Princess Thianna

1  Following suit with Princess Thianna [n15:1], and the many trials of the Quest for Michael [n16:1], it's fitting that I now bring up Julie Beloved. For this is when everything began to blossom and bear the sweetest of fruits and, was the one ray of hope to enliven me and renew interest in completing the book. While it appears to coincide with the Second Advent, or phase, of the New Church, which began in March, 1999, 12 years since March, 1987 [n5:1]. Where the first phase portrays The Bridegroom, Dionysus, and the second phase portrays The Bride, Ariadne, beginning with Princess Thianna in 1999.

Ari Theme

2  Before I begin, I'd like to continue with the Ari Theme in Princess Thianna [n15:10], for it introduces my supervisor at the new building, Darlene [n11]—who, becomes the fourteenth and final Ari. Well, almost [n58; n16:77]. So, after the sixth Ari appeared [n15:39], I began to wonder about the seventh Ari. Which is strange, for I began to notice a car parked next to mine in the parking lot at the old building, a Chrysler Aries K. I thought it was odd, as it happened two or three times, but I didn't sense a connection until I realized K was the eleventh letter of the alphabet. And I began to wonder if there might still be a sequence of Ari's yet to come [n7].

Seventh and Eighth Ari's

3  I kept wondering about the seventh sign for about two weeks, when I caught the last twenty minutes of a movie on TV, The Seventh Sign, on September 13th, 1997. About a woman, played by Demi Moore, who saves the world from the Apocalypse after she's required to sacrifice her life. And I began to wonder if this was the seventh sign? I didn't really make the connection, although I knew I was asking May to sacrifice the life she knew [n15:24], comparable to Ariadne's sacrifice? [n12:65]. But I got my answer that evening when seaching the Internet for The Advent of Dionysus. And lo and behold I found the link I solicited several months before—from a lady named Kari! i.e., Aries K?

4  On the day I decided I had tortured myself enough over May, the eighth Ari occurred. It was on a Friday and I called my temp agency and told them I wasn't going back. They advised against this, and told me to take the day off and they would see what they could do on Monday. So, I left for work early to clean out my locker, and tell my boss I was taking Friday and Monday off, and get him to sign my time card. It's funny because I left forty-five minutes early, something I never did, for I wanted to get it done before everyone got there, and I wasn't expecting to come back. Thus when I got in the car and started it, the radio immediately came on and the announcer said, "Here's the song Ariana by Spyro Gyra!" [n8]. It was a direct connection! Hence the eighth Ari. And I turned the radio up full blast on the way to work.

Ninth and Tenth Ari's

5  Over the weekend I realized I could only stay angry at May for so long, and come Saturday I couldn't remember why I was so upset. I then knew I'd probably be going back to work, if for nothing else, to let her know I hadn't walked out on her. I stayed there at least another week. On Sunday I was searching the Internet again, using the keyword Dionysus, and found an unusual site dealing with the meaning of names, The Kabalarian Society of Canada. I actually found it the week before, and was surprised at the description of Dionysus, which went a long way to describe my sense of loss and feelings of betrayal. Indeed I had put everything on the line, in the name of love, only to receive the cold shoulder of indifference and arouse suspicions about my character.

6  Yet it really clicked when I looked up the names May and Kari, which were identical! Hence the next Ari! Regarding the Kabbalah—or, Kabal-arian? Wow! Which puts May on the same level as Kari and the fourteen Gerarai [n15:10,45]. Indeed none of this would have meant anything without the name Kari [n4:10-11]. Yet I had already determined Tuesday, September 23rd, would be the ninth Ari, for it would be my last day and, the first day of Libra: in accord with Virgo and the sixth Ari [n15:39]. And so Kari, together with the rest of the names, becomes the tenth Ari! Which seems fitting, for the symbol of the Kabalarian Society shows the letter K, or 11th letter, set within two circles, containing the 9 degrees? thus alluding to the 11th Ari—or, Aries K! (below). I also brought in the descriptions of some of the other people's names, more so those closest to what happened, who were generally astounded at their accuracy!

Eleventh and Twelfth Ari's

7  And so on my last night, after I transferred jobs to another building within the company, a week-and-a-half later actually, the last person I spoke to was May, as I went to my locker to see if I forgot anything. And we both said good-bye. Yet we were two people who couldn't have been further away, and I continued walking down the hallway and out the door, after turning in my smock and badge. And as I got in my car and was getting ready to leave, the Aries K car pulled right out in front of me, and escorted me off the premises. Which was a first! Hence the fulfillment of the eleventh Ari! Wow! [n1:20].

