The Letter to Kari

1  The following is a copy of the letter I sent to Kari Byron, one of the build members of the Discovery Channel’s, The Myth Busters. It’s also dated beyond the year 2010 (12/21/2013), unlike the rest of the material in the book, which is dated prior to that, except for the last chapter [n19:1] together with revision 2, which I finished in May, 2015 [nf:11].

2  Hi Kari:

There’s no doubt you will deem this an unusual proposal but, then again, after achieving celebrity status as the sweetheart of The Myth Busters television show, I can’t help but wonder how many strange proposals you’ve received over the years? Although I expect this will probably rank at the top of the list. Also, forgive me if it reads like a book or, if it’s too verbose, for it’s now chapter 20 of my book, as I tried knocking off both at the same time. If you would like to skip all the details, you can skip down to the proposal at the bottom if you like [n37]. I know we’re all busy!

3  First of all, my idea or proposal is based upon religion, although I deem myself to be more of a spiritualist or mystic. Which is a good distinction to make, for although much of it’s based upon the Judeo-Christian ideal and, its ultimate fulfillment [np:4; n1:1-2], with a bit of a twist (its emphasis on the Greek myths), I am in no way affiliated with the Christian Fundamentalists who, with their exclusivity towards those who go to heaven, only pay lip service to a God they know little or nothing about (in my opinion). I also know you’re an atheist, and have heard you discussing your rejection of religion over the Internet, for basically the same reasons.

4  In fact I’ve written the book, The Advent of Dionysus (from the Greek god of wine and ecstasy), which is kind of a flip side to this, in an attempt to make God both believable and approachable. And by approachable I mean you don’t have to go to church or, practice any kind of religious ritual, except perhaps the meditation detailed in chapter 19 [n1]. But, even that’s not particularly religious. Nor is it mandatory.

5  The only thing required, as far as I’m concerned, is that you adopt a sense of ethics and fair play towards others, and maintain a sense of self-respect. I think Emerson said it best: “Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind.” To me this is tantamount to saying, “garbage in and garbage out,” and is akin to critical thinking. Meaning it’s important that we understand and see things for ourselves. Otherwise we’re just taking someone else’s word for it! So yes, even atheists can go to heaven! Whereby if you practice the Golden Rule and are sincere about it, and follow the Ten Commandments perhaps, which is what the Bible means by doing your works, that’s about it. And that’s how it should be!

The Book and Kari

6  So, what does the book have to do with Kari? I guess I should start by describing some of the things about the book. First off it entails the rebirth experience I had in 1987 along the Russian River in Northern California, just north of Cloverdale [n5:4]. This occurred on March 4th, in the front seat of my pickup truck! While just prior to that, on March 2nd [n5:2], I was at my mother’s house and had the most vivid dream: I found myself on an ancient Greek sailing vessel, which was made of solid gold and had a huge rectangular sail on a single mast, as it rocked and rolled over the waves and sailed into the night.

7  While come to find out, March 2nd to March 4th were the dates of the ancient Greek festival of Anthesteria, meaning Festival of Flowers [n5:12], which was held in honor of Dionysus. Which was supposed to occur after Dionysus sails across the Aegean Sea, and arrives in Athens with his ship on wheels. Similar to a pickup truck? Indeed his shrine was open only once a year (around March 4th), where his advent or rebirth was celebrated by the Queen of Athens and the attendant female followers of the god, the fourteen Gerarai [n4:1]. Hence drawing the correlation to Dionysus which, is also where the name Dennis comes from.

St. Valentine’s Day

8  While on February 14th, 1988, on St. Valentine’s Day [n4:10] or, as I like to say, the 14th day of the 14th month (a 24-month cycle [n6:90-92]), I received some material that inspired me to develop a base-14 numbering system. Or rather, a form of numerology that makes all types of predictions, especially when plotting the dynamics of symbols (and numbers) with their inherent symmetry. Take for example the symbol of Nyssa, Oregon in chapter 6 [n67], regarding the numbers 3 and 4, in relation to the Axis Mundi (or cross) and the order of admission of the United States into the Union. The accuracy of which is uncanny! (I’m currently living in Ontario, Oregon, which is about 12 miles north of Nyssa [n29-31].)

9  This is also the part (chapter 4 [n1]) that concerns Kari Byron the most, as it entails the 14 images of Kari [n4:11], from a magazine of erotic nature, delivered by some young boys at my doorstep on St. Valentine’s Day, who I’ve ascribed to Cupid or Eros. If you don’t read anything, you should at least read this, up to where I begin to describe the names, based on the 14 images. And here, the name Kari, in accord with the name Vanessa (6) [n4:66], which is Greek in origin and means butterfly, signifies the bride to be, in relation to the Marriage (7) of Heaven (5) and Earth (6). This was supposed to occur in 2010, after a 23 year engagement period starting in 1987 (after the rebirth experience above [n6,25-28]), as part of the lineage of The Church described in chapter 1 [n7-37].

The Marriage Itself

10  And, while I felt I was the one responsible for initiating and maintaining the idea about the engagement period, I wasn’t certain what was going to happen after that, regarding the marriage itself in 2010 (whether or not it applied to me). Although I allude to it a bit in chapter 18, regarding the young woman named Rhea I knew from work, which I wrote back in 2009. I still didn’t think it applied to me, however, although I continued to wonder about it throughout the first half of 2010. But by then I’d pretty much forgotten about it. I also thought it might have something to do with the name Michael [n16:65], but that hadn’t really materialized either.

11  While come to find out, something happened on September 18th, 2010, that signified this and entailed Kari Bryon specifically. Although I didn’t fully realize it until July, 2012, after I began working with the idea of this great earth change (regarding the Mayan calendar) which was supposed to occur in December, 2012 [n30]. I was expecting something more along the lines of the goddess Rhea or, Mother Nature [n18:6], although it still applies. While that afternoon, on September 18th, I just got through watching a Myth Busters episode (I had seen most every episode) and said, “Man, I have got to make Kari Byron my queen!” Yet, in order to make it more official (realistic), I said I should first get on the Internet and find some “naked pictures of Kari Byron.” And, being the beautiful, vivacious, down to earth and sexy creature she is—not to mention artistic and intelligent—there had to be some naked pictures of her on the Internet!

12  Yet all I could find were two or three fakes, one of which was reasonably good. Then there was Kari’s famous butt video, where she wore only a body suit and claimed to be “shameless.” I also found the picture of her wearing the white lab coat and red bra, while holding onto a can of Bud Light with a pair of clamps. That was the best I could do. But by then I forgot about making her my queen and went on to something else. And yet, according to position seven in chapter 7 [n7:30], which signifies the marriage ceremony itself, I had handed control of the sex in the relationship over to the woman which, is basically what happened here! And in effect signified the Advent of the Seventh Church or, the actual wedding day, as I relate below [n28].

Knowledge is Not Everything!

13  While later that evening I got back on the Internet and posted a thread on, a forum I used to frequent (I’m Iacchus by the way), called, Knowledge is not Everything or, in effect, knowledge is not wisdom. Which was directed towards the intellectual types there, with it being primarily an atheist forum. Not that they won’t allow anybody else to post, you just have to be ready to go up against City Hall, so to speak—or, the mob—once you begin to voice your views on religion.

14  Anyway, I posted the thread, and about 20 minutes later, early the next morning, I got my first reply. It was from someone who continued to do this, to me or, anyone else deemed an outsider. Where he typically replied, “First,” as if he got first dibs, and went off briefly to find some kind of cheesecake photo (the larger the better), which almost invariably became the second post, which he tried to do here. Except I intervened and said, “What makes you think I was trying to incite you?” He went ahead and posted it anyway a few minutes later. And, while some folks found it amusing, I didn’t really care for it, especially when he did it on my threads. Aside from being outright rude, designed to irritate you, it also set the tone for others to start badmouthing.

15  And yet, when he began to discuss his particular field of study, Biblical artifacts and history, he was quite the expert. Which led me to believe he was either a professor or, some type of scholar. Nor did you dare attempt to argue with him (and win) on this level, for he’d chew you to pieces. However, the study of archeological digs, and Biblical texts, to determine who wrote them, and when, does by no means prove God doesn’t exist. In fact, in terms of a philosophical argument, it’s entirely unsound. You cannot prove the nonexistence of something that doesn’t exist. For even if it did exist, although the evidence may not currently be available, you have no way of telling, that is, until the evidence is made available. So the best you could hope to do is leave it as an open question.

God Is a Spirit

16  There’s also the notion that God is a spirit, that exists in a separate domain which, is the same domain that gave rise to time and space or, the Big Bang, what some refer to as the multiverse. Or, if that multiverse didn’t exist, which is to say the Universe created itself on the fly, replete with the laws of physics, that would be like saying something can come from nothing, which is absurd! At the very least we have to accept the idea of a multiverse, whether or not we accept a God that operates by means of it.

17  Either way, however, we have just stepped outside the bounds of time and space and popped the big question, the mystery of creation which, since it can no longer be defined in physical terms, can only be ascertained via the mind. Either through philosophy or, genuine mysticism. So does that mean the mind operates beyond time and space as well? If in fact our mind is our spirit, that passes on when the body dies, the answer is quite clear. If not, then we are stuck trying to define the nature of consciousness, in a Universe that itself is not conscious and/or intelligent. How does it crop up in human beings in other words? If the mind were simply a by-product of time and space, which is unconscious, it wouldn’t exist.

Back to the Cheesecake

18  Of course these were the type of questions our friend was unwilling or unable to address. Instead he resorted to the initial cheesecake photo and, if you tried to argue with him, he’d hit you with a whole barrage of cheap shops, both verbal and pictorial. He wasn’t much fun to discuss things with in other words. Although I was more interested in the initial photo which, happened to be the very same photo of Kari Byron in the white lab coat and bra above [n12] which, I had only seen for the first time earlier. While I think he was trying to counter the idea, knowledge is not everything, by saying, “What about brains and beauty?” with science as a backdrop, which is kind of what Kari represents.

19  And when I replied back to him, I practically accused him of stalking me over the Internet, although I sensed it was more an account of synchronicity. Which, according to Carl Jung, who coined the term [n1:28], it was indicative to something mystical in nature (which I believe too). So that was pretty much that, although I later thanked him at the bottom of his post (something I didn’t ordinarily do), because it was so unusual.

Here is the thread by the way:

20  Then I got to thinking, what if this guy is actually stalking me and hacks into my computer, and keeps me from logging onto the site? For something like this happened once before when he and I were discussing something and, although I couldn’t prove it was him, I didn’t put it past him. He really didn’t like people like me, and I wondered how far he would go just to keep me from posting, thinking he was doing everyone a big favor. Needless to say I had become predisposed to the idea.

Forum Gets Hacked

21  Well come the next day, when I tried logging onto the forum, guess what? I was blocked, and a screen popped up saying you’ve just been hacked, from some guy in Turkey (or was I the turkey?), and I couldn’t get it to go away. Nor could I log onto the forum for at least an hour. When I finally did logon, somebody had started a thread and it was being discussed. Apparently the whole forum got hacked. And in post #6 I replied, “Yep. I wasn’t sure if it was just me . . .” And said I thought it might have been due to what I posted in the other thread, thinking it may have given somebody the idea. Nor was I trying to discount the fact that the whole forum got hacked, although the administrator may have thought differently, who was still reeling from what happened. Most everyone was already joking about it, however.

22  But in post #12 when I suggested maybe it was a wake-up call and, that I just downloaded a copy of Google Chrome which allowed you to surf the Internet anonymously, so people couldn’t get a hold of your IP address (I think I was mistaken here), all the scolding and chiding started, and continued for the next three or four pages. With folks saying: I should seriously get off the Internet; I shouldn’t be too concerned about tampering, because all I post is incoherent babble; that I needed to start taking my medication; that I should close all my windows and lock the door, etc. And of course with the “Thanks” button at the bottom of each post, with 10-20 Thanks for every similar remark, it really made you feel welcome. Not! But, then again, I cherished my status as an outsider, and wasn’t going to give that up for anything.

While here is the thread:

23  Finally one of the posters started poking fun at my use of numbers and synchronicity (as he and others had), and was Thanked 15 times! And I said it actually had more to do with what happened in chapter 4, where I received the 14 images of Kari on St. Valentine’s Day [n8; n4:10]. And said I had been fantasizing about Kari Byron the day I posted the Knowledge is not Everything thread [n13] and, having made her my queen, I tried Googling “naked pictures of Kari Byron,” and that was about it. That is, until this other person posted her picture shortly after I opened the thread [n18]. This was post #99 at the bottom of page 4.

