Nyssa, Oregon

Relocating to Eastern Oregon

1  After getting evicted from my mobile home in Tigard, Oregon (near Portland), in May, 2012 and, after some uncertainty [n27], I decided to move to Ontario, Oregon, about 12 miles north of Nyssa [n33-36; nf:4-5; n14:47; n16:74-77; n20:9,29-32]. And, as chapter 6 was too long, I opted to create an additional chapter and move the Nyssa, Oregon and Axis Mundi material here. Thus when I drew up the symbolism on my 34th birthday in 1990—regarding Kansas, the 34th state and, the Wizard of Oz? [n23-24]—I was simply amazed at the correlation. Which is why, after I quit my job and moved back to California in April, 1990 [n20:31; n11:440], I had hoped to relocate to Eastern Oregon (or possibly Boise) and fully intended to do this. Yet I all but dismissed the idea, after I headed up to Portland in June, 1994, looking for work [n6:24].

2  So, that's as far as I was prepared to take it, beyond the general idea, and doubt I would have moved out here if I hadn't got evicted from my mobile home. And yet, here I am! (as of March 2021). And, after the 2018 update/rewrite, with more insight into the Axis Mundi (why I added the subtitle to the book) and, after specific events regarding Nyssa starting in 2019, why I created the next chapter and rewrote the book—again!—it seems I've arrived at destiny's doorstep. And I have! So this, including all events happening in chapter 12, specifically the second half [n12:31], is no fluke! The idea has been fulfilled! And, where Black Elk says, the sacred mountain or, Central Point, is everywhere [n10,30], per Joseph Campbell's, The Power of Myth, it's most specific to Nyssa, Oregon. So let that be a sign!

Order of Admission

3  Thus as Swedenborg refers to order of the Israelite tribes in Revelation 7:1-8, regarding the advent of the new or, Fifth Church [n1:32], I see a relation to the admission of each state into The Union—which, is the Sixth Church [n1:34]. This is what prompted me, Swedenborg's Apocalypse Revealed (n342-362) and, while I give examples elsewhere, this one symbol confirms it. It's also why I refer the other states and their order of admission to this page here, because it's so unique. Like I said, I drew it up on my 34th birthday, January 10th, 1990, and it illustrates the relationship between Oregon and Idaho, the 33rd and 43rd states. Which as noted above, is best conveyed by Nyssa, Oregon. Nor can you deny the correlation to Kansas, the 34th state below [n24], which I also had in mind when developing it.

4  Here are the number coordinates based on the 14 Gerarai [n4:1], as plotted on the cross. Nor can you do this with anything except for this system. While the extension, as shown in the Axis Mundi Legend [na:1], is detailed later in this chapter [n26]. Also note its unique relation to the numbers 3 and 4:

14  x    3 + 1  =  43
14  x    3 + 2  =  44
14  x    0 + 3  =  3 (3) Oregon
14  x    0 + 4  =  4 (3) Idaho
14  x    2 + 5  =  33
14  x    2 + 6  =  34
14  x  24 + 7  =  343

5  While according to Swedenborg (Apocalypse Revealed n348), the numbers 3 and 4 are indeed unique, and correspond to the New Church [n1:30-31; n3:10; n6:68]: i.e., 3 signifies everything as to truth, and 4 signifies everything as to good, which, when multiplied, 3 x 4, signifies everything as to the New Church (12). And, as already stated, it corresponds to the Greek letter delta, meaning the fourth [n1:31; n2:15-16; n3:10; n4:76; n6:67; n7:31; n8:23; n12:17; n22:6; n24:6]. Thus as Nyssa lies directly on the border, and remains within Oregon, the 33rd state—signified by the number 5 or, crux of the matter—it's suitably divided between east and west: why I inserted a 3 inside the end of each segment. All of which is expressed by the number "3 (33) 4": i.e., 34 becomes 43 when read from right to left [n8:13-17] or, in accord with Idaho (43), from east to west [n4:106]. And so illustrates what Joseph Campbell and others call the Axis Mundi or, Swedenborg calls the Marriage of Heaven and Earth, regarding the Sixth Church which, is the United States. It truly is amazing!

The Axis Mundi

6  While the Axis Mundi is often shown as a cross depicting the four directions via the center or crux—in heaven (5)—which is then grounded at the base on earth (6) [n1:37; n9:34; n21:1; 22:9]. Which is expressly shown here! It's uncanny! It's also typically portrayed as feminine, thus showing the relation to the 14 Gerarai. The symbol of the Walnut Tree in chapter 1 [n35], The Marriage / 567 in chapter 6 [n58], portrayal of Ephraim and Manasseh in chapter 10 [n1], the Tree of Life in chapter 14 [n15], and Queen of Athens in chapter 21 [n1], are also good examples of the Axis Mundi, they just don't show the correlation to the numbers 3 and 4 and the 14 Gerarai. So there you have it! "And after these things I saw four angels standing on the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth . . . And I saw another angel ascending from the east [Idaho?], having the seal of the living God [n6:1]: and he cried with a loud voice . . . Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads." (Revelation 7:1-2).