8  Which seems fitting, for the number 11 is the number of testimony, in accord with the Two Witnesses in Revelation 11: i.e., the two candlesticks. And indeed is similar to what I've portrayed, the testimony of what happeneded at work. While Revelation 12 speaks of The Advent of the New Church, which is the new bride. And so prompts me to ask of the twelfth Ari? Which I was thinking could be May when she comes to accept this. Then on the very day it occurs to me, I was uploading a page about the heavenly bridegroom, thinking he had just become manifest, when the banner ad at the bottom showed some wedding bands, and said, Ultimate Internet Wedding Guide. Use The Internet To Help Plan Your Wedding! While at the same time, within twenty seconds, the song Ariana by Spyro Gyra came over the radio! [n4]. So there it is!

Thirteenth Ari

9  And while I mainly considered it the end with the names, right after I had the additional pages of Princess Thianna delivered to May, on November 7th, 1997 [n16:2], I happened to catch the Daria marathon on MTV. And I was amazed at how similar Daria's character was to my own perception, and began to wonder if this wasn't the 13th Ari? Thus in a world full of greed and self-interest, and the pressure to conform, you can't help but feel you're getting screwed, pardon the vernacular, when you try and maintain your own identity. Indeed Daria felt persecuted, for she was the only one truly intelligent, who could see things for what they were. In fact I'm reminded of what I say about the term inflation in chapter 14 [n26].

10  I also looked up the Kabalarian definition of Daria, and found it was the same as Maytia, which was May's twin sister who lived in Minnesota, the 32nd state [n6:67], signifying the heavenly marriage [n20-21; n4:51,80-82]. And here, MTV was located on channel 32! But with its sardonic sense of humor, I couldn't see how Daria applied, so I didn't pursue it. But on November 23rd, once again the day of judgment—signified by the number 23 [n2:5-6; n3:22-23; n6:118] and, the first day of Virgo and Libra [n6; n15:39]—I realized it portrayed the ultimate relating of the husband with the wife, or Leah (13). And, specifically position 13 in chapter 7 [n65], which best conveys Daria's sentiments. And so portrays the persecution of the New Church by the Church of the Reformed in Revelation 13. And, although it wasn't my intention, I couldn't help but feel I set May up to experience something similar.

14th Ari / Darlene

11  The Daria marathon occurred over the weekend, and on Monday I brought in a copy of Princess Thianna [n15:1] for my new supervisor, Darlene [n42], to read. For early on she expressed a sincere interest in the book and was intrigued about what happened at the other building. Thus it's funny how when my agency called and told me her name, I said, "Wow I really like that name!" For here was the name Arlene, my first and only real girlfriend in school [n15:22], completed by the letter D. Thus I decided to look up the definition of Darlene, and was surprised to find it had the same definition as Maysia, which was May's full name! Which I told her after handing her the copy of Princess Thianna. She then proceeded to tell me her middle name was May, but it was originally supposed to be Mae, thus reiterating the part about my mother's middle name [n15:11]. Wow!

12  And while the name Darlene doesn't fully incorporate the name Ari, it clearly follows suit with Daria, as well as the name Arlene. And so the 14th Ari! Also, where I allude to position 13 [n7:63] and Daria above [n10], it uncannily portrays position 14 [n7:66], for I initially didn't take into account that my boss would be a woman! regarding the device used. It's like I had to go to work, or change jobs, and make the sacrifice for what happened at the other building—all for May's sake! Hence the ultimate relating of the wife with the husband, or Rachel (14) [n4:123]. Having said this, it's time to proceed to the revelation of Daphne and Julie Beloved at work. What I should preface by saying Darlene is also Daphne [n42-45], but more so Daphne the mother (4), as opposed to Daphne the bride (6) [n46-47], hence Ariadne, the chosen one. Compare the number 46, which is of Sybil (4) [n4:46].

Julie Beloved / Daphne

13  I've always had feelings for Julie, yet it really didn't blossom until the day someone brought a daphne plant to work. I was sitting next to Julie at the time and said, "What is that a laurel plant?" And she said, "No, it looked like a daphne plant," for she had just been to the nursery the night before and was considering buying one. And I said they're probably basically the same and, that the daphne was a type of laurel. And I asked if she was familiar with the story of Apollo and Daphne, where Apollo falls in love with Daphne, through the help of Cupid (Eros), and Apollo pursues her, only to have her flee and turn into a laurel tree [n4:23]. She said she was familiar with the story, but not all the details, so I proceeded to look it up on the Internet and find a good example.