Coming Full Circle

24  While in post #100 below that, another one of my great admirers posted a picture of a bear standing (or sitting) on its hind legs, while pushing forward with its front paws, with a caption that read: “How About No.” And yeah, it was funny, for which he was Thanked 10 times. While in post #102 at the top of page 5, I replied, “Yep, that’s exactly what a bear signifies is ignorance,” and linked to the Chief Joseph page, specifically The Bear and the Garbage Can part [n9:17-24]. Here we are again with the bears! [n4:85; 11:142,153,369-372]. While in post #105, after thinking about it for a half-hour, what I meant by “recalculating,” I posted the full details as follows:

25  Okay, it’s been 22 years since the incident with Chief Joseph [n9:1-24]. And the first thing that popped into my head is that there are 22 chapters in the book of Revelation [n2:5]. That would suggest its completion or, the full body of work. And, since the number 23 immediately follows the number 22, it signifies a new era or period, beyond the one that occurred previously. While here it is 23 years since 1987, which is when I said the Sixth Church (of Man) occurred [1:16]. And here it is 2010, which is when I said the Seventh Church would occur [1:37]. Any coincidence?

26  Anyway, the bear signifies (or can signify) the tremendous amount of ignorance that ensues when such an undertaking occurs. So, in that sense, I guess everything has come full circle.

27  While hey, I got Thanked eight times for this! The most I recall being thanked before, except for maybe once or twice, was two or three, and those were few and far between. So it looked like something had actually clicked or, at least it wasn’t one of your run-of-the-mill Bible thumper moments. While I noticed folks started to lighten up a bit towards me afterwards. And yes, it clearly alludes to the Advent of the Seventh Church in 2010 [n12]. While in effect I was calling these folks ignorant, which was nothing new and worked both ways (why I preferred being an outsider [n22]), because that’s to be expected when something like this occurs. Hence another one of life’s synchronicities, which posting the picture of the bear brought into focus.

28  Yet despite all of this, although I was well-aware of the implications, I didn’t realize this was the day it was supposed to occur (the day I made Kari queen) and represented the wedding day [n12]. Nor do I recall anything even closely related that whole year. I think the reference to Chief Joseph—and the bear—that occurred in 1988, is what threw me. For I normally base the calculation on the rebirth experience in 1987 (although I made that calculation too). Plus, as I said above [n10], I was looking for something more along the lines of the goddess Rhea.

29  It wasn’t until I got evicted from my mobile home in Tigard, Oregon, in May, 2012, and journeyed across state to the Oregon/Idaho border [n6:67], to find myself homeless and at the steps of what used to be the local brothel in Ontario, Oregon, that I made the connection. This was at my 78th residence or move [n11:89]. And here, I deemed my new residence the Hillbilly Hotel. You can also read about it on my forum:

Great Earth Change

30  I wasn’t certain about moving out to the Ontario area (it was either that or Grants Pass), but I was talking with a member on my forum and decided it would be a good opportunity to work with the Axis Mundi (or cross) described in chapter 6 [n6:67]. This great earth change in December, 2010 was also coming up [n11] and, now that I was going homeless with nothing better to do, I figured why not go homeless out there, and see if it correlates to the Axis Mundi. Besides, I planned to move out there 22 years earlier, although closer to Boise, Idaho were there was more work [n11:436,441]. And, now was my big chance.

31  And, while the Axis Mundi portrays Nyssa, Oregon as the center or, destination, I wound up in Ontario, which is about 12 miles north of Nyssa. Although I first stopped in Nyssa, at the Senior Citizen Center asking for help, who then referred me to Ontario, which is more incorporated and had a lot more resources. While I compare the difference between Ontario and Nyssa like the difference between Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Bethlehem was in the outskirts and Jerusalem was the center of activity.

Kari Byron Portal

32  Anyway, as a result of all of this, I downloaded a bunch of pictures of Kari Byron off the Internet in early July (all wearing clothes) and created the Kari Byron Portal, or slideshow, which displayed these pictures in the order I downloaded them, except for a few which I assigned myself. While it’s uncanny how so many coincide with earlier representations of the first Kari and the fourteen Gerarai: i.e., Daphne (1) through Rachel (14) [n4:1]. While many portray new representations that also coincide. Hence it’s fair to say Kari Byron represents the second advent of Kari. Where the first Kari represented the engagement period or bride to be [n4:66], and Kari Byron represents the heavenly bride, including the wedding day [n4:72], the honeymoon [n4:83] and life thereafter [n4:89].

