culminates into the symbol of the winepress I sent yesterday. It's amazing how many implications you can derive from the numbers, especially to what I say in chapter 8 [n1].

64  Well it is getting late and I should probably close. I just thought I'd let you know what the deal was and, that I think those verses, Revelation 14:14-20 [n14:35-36], i.e., from February 14th to the 20th, could very well apply to you. Hey you never know? And it would be nice if I had a witness to the whole thing? So keep your eyes peeled? Oh, and don't be surprised to find most of what I've said here in my Michael page [n16:1] in the next day or two.

Thanks for your time,


P.S. Playfulness is a sign of originality. Playing games is a sign of resignation and deadness.

Things to Come?

65  Is he really gay? regarding some of the issues brought up. Or is it just another element of his ruse? At the very least he's helped established who Michael is, and who knows, he may still come around? Of course it's probably too much to ask, for I think the real Michael slated to head the Seventh Church [n1:36], is more in the manner of Michael Masters. And, although I've never met him, I've seen an earlier picture of him, and there was nothing but character written all over his face, much in the likeness of his father, Roy Masters.

16 Vestal Virgins?

66  Iím not sure how significant the number 16 is to the worship of Hestia [n14:1], and/or Vesta [n48; n6:25], but Iíve heard the song, A Whiter Shade of Pale, by the musical group Procal Harem, and suspect thereís some significance there. While the lyrics refer to the 16 Vestal Virgins who were headed for the coast. Which is the strangest thing, for my battles with Mike basically culminated with my driving out to Lincoln City along the Oregon Coast, a half-a-dozen times or more? in late 1999 [n73,76]. I started making the trip in July I believe, on July 4th? a few months after moving out of the womanís house above [n21-33] which started it all. Just a coincidence that I bring it up here in chapter 16?

67  While come to find out President Lincoln was the 16th president, wow! and his presidency began at the onset of the Civil War, something I was mindful of at the time. This is almost a direct correlation! Thereís also a small lake within the city limits called, Devil's Lake, where I directed most of the fallout or hell that ensued. Which lends itself more completely to the idea that Mike and I were engaged in a Civil War and, it was in fact hell! Although if you drive around the lake, it looks like any other lake, and you donít sense anything sinister about it. It does signify the hell President Lincoln must have endured during his presidency, however, it being within the city limits, in accord with the sacred fire or hearth which, is what Hestia signified [n14:1-2].

Sybil War?

68  Yet here I prefer the term, Sybil War, in accord with the womanís mother (4) or, her will [n3:5]. And, as I say in Sybil [n4:48], this is the part of the woman which is dominant and canít be ruled over by itself. Who is concerned with pleasure and is predisposed to arguing and, if gone uncorrected, ultimately leads to the woman becoming a whore. Which in fact is what the Roman Catholic Church signified, at the onset of the Christian or fourth Church [n3:17], rightly called, Babylon, the Great Whore, in Revelation 17-18 [n14:22].

69  In other words when either the Church or, head of state is concerned with opulence and lavishing upon itself all the little delicacies and, in order to maintain its hierarchy, with no regard for how it's achieved, much like the Roman Catholic Church in fact or, the plantational system in the South? it paves the way to slavery. In other words to feed the irrational and demanding side of a woman: i.e., so long as itís not maintained in context with the truth [n4:48]. And so we have the Roman Catholic Church, albeit Swedenborg preferred the term, religious persuasion, the great whore that usurps the fourth or Christian Church. While come to find out, the headquarters of the South was Atlanta, Georgia and, Georgia was the fourth state of the Union [n6:67]. Just a coincidence they both should correspond to Sybil (4) of Gerarai? [n4:46]. Wow! [n1:20].

70  So in that sense the War Between the States is deemed a Sybil War. Similarly, it speaks of the Trojan War, which began with Paris soliciting Helen and, an act of whoredom. This is the very thing that gives rise to Ares, the god of war [n14:7], and consort of Aphrodite, although she was bequeathed to Hephaestus [n14:11]. And, where a war signifies the battle of truth against falsity, in spiritual terms [n32; n11:66], it typically begins when passion overrides the truth and decency, and becomes an act of aggression. This was Are's calling card.