14  And of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity to tell her I included the story in my book, which was online, and I had worked with the fourteen feminine names [n4:1]. And I said that Daphne (1) [n4:20], in conjunction Jennifer (2) [n4:32], which she said was her daughter's name, were very important to me, for they were the first two names on the list and represented the New Church (12). And I said it seemed to imply she had an affiliation with Daphne, in conjunction with Jennifer, and encouraged her to look it up on the Internet. And that was about it.

15  So at this point she became the apple of my eye, yet I was reluctant to say anything, for the name Daphne only signifies a beginning. And being caught up in the material world like everyone else, although she kept suggesting she was more of a homebody, like myself, I didn't expect her to understand, and opted to hold off and wait and see what happened, if anything? And while my feelings for her only became magnified over the next year or so, this lovely creature pervading my thought stream in the most delightful way—Daphne, the water nymph?—I didn't think to pursue it. Unlike Apollo? [n4:23]. For Julie was an attractive, sweet, voluptuous woman, and all the men seemed to have eyes for her. And, as she seemed to enjoy all the attention, I doubt if I would have been able to compete, not unless she was sincerely interested.

Nebraska the 37th State

16  In late February or early March, of 1999, I began having dreams about Julie, for the first time. In the first dream I was lying in bed, which was out on the lawn? and I caught sight of Julie sneaking up on me, like a soldier crawling on the ground. She was trying to keep the people from work from looking on who, happened to be in the background. And, while nothing happened romantically, it began to stir my imagination. In the second dream, which I told to Darlene, Julie and I were eating dinner at my house, and I had boiled ten or so ears of corn. And I apportioned out enough for Julie to eat, i.e., three ears, wanting to make sure she had enough, and prepared to eat the six or seven ears which were left. And as we ate I began to think of the dream's romantic conclusion. And I awoke! And I thought, Nebraska? The Corn Husker State? And, 37th state? [n6:67].

17  That would be about right, for by the three golden ears she received, signifies the innocence of Artemis or Cindy (3) [n4:39], and by the seven golden ears I received, signifies the sport of Aphrodite or Karen (7). And here the good of truth, yellow or gold, corresponds to the good of love, or violet, as portrayed by the numbers 37 and 373—and, Nebraska? Hence the symbolism on the front cover! [np:6].

18  Afterwards I had two other dreams, which were nearly identical and just as impressive, even more so. One where I was wide-awake in bed, battling the forces in my mind with Michael [n16:1], only to fall asleep for a moment as Julie approached. And without seeing her face she said, "Hi Dennis," which permeated my whole being, and I awoke totally enthralled! Thinking, to have such a beautiful creature so close. A sign of things to come? Well, one can only hope. "And that the dream was doubled unto Pharaoh twice [regarding all the corn in Egypt, wow!], it is because the thing is established by God, and God will shortly bring it to pass." Genesis 41:14-32

Bunny Lollipops

19  Yet despite of all this, I still wasn't ready to make the connection, although my passions were definitely beginning to stir. It wasn't until a week or so before Easter that everything began to click. When I walked up to Julie's bench and picked up the lollipop she had laid down. And I said, "What's this, a bunny lollipop?" To which she graciously insisted I take it. And I said, "No, I don't want to take your lollipop, I was just curious." And she said, "That's okay I have another one, and I would very much like you to have it." So I took it. And when I peeled back the foil we noticed it was a lemon yellow (3). And, when she peeled back the foil on hers we noticed it was orange (2). And she said, "You see, mine is better, because it's orange. It's my favorite, because just like me, it's very sweet." And I couldn't have agreed more. And I said, that's fine, because I really liked the lemon, which was more tart.

20  Thus without realizing it, she had just portrayed the heavenly marriage, as described in Sybil (32) [n4:51]. Where the husband assumes the woman's father or Cindy (3) [n4:39], and the wife assumes the man's mother or Jennifer (2). Which is the lemon lollipop (3) over the orange lollipop (2) [n6:54]. And it really made my day, for it was precisely how I felt about Julie and corroborated everything else that occurred. While David [n26], the person in charge of the wave-solder machine, gave me a second lollipop, a cherry red lollipop (3-1); unbeknownst to me he gave Julie the other two. And I was thinking here we have the three degrees of spirituality that the well-disposed spirit enters after death: the celestial or highest level (3), which rules over the spiritual level (2), which rules over the natural level (1) [n6:44; n7:26]. I should also note that Swedenborg describes the celestial kingdom as the priestly kingdom, and the spiritual kingdom as the royal kingdom.

Three Butterflies / Vanessa

21  And here, in accord with the colors yellow (3), orange (2) and brown (10) [n6:54], I'm reminded of the three dominant butterflies of my childhood which, I like to compare to the three spiritual states. And so it's fitting that I bring up Vanessa, who is the bride (6) and, in Greek means butterfly [n4:66]: signifying transcendence from the natural (1) to the spiritual (2) and, the celestial (3). It began in Campbell, California, when I attended first and second grades at Cherry Lane Elementary School, a time that reflected the innocence of my youth, consequently my feelings towards Julie, that of a virgin or cherry love [n24]. Hence the name Cherry Lane and, the first and second grades, in accord with the number 12 and, the New Church. It's also near San Jose, California, which is Spanish for Saint Joseph; whereby I uphold this in the name of Joseph Campbell, [n11:3], thinking if anyone can appreciate the sense of innocence, it would be Joseph Campbell.

22  The three butterflies are the tiger swallowtail (3), the monarch (2), and the mourning cloak (10), which are the celestial (3), the spiritual (2) and the natural (1), respectively. I'll begin by describing the monarch, which was orange and black (29) [n6:54] and most prevalent. And here, there were milkweed plants outside the classroom at school, and the kids brought the caterpillars inside to watch them spin their chrysalises and turn into butterflies! And so the metamorphosis from the natural (1) to the spiritual (2), in accord with the spiritual or royal kingdom or, monarchy? While the tiger swallowtail, a yellow and black butterfly (39) [n6:54], was more solitary: i.e., the monarch hibernates in droves, and I found the swallowtails closer to home around the anise or licorice plants. Hence the celestial kingdom or priesthood. As for the mourning cloak, a brown and yellow butterfly (13), I typically found these on the way to school. Indeed, how does one make the transition from the natural to the spiritual, without first donning the mourning cloak of repentance? So, here we have Vanessa, the butterfly and, Vanessa the bride to be (34) [n48; n4:66].

The New Church / 12 and 43

23  About the time of the lollipop incident [n18] I started to ask, "Why is this happening now? What is it about Julie? Is there something more to the inklings I've had about her and Daphne? [n4:20]. Dare I even hope?" And I started thinking about the number 43, for I just turned 43, and the number 43 signifies the New Church [n3:9; n4:50], something I had pondered since the first of the year. Hence the 43rd month following the 42 months of prophecy by the Two Witnesses in Revelation 11. Which becomes the New Church in Revelation 12: "And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars . . ." So here we have the number 43 and, the number 12: i.e., Daphne (1) and Jennifer (2) [n14], which I refer to in Sybil [n4:49-51] and, in chapter 3 [n9].

24  While the number 43 is Daphne's number and, even before I started working with the base fourteen system, and before I was familiar with its reference to the New Church, I instinctively chose to begin the series with the number 43: i.e., the numbers 43-56 instead of 1-14. This is what made the whole thing click! And so Daphne (43) portrays the woman which is the New Church in Revelation 12.

25  And, when working with the twelve tribes of Israel, which is the third church [n3:15], the next logical step is to look at the 4th and 3rd tribes, which are Judah (4) and Levi (3). And what do you know? When you take and add the first consonants of each and, do the same with the second consonants, you get, Ju-Le dah-vi or, Jule Dahvi—or, 43/34? [n48]. Now this is amazing! Not only does it correspond to Julie, but the name Dahvi is so close to David and Daphne [n4:26], it too tells the story! And, of the 14 images of Kari [n4:10-11], beginning with Daphne, she's wearing her cherry heart necklace. Which is the first thing that struck me, of a first or cherry love and, the name beloved. Which is what David means! Hence Julie Beloved!

David and Julie

26  But that wasn't the end of it, for over the next few days I began to discuss my findings with David. Which was strange because David took almost immediately to what I had to say. But then again David was a pretty unusual person. So why does everything seems to coincide with David? We also discussed my problems with Michael [n32], and he already knew about the book, so it wasn't like I sprung it on him all at once. Then on April Fools Day I told him about the bad experience I had 12 years before, in 1987 [n5:18], and how I was going through something very similar. Except now I understood what I was doing and I wasn't going to let it get the best of me. Then right before lunch I drew up a representation of the six elements of marriage [n3:1], including the marriage itself (7), the honeymoon (8), true intercourse (9), and joy or climax (10), and gave them to David.

27  It was getting close to quitting time (for day shift), and everybody was playing their silly April Fool's jokes, more so one person, who was directing it towards Julie, and I wasn't particularly impressed. When Julie pulls a slip of paper out of the trash and said, "Here Dennis, this has your name on it." And when I looked it said, R650, and she said, "April Fools!" And I said, "Wait a second, maybe there is something here!" and started rattling something off. She was just beginning to walk away and half-jokingly said, "Oh, I don't think we need to get into it now." She wasn't all that interested in the names and numbers. But I looked again and it seemed pretty clear: i.e., the number 56 is the bridegroom (5), joined to the bride (6) and, when read from right to left, signified by the letter R, illustrates the bride's perspective (R65). And, when multiplied by 10, in accord with climax or joy [n25; n4:95], suggests the bridegroom knows how to make her happy (R650). This is what I conveyed to David, who immediately understood, and later told Julie. Remember I had just given him the illustration at lunch time! Yet she still wasn't impressed?

28  But later that evening or possibly the next day, I was working split shift, I was unpacking some field return boards, and getting them ready for rework. It's something both Julie and I did together, a process I taught her, and lo and behold, I unpackaged one of the boards she worked on the year before. And guess what? She signed it on the back but, signed it "Jule!" And I'm going wow! Isn't this what I just got through telling David earlier, about the sons Ju-dah (4) and Le-vi (3), and Jule Dahvi? Or, Julie Beloved? And, while it seems like I saw her sign her name this way before, inadvertently? it was the first time I saw it while reworking the boards! in five or six months. So this was no fluke!

29  I did two batches of fourteen boards altogether. And set aside the one out of the first batch for David to see in the morning, and got them ready for Julie to test the next day. When David found the board in the morning he showed it to Julie, who wasn't sure what to think, and wiped it off and rewrote it correctly. I later explained the first batch corresponded to the ultimate realization of the husband or Leah (13) [n4:117], and the second batch corresponded to the ultimate realization of the wife or Rachel (14) [n4:123]. Which, when added, equaled 27, which again was Leah (myself). While the 28th board corresponded to Rachel (Julie). While it's funny how the same thing occurred the next day, where I reworked two batches of fourteen boards, that Julie prepared, and had to set one aside out of the second batch because of a failure in test. And I was thinking, here we have the numbers 1314 and 1413 which, when added equals 2727, and so helps illustrate the reciprocation between Julie and I.

Julie at NCR

30  In getting back to what happened on April Fools Day, it brings up the dream I had about casting the Devil out of heaven in chapter 5, on April 1st, 1987 [n5:18]. Which involved another young woman named Julie, who I worked with at NCR Corporation [n11:79], as recently as 1983. Yet I never really understood why she was in the dream, both she and her boyfriend, to whom she was very attached. That is until now. For just beore they got together, she expressed a genuine interest in me, a rarity itself! So I'm thinking this could easily have been me; and like me he too was shy and quiet, even more so. But because she had recently separated with her husband, and I was unsure about sharing my spirituality with someone else, along with Roy Masters, I didn't want to go there. Otherwise I probably would have! something I've maintained to this day.

31  So here I had this dream back in 1987, signifying the Advent of the New Church, and its resultng persecution. That involved another woman named Julie, and her sweetheart, who could have been me. And here it is almost twelve years to the day that the experience with the lollipops occurrs, within a week, and at another troubling period in life; regarding the persecution of the New Church. And here I find myself extremely attracted to Julie Beloved, who represents the same thing! Except now I am interested! Now if only she were!

32  Yet there was another thing about the NCR Julie's car. It was an early eighties Mustang, the first year of the new style change, and was a reddish (1) orange (2) color [n6:54], in accord with the number 12—and, the New Church. And here, a few days after making the connection between both Julie's, I'm driving to work and, thinking about this car specifically, when all of a sudden there it is—the exact same car! The same color, style and everything! It was a first since I moved to the Portland, Oregon area five years before. [n6:24]. While the color itself, reddish orange (12), alludes to the vision I had of the red swastika in chapter 6 [n121]. Thus alluding to the Columbine Massacre below [n36], which occurred on the 110th anniversary of Adolph Hitler's birthday!

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