33  So, in effect everybody is now married to Kari, who is the heavenly queen or, heavenly bride. Or, at least this is how I’ve portrayed it over the past year-and-a-half. Does that make any sense? There are still more details, but it’s too much to describe to here. I will probably do so more extensively in chapter 21, if I decide to write it. While here are a couple of links to the Kari Bryon Portal on my forum:

Collective Unconscious

34  While you may or may not be aware of Jung’s collective unconscious. If you are, perhaps you can see how it relates to Kari Byron. For by exposing yourself and achieving celebrity status through the mass media, television in particular, you become very much a part of this. Whereby everyone’s mind, for those who watch and enjoy Kari Byron, serves as an input (whether we realize it or not) to this greater spiritual reality Jung deemed the collective unconscious. Which, if it truly does exist and, there is something fundamental to Kari’s personality who, just by being who she is, has a more direct impact on the spiritual world. Which is then returned as an essential or archetypal quality, by means of our dreams, spiritual experiences, etc., that everyone can work with. Much in the way the Greek gods, according to Jung, were considered archetypes [n1:1-2].

35  Notwithstanding Kari can have the same effect just by experiencing her in person or, by watching her on TV, etc. Meaning she has an effect on both worlds which, because they are interconnected, we can receive either way, as perhaps something more profound and meaningful (in the flesh). In fact this is what inspired me to create the portal and, brought up the heavenly marriage above [n12,27-28].

36  We also need to understand that the name Kari is a cross between the names Karen and Ariadne [n4:11], where Karen signifies the bride on her wedding day [n4:72], and Ariadne was the wife and beloved of Dionysus, who was described as an earthly Aphrodite. So, here we again! And like Aphrodite, the names Karen and Ariadne have a similar meaning: what is holy or pure. The name Ariadne also means “of Aries” (the first sign of the zodiac [n15:38]), and signifies the “chosen one” or, the heavenly bride. Much in the way the Greeks equated Dionysus with Jehovah [np:2], and the Jews were called the chosen people, in relation to God, who was called the Husband. So it would seem the name Kari is in good standing!

The Proposal

37  Okay Kari. Whether you deem this as a proposal or not is entirely up to you. I am in no way trying to ride the coattails of your success to promote my book. I’m not in it for the money. If I were, then I am not the person I claim to be, and everything I say (in context with that) is a big fat lie. Not that I won’t accept any type of collaboration if offered, however, unless you can relate to what I’m doing and deem it worthwhile, nothing is required. In which case I’m writing mainly out of courtesy to let you know I’ve included you in the book. I figure I owe you at least that much. And, unless you have issues about what I’ve written, that’s as far as it needs to go.

38  In fact I don’t even need to keep the Kari Portal up if you like, although we’ll probably have to discuss the copyright issues if I do. Or, if you don’t get back to me, I’ll assume you’re not interested and will probably go ahead and take it down. As it is, my forum was down for nine months this last year, due to server issues, and required a fix. And, although it’s up now, hardly anyone visits, so it’s not like I’m using it to draw people to my site. In other words it’s not a big loss. Nor do I want to keep it up unless you agree with it. So that’s about it.

39  If, however, you deem there is something essential to my work, as I do, I can see a few possibilities. The first would be to provide a link from your site to the portal on my forum. Or, if you really like the idea, you can try hosting it on your site. Or, possibly we can host it on both our sites? I also intend to start an affiliate program that tracks the traffic, where each time someone clicks on a link from your site, and winds up buying the book (which should be available in about a month), you’ll receive a $2.00 credit, approximately. Of course if you do the math, it probably won’t add up to much but, it’s a start. While someone may have other ideas (or resources) on how to market it, that is, if they’d like to collaborate. But, I’m just throwing out the idea.

40  I also expect I’ll be sending a copy of this to the Discovery Channel folks, just to let them know it’s in the works and available. And, being the creative and innovative group they are, they may have their own ideas too. Or, they might deem me some kind of nut, who doesn’t deserve the time of day. Which is fine too! And, while I can’t discount the idea that I might be a bit nutty—no more nuttier than you folks on The Myth Busters!—the work speaks volumes for itself and warrants some kind of consideration. This is all I can ask.

41  Finally, as I see my book heralding the dawn of this New Age that was supposed to occur in December, 2012, I can see the possibility of this becoming a world-wide phenomenon, in terms of putting everyone on the same page: regarding religion, the environment and, women’s issues. Or, these are the things I’m looking at, that concern me. If so, I can see it requiring a certain amount of flag waving, where folks like Kari Byron (who I deem well-suited) might consider starting their own church or religion. For example, the Church of Kari or, Church of the Goddess? Of course I’m merely speculating here, but hey, you never know!

Thank You very Much!

Dennis Hamilton