71  And so typifies my battle with Mike I believe, who seemed more concerned with venting his anger, once I started questioning his ethics, rather than getting at its root cause. Which, if he had, he'd understand it was an affront to Hestia [n14:1-2,30]. The 16 Vestal Virgins? Indeed! And, here we are discussing it again in chapter 16! While of all the gods, in relation to the sacred fire or, sacred Avesta [n17:57], Hestia most closely approximates the Holy Spirit. Which, as I suggest in chapter 17 [n55], Mike has chosen to deny.

Sybil / 16 Personalities

72  And so brings up the young woman named Sybil who, I refer to in the fourth aspect of Gerarai [n4:53-55]. As I said, she suffered a devastating childhood, whose identity was shattered into 16 personalities. Which was something she eventually came to terms with, in the process of becoming a whole person. Whereby suggesting something very pure, and reminds me of the purity of the Virgin Mary. Again, the 16 Vestal Virgins? Indeed!: i.e., Sybil x Sybil or, 4 x 4. While purportedly Mary conceived Jesus by means of the Holy Spirit: by Hestia or, the likeness thereof? Oh, and here I am writing about it on Christmas Day, in 2014!

73  Thus where Lincoln City, Oregon corresponds to the number 16 [n67], it's only a few miles south of the 45th parallel marker on Highway 101 [n5:4]. And, being the only place I recall seeing such a sign, it makes both numbers 16 and 45 unique. Thus where 16 portrays the man's father (1) and the bride to be (6) [n3:5], 45 portrays the womanís mother (4) and the bridegroom (5), meaning both are reciprocals. And, in terms of Gerarai, 16 corresponds to Jennifer (2), i.e., 14 x 1 + 2 = 16, and 45 corresponds to Cindy (3), i.e., 14 x 3 + 3 = 45. In relation to each other, 3 and 2 or, 32 versus 23, these are the two reciprocals of the holy marriage [n4:51,80; n7:8] which, in accord with Sybil , portray the Rhythm of the Universe [n4:162]. So, could this be how Jesus was conceived? [n4:106]. Or, the birth of New Doctrine in general? [n3:4].

Ontario, Oregon / 2014

74  And so brings up my experience in Ontario, Oregon on December 1st, 2014 [n14:40-49]. And, where I substitute a chapter for a month and day for a verse in chapter 6 [n90], regarding the Woman Clothed with the Sun in Revelation 12:1—which, is the New Church—she goes on and gives birth to the man child in Revelation 12:5, signifying the birth of new doctrine. This is why I opted for December 5th as an upload date for the final draft to [nf:10], for this is what my book signified. But, there was too much to do, including adding additional material to this chapter, starting with the 16 Vestal Virgins [n66], so it didn't get uploaded until March 4th, 2015. Which is just as well, for it was 28 years to the day since my rebirth experience in chapter 5 [n8]. It too signifies the birth of new doctrine.

75  As for Ontario, I moved there after getting evicted from my mobile home in Tigard, near Portland, in May, 2012, due to financial problems, and was on the verge of going homeless. I chose Ontario with its close proximity to Nyssa, Oregon, and the events surrounding the Axis Mundi in 1990 [n6:67-77]. While come to find out, the first place I moved which, I affectionately deemed the Hillbilly Hotel [n14:47], was the local brothel many years back! So here we are discussing whoredom, regarding Sybil, the 4th aspect of Gerarai, together with Sybil Wars and, once again, here in chapter 16! Wow!

76  Around the first of July, I picked up my visualization/meditation technique once again [n1:21; n8:4; n19:1], which I don't recall working with full time since the events in Lincoln City above [n66]. And I started making projections regarding the Great Earth Change [nf:7; n20:2] coming up in December. About a week later I started downloading pictures of Kari Byron off the Internet and created the Kari Byron Portal, deeming Kari the Heavenly Bride [nf:7-8] and, an extension of the Ari theme in chapters 15 and 17 [n15:9; n17:2]; though it had been 13 years since the 15th Ari in July, 1999 [n17:53-56].

Ontario, 16th Ari

77  I had also determined Ontario was an Ari and, as I arrived in Ontario first, before setting up the Kari Portal, I deemed Ontario the 16th Ari and Kari Byron the 17th Ari. And so, once again, another correlation to chapter 16! Yet I didn't think much of it until the incident on December 1st, 2014 [n14:40], when I realized it was the beginning of the 16th year since the 15th Ari occurred, in 1999. Wow!

78  Yet Ontario also corresponds to chapter 16, in relation to the 16th Ari, for Mike managed to follow me out here! And I remember hurting myself before I moved, while moving a dresser, to get it ready to sell. And I broke a blood vessel in my leg, which got swollen and sore and turned purple. And I just wanted to die, and hoped I could just fall asleep and enter a lucid dream (which I had gotten better at), and not wake up again, like what happened in chapter 5 [n5]. Prior to that, Mike and I had more or less developed an uneasy alliance, and were no longer at war with each other. Once he picked up on that, however, I guess he took that as his cue, as a sign of weakness? and basically hasn't left me alone since, as of July, 2021. Whereby everything intensified by at least a factor of ten [n83].

79  Finally, in relation to Idaho, the 43rd state, and Kansas, the 34th state, they portray the top and bottom of the cross or, Axis Mundi in chapter 6 [n67]. While in terms of Gerarai [n4:1], they correspond to 16: i.e., 14 x 3 + 1 = 43, and 14 x 2 + 6 = 34. There it is again! And so the relation to the Wine Press symbol in chapter 14 [n36-39], regarding the 16 hundred furlongs! Which is basically what prompted me to add the additional material to chapter 16!

New Church Day / June 19th

80  Given March 4th, 2021 [n24:5] coincided with the 34th anniversary of my rebirth experience in chapter 5 [n1-12] and, where the number 34 signifies the Axis Mundi grounded at its base [na:1; n23:1], I began the 2021 update in mid-January [nf:13], and hoped to have it completed it by then. I had too many formatting issues though, and had to postpone it. In fact, it wasn't until early June that it was even near complete. So, I opted for June 13th instead, which was my father's birthday, who died when he was 51, which I found out on my 30th birthday while in the mental hospital [n11:299]. My father would be 77 today, as of July 4th, 2021.

81  Of course June 13th came and went but, I had difficulty motivating myself for nearly a week it seems, feeling somebody or something didn't want me to complete it, in the spiritual world—and/or Mike?—so I couldn't bring myself to do anything. It was also reported by some of the women's voices I hear [n11:423-24] that Mike had passed on (I can't be certain?), so I wondered if it had anything to do with that? Whereby I kept waking up in the morning feeling disoriented after having a bad dream and felt like staying in bed all day. Come early morning on Saturday, June 19th, feeling I finally had the resolve to do something, somebody posted something on my Swedenborg Debate Group, saying, "Happy New Church Day!" [n11:505; n24:51]. Which Swedenborg had noted on June 19th, 1771, in relation to June 19th, 1770. So yeah, what better day than that? While I've posted the links below: (New Church Day)

82  I also figured I had all day to get it done, which I did, except for the last part here at the end of chapter 16 [n78-83]. And around 10:00 pm I was too burned out and could hardly think, and said the heck with it! And decided to add, To be Continued, and publish it as it is. At least that way I could retain June 19th as the publishing date. In fact if you follow the link to below you can verify it. And, although it's a preliminary copy, and I still want to proofread it, I decided to keep it intact. You never know, it might actually be worth something someday! (Lulu book)

Dionysus / Heracles?

83  At any rate, the last thing I worked on was the relation to the twelve labors of Heracles and the New Jerusalem at the end of chapter 11 [n505-06], as a prelude to chapter 12 [n1]; where the number 12 signifies the New Church [n4:109]. I also intended to buy 5-6 copies of the book initially, but at the last minute bought 12 copies instead, so that also seems to apply. Finally, I'd say the intensity of my experiences must have increased by ten times—or, as high as fifty?—after I moved to Ontario, from the time I went crazy in 1985 [n11:170]. Yet, having a better understanding of what I'm doing and, a better handle on it, at least I haven't wigged out yet! Hence I equate it more with the labors of Heracles—which, in effect sifnifies Michael? Indeed!