Jung’s Life: (4+1) x 6272 = 31,360 Days

31,360 Days

1  From July 26, 1875, to June 6, 1961, Jung lived a total of 31,360 days altogether, plus roughly 20 hours per Rémi’scalculations on his blog (below), meaning it should say 31,361 days if you calculate the date here:


2  Yet even if it were 31,361 days, it’s amazing enough, for I view the number 361 similar to the number 31—which, signifies the consolidation of reality or, the first three dimensions of space-time [n6:92-94]. And, where the three legs of the triangle signify one complete cycle inside a 360 degree circle, it’s not fully complete, until the third leg is fused to the first, as signified by the number 31, and shown on the symbol to the right. It’s also a number signifying the priesthood, whereby things are bound in heaven [n2:14-15]. So, once the first three dimensions are consolidated, enter the fourth dimension, Time [n4:159]. Which, in relation to the date, 4/4/44, signified the 4/5ths point of Jung’s life and, the onset of the 5th dimension, Enlightenment [n1:9-12,23-25,32].

Rémi from France

3  This was all brought home when Rémi from France posted his ideas about Jung’s life in the Synchronicity Group on Facebook. And mentioned his blog on the Internet, Quaternity, and referred to Jung’s autobiography, Memories, Dreams, Reflections, and the date, 4/4/44, a pivotal turning point in Jung’s life; of which Rémi was pretty thorough. Thus where 4 x 6272 = 25,088, an equation he had worked with elsewhere, when adding 6272 or, 5 x 6272, you get, (4+1) x 6272 = 31,360 days. That is simply amazing!

Here is Rémi’s post on Facebook:


While here is Rémi’s blog:


Dionysus Esoterica Page

4  After reading this, I was so intrigued that I posted my own thread on the Dionysus Esoterica page, which begins as follows:

5  Hey, look at what Rémi from France posted in the Synchronicity group. I verified the dates myself and, it’s quite phenomenal! While Jung is renowned for his cross of opposites: thinking (1) versus feeling (2), sensational (3) versus intuition (4) and, the 5th aspect—or, The Crux—signifying completion and, Enlightenment. While it almost directly correlates with the six elements of marriage in chapter 3 [n5-21]. In fact this is what I based my idea on and, prompted much of my work with The Cross [n1:22-38; n6:58].

6  While somebody had asked about the number 45 (before I posted the thread), and I realized it signified the 4/5ths mark, meaning the date 4/4/44; and, in relation to the number 31,360, prompted the diagram (above). And so completes the first four aspects—or, quaternity as Rémi suggests—and, the beginning of the 5th aspect, again, in relation to the number 45. Also, as the sun rises above the horizon, from the East (4), this is the point where the 5th aspect begins (45) or, in fact Enlightenment. While prior to that, where one only sees the inkling of light (not the sun itself), that would correspond to one’s intuition (4). Hey, that actually makes sense!

7  Hence the three legs of the triangle in the diagram which, correlate with the numbers 12, 23 and 31 [n1; n2:14-15; n6:92-94], whereby the third leg and, the number 31 (360 degrees), completes the triangle at its apex. And, as I suggested, signifies the completion of the first three dimensions of Space-Time or, Space itself [n2; n1:23-25]. This is primary and must come first—via the number 31?—before adding the fourth dimension, Time—portrayed by the area within the triangle [n4:159]. Or, compare the Greek letter Delta, which looks similar and means the 4th.

8  So, once established (31), you can draw a circle—which is 360 degrees—or, perhaps create a sphere? Where everything inside (either the circle or sphere) becomes the 5th aspect or dimension—which, is Enlightenment. Via the number 31,360? . . . Wow!

Here’s the link to the Dionysus Esoterica page:


The Number 6-272

I also replied to Rémi’s thread with the post and cross below:

9  In base 14 terms, the number 272 corresponds to 6—or, 6-272? Anyway, the (4+1) x 6272 pattern sounds like Jung’s cross of opposites which, is grounded by means of the 6th aspect joined to the 2nd, in relation to the 7th aspect, as signified by the number 272 (i.e., 6-272). While in base 14, the number 62 also corresponds to 6—i.e., 14 x 4 + 6 = 62 [n1:23-25; n6:58].

6-272 and ESP

10  Thus where 5 x 6272 = 31,360 days and, signifies completion—the body of Jung’s work?—the 6th period began the day Jung died! And so corresponds to the 361st day above [n1-3], the point at which the circle or, reality becomes fused. Perhaps this is what the additional 20 hours signified, that brought the calculation to 31,361 days? At any rate, the number 6-272 (itself) portrays the 6th aspect or, the point at which the cross is grounded; which, according to Jung, signifies ESP [n1:23-25,34]. And, with a clear relation to the 6th Church, one might see how Jung becomes the go-between the 5th and 6th Church [n1:24]. Regarding the number 6-272-5? Indeed! Whereby the number 6-272-5 also corresponds to 5: i.e., 14 x 4480 + 5 = 62725 [n6:58-61].