The Queen of Athens

1  The symbol to the left portrays the thirteen stars of the Great Seal of the United States on the back of a US dollar bill [n10:1,13] which, together with the symbol to the right, portrays the Marriage (7) of Heaven (5) and Earth (6), which is also Great Britain (5) and the United States (6) [n1:35-36; n10:1]. Both symbols are also based on the Seal of Solomon [np:3; n6:95]—and, where the upright triangle portrays the eternal masculine or Husband (5) [n3:18], the inverted triangle portrays the eternal feminine or Wife (6) [n3:20].

2  It also portrays the Queen of Athens [n4:5], and I'm amazed by the 15th picture of the Kari Byron Portal I downloaded in 2012 [nf:8; n16:76-77; n20:33-36], regarding the Great Earth Change slated for that December. To be added later? (nf:8). While Kari is wearing a white dress with clusters of little red flowers and standing in front of a Discovery Channel backdrop. And, of the 80 or so downloads, Kari only wears a floral print dress here. Indeed, the Queen of Athens was set in charge of the Anthesteria—or, Festival of Flowers! [n4:5; n5:12]. While the pattern on the dress looks remarkably similar to the symbol!

3  Thus where 14 x 41 (Rachel x Leah) equals 574 [n4:6] or symmetry of left to right, the number 575 portrays the Queen of Athens—a woman clothed with the sun, per Revelation 12? [n3:9; n4:25,110-112,147; n6:14-18; n17:23,42]—who descends and becomes grounded and, by means of the number 576, signifies the Marriage (7) of Heaven (5) and Earth! (6) [n1:37; n6:58]. Wow!

4  "And I John saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband." (Revelation 21:2).

Here is a link to Kari's picture on the Internet: