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1  When I began downloading pictures for the Kari Byron Portal, the first site I came upon was Kari's webpage, where she had hand-selected fourteen of her favorites? and posted them there. And I thought how convenient, for it coincided with the original fourteen images of Kari (n4:11), meaning what more could I want? (I could have easily settled for these.) And I started looking at them to see if I could determine some sort of pattern.

2  Yet there were too many pictures on the Internet and, after working with the first fourteen for a day or two, I began to download some more. I couldn't contain myself! While the first fourteen kind of set the precedent, suggesting I number them in the order of download, which I did (except for a few later on [n21:9]). And so the first one I downloaded was the fifteenth and, represented the Queen of Athen's, as detailed in the last chapter (n21:1).

3  Originally I wasn't sure about what to with the Kari Portal, mainly how far I should go to describe it, because there are lots of images and I have many ideas about them. And, since I'd rather work with some kind of endorsement from either Kari Byron or the Discovery Channel, it's probably pointless to go into any depth. Or, maybe now is just not the time. Nor does it preclude me from working on it on my own.

4  Instead, after creating the Queen of Athens symbol (n21:1), I realized if I only do this, it's really all I needed to get the portal started, because it's so integral and represents the means by which the Gerarai (n4:5) are orchestrated. So I opted to create the portal here (instead of the last chapter) and include a brief description of each of the fourteen pictures from Kari's webpage, just to give folks the general idea. Of course if I wasn't so happy with the way the symbol turned out—very accurate!—I'd still be scratching my head over what I should do. In other words creating the symbol expedited work on the portal's completion.

5  Having said that, I'll give a brief account of the first fourteen pictures below, and provide an Internet link for each. Mind you, none of this is really etched in stone (a cornerstone? [n6]), these are just some ideas that came to mind. While here is the link to Kari's webpage which has access to all fourteen:


1. Daphne

6  Here it shows Kari blowing on what appears to be a block of dry ice. And I'm reminded of George Washington, our first president, laying the cornerstone to our nation's capital in Masonic garb (n6:31). Beyond that, nothing else comes to mind, except that the Masons trace their heritage all the way back to Hiram Abiff (n6:31), who was commissioned to build the Temple of Solomon and, was grandmaster of the Dionysian Architects. So, maybe it has something to do with that? And of course I just mentioned how the Queen of Athens symbol resembles the Masonic emblem in the last chapter (n21:14). Could it be Daphne represents the cornerstone to the New Church? (n4:29; n17:14).


2. Jennifer

7  Here Kari appears to be involved in some sort of science project, more so than the other pictures. And, as I said in Jennifer (2) (n4:32-33), Jennifer signifies a man's wisdom or, his science, from which he derives his own idea of an ideal woman. Which of course becomes an art (Arthur?) or, science. Then there's the dummy head sitting on the yellow cone, with one side painted green, and the other side blue. Which to me suggests the marriage of two minds (n3:5): the masculine or husband (5), signified by the color green (n6:54), and the feminine or wife (6), signified by the color blue (n6:54). In other words it entails examining the ideal relationship. While here, Jennifer comes from Guinevere, the beloved of King Arthur.


3. Cindy

8  As tiny as it is, this is one of Kari's more obscure pictures. Yet it appears somebody, from upstairs? handed Kari a script. Where she knows what it says, as do the folks who handed it to her, but no-one else does. And so coincides with the Church of Pergamos, the third church in Revelation 2:17: "To him that overcometh, I will give . . . a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it." In spiritual terms, this signifies the third degree. It also signifies the priesthood. For example, Levi was the third son of Jacob and made high priest over Israel. And of course the cat has three names: the name his master calls him, his scientific name and, the name that nobody knows but the cat himself.


4. Sybil

9  Although more of a generic account of Sybil (4) (n4:46), Kari appears fascinated at what she's looking at, as it manages to hold her attention. Which, in accord with the woman's will, which is her dominant aspect (n3:5), is what Sybil (4) represents: that part of the woman that knows what she wants and, in effect derives pleasure from it (n4:48). Beyond that, like Daphne (1), not much else comes to mind, except when joining Sybil to Daphne, to form the numbers 14 and 41, in accord with Rachel (14) and Leah (13). Which, when multiplied, 14 x 41, equals 574 (n4:6). And of course the next number, 575, corresponds to the Queen of Athens (n21:1).


5. Prudence

10  Just like riding a bike? Yeah, that's the way the understanding works! You can sit there and think about how to ride it all you like, and entertain all kinds of thoughts and ideas. However, unless you actually get on the bike and start pedaling, it won't go anywhere. That's the difference between knowledge by itself, or plain facts or, speculation, versus applied knowledge and wisdom, which becomes the actual vessel that takes you places. It also corresponds to number 5 and, to the color green (n6:54)—notice Kari is wearing a green T-shirt?—which implies a living faith (n6:75), as opposed to one that is blind, and serves nothing, except perhaps a swollen ego. Of course I guess nobody's going anywhere without a front wheel!


6. Vanessa

11  After fashioning the four equal sides of the cross and joining them at the center, or crux, it's time to form the extension at the base and hoist the cross (signifying the husband or understanding) up to the top. And of course here Kari is being hoisted up on a forklift for whatever reason. She's also wearing a red T-shirt and pair of blue jeans with blue tennis shoes. And so brings up the relationship between Great Britain, which represents the Fifth Church (n1:30), or husband (5), and the United States, which represents the Sixth Church (n1:31), or wife (6), joined in marriage (7) (n1:36; n3:6). And, in terms of the Revolutionary War, the color for Great Britain was red (1) (n6:54, and the color for the thirteen colonies was blue (6). Just a coincidence?


7. Karen

12  Here Kari portrays the wife in the marriage relationship and, after all the holy cows are removed during the engagement period (n7:29), she becomes your best buddy. Nor does she find the need to get all dressed up, not to say she doesn't have to, just that this is who you will find underneath and you know who she is. Someone who is kind and caring and warm and doesn't need to play games. Thus implying a sense of intimacy, no matter what the situation, even when working in the shop. While here, Kari is wearing a blue T-shirt, just as Daphne (1) through Sybil (4) are wearing blue T-shirts.


8. Justine



9. Diana



10. Joyce



11. Penelope

16  Here, Kari is walking over the hot coals, while holding Tory's hand, which to me signifies harrowing hell. And brings up the woman clothed with sun in Revelation 12:1, who appears in the 43rd month following the 42 months of testimony by the Two Witnesses in Revelation 11 (n4:25). Does that mean Kari and Tory represent the Two Witnesses or, that Kari represents the woman (43) in the relationship and Tory represents the man? (12) (n3:7; n4:49). Although clearly Grant and Tory are the Two Witnesses in the portrayal of Leah (13), and Kari is the actual husband or, the ultimate relating thereof. While indeed the word testimony, testament, testify, etc., comes from the word testis! (n7:38).


12. Judith

17  Here, Kari appears to be pregnant and wearing a black maternity dress. And, judging by the color of the carpet, is being given the red carpet treatment. Any relation to a "woman clothed with the sun" in Revelation 12:1, who gives birth the man child in Revelation 12:5? Whereby the man child is supposed to rule all nations with a rod of iron? Possibly, if it's understood that by "rod of iron," it means the rational comprehension of truth (either the Bible itself or, truth in general). And of course iron, which is black, is what makes our blood red, as well as the soil. Blood is also associated with wine and, Divine Truth. So here we have the pregnant woman in black, which represents the New Church (12), being given the red carpet treatment.


13. Leah

18  Here, Kari has her two testers—or, would that be testees?—or, testis?—Grant and Tory at her sides. And indeed, both Grant and Tory, with the most intense looks on their face, look like they just had a testosterone shot! So, is it just Kari or, could it be Leah, who signifies the woman manifest in the man, and resides within? Which is actually the man himself, in his ultimate relating with the wife (n4:117). The picture speaks volumes for itself! On top of that, it refers to position 13 (n7:54).


14. Rachel

19  Here, in contrast to Grant and Tory in the last picture, Kari has the most profound look on her face. As if to say, "Boy, if only you knew what I had in store for you!" And of course refers to position 14 (n7:57; n17:2). Which is also Rachel or, the man manifest in the woman, as he resides within. In other words the woman herself, in her ultimate relating with the husband. And, where Leah is signified by the thirteen stars in the Queen of Athens symbol (n21:1), Rachel is signified by the star it forms or, fourteenth star. Thus signifying completion, and leads to the next level or, octave—which is the Queen of Athens.


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