7  As for Washington, the 42nd state, it seems fitting that the number 42 signifies the end of an age—or church—as Swedenborg explains (Apocalypse Revealed n489) [n1:13; n4:151]. For we're speaking of the development of something new, and this is what the number 43 signifies [n4:50]. Whereby the number 42 becomes transitional, and signifies blasphemy [n4:151-52; n11:446].

8  Thus when looking at the Axi Mundi, in relation to the numbers 3 and 4, without mentioning any states above, the whole idea becomes stand alone—and, can represent any place on the planet! (in the Northern hemisphere at least). Yet if we are looking for a sign, it's very specific to Nyssa, Oregon. That, to me, is near irrefutable proof of God!

Proof of God / The Axis Mundi

And yet another Facebook page, transcribed in part below, albeit most of it's repeated above and, in the Axis Mundi Legend in front of the book [na:1]:


9  Yes, that's what this entails . . . the Lord who approaches from the East (4), as we—the Lord's Wife or, Church on Earth?—approach the Lord from the West (3). And, as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West (43), the earth rotates in on its axis from West to East (34) which, gives rise to the actual phenomenon of the sun rising and setting (43/34) [n37; n6:76].

10  And, in terms of the 14 step harmonic system in my book [n4:1], it portrays the top (43) and bottom (34)—of The Cross—in relation to the center (33) and, signifies the Present Moment: which, according to Black Elk, is everywhere! [n2,29; n1:41]. While come to find out [as noted above], it's uniquely specific to Nyssa, Oregon. (3-33-4). Currently I live in Ontario, Oregon, about 12 miles north of Nyssa [n24:1], after going homeless in Tigard, Oregon and moving out here in May, 2012 [n16:74]. This is nearly irrefutable proof of God, in my opinion!

11  Or, what do you think the odds are of something like this happening purely by chance? Pretty darn remote—or, rather extreme—I would say! And, albeit the most unusual synchronicity, you can even validate it yourself! Oh, did you know Jesus allegedly died on the cross at the age of 33? [n34]. Talk about uncanny! . . .

12  Furthermore, according to Emanuel Swedenborg [Apocalypse Revealed n348], the number 3 signifies all things as to truth, and the number 4 signifies all things as to good. So, is it any wonder all 14 coordinates are a 3 or 4 or, combination thereof? [n5,27; na:1; n3:10]. Man, there is no way I could have contrived this on my own!

Chief Joseph's Cross / The Axis Mundi?

13  Speaking of locations on the map [n1], it wasn't until after I received a notice from HUD in early 2017, requiring the landlord to fix the plumbing who, didn't reply when he was supposed to, that I considered moving to Joseph, Oregon, about 180 miles away. Or, as the crow files, about 93 miles. And, when I looked it up, I was amazed to find it's almost precisely where I placed the number 33 on the map 27 years earlier! Nor did I have any idea about this at the time! Wow! Hence another Facebook thread:


A Legend in the Making?

Or, could it have anything to do with discovering God's Toenail, i.e., TOE—or, Theory Of Everything?

14  Okay, see the number 33 on the map above? [n1]. It's located partly within the Wallowa Valley in Northeastern Oregon—which, is where Chief Joseph was born. While the remains of Joseph were reburied in a cave about a mile south of the town of Joseph on the west side of Highway 82. And, come to find out, in relation to the number 33, this is approximately where the town of Joseph is located—say, within 10 miles? (southeast?). And, having drawn up the map 27 years ago (in1990), I just now realized the connection, as I was more focused on the relation between Nyssa, Oregon and Idaho back then (i.e., Dionysus was from Mt. Nysa and Zeus was from Mt. Ida [n19]). Wow!

15  Thus while in the process of being relocated from Oregon (33) to the Nez Perce reservation in Idaho (43), the Nez Perce got in a big war with the United States government (real sad) and, after they finally surrendered, were hauled off to Leavenworth, Kansas (34), and were detained there for a time, before being relocated to a reservation in present-day Oklahoma (46)—or, Cherokee nations? While eight years later, in 1885, they were allowed to return home to the Wallowa Valley (33) and Idaho (43). Albeit Joseph and half the people were taken to a separate reservation in northern Washington (42). (I found this out after watching a local PBS program called, The Horse Tribe.)

16  Anyway, all these numbers are plotted on the cross—or, Chief Joseph's Cross?—Yes!—except 46 and 42. Yet when adding the top of the cross (43) to the bottom (34), in relation to the center (33), you get, 430 + 034 = 464! Hence, the round trip from the Nez Perce homeland (3-33-4) to Oklahoma (46) and back? Indeed! As for the number 42, according to Emanuel Swedenborg [n7], it signifies blasphemy!—or, the end of an era or age (Apocalypse Revealed n489,583). Which is to say, Joseph suffered the indignities and blasphemies of the United States government, that he might prepare the way for everyone else? . . . Yes! (There's also the relation to milepost 46 in chapter 12 [n4-6,50-53,74]).

17  It's also what the number 43 signifies, the beginning of the New Church . . . or, A woman clothed with the sun in Revelation 12:1—as the sun rises from the east (4) and sets in the west (3)?—following the 42 months of testimony (and associated blasphemy) by the Two Witnesses in Revelation 11? Yes! So, is it any wonder Joseph was the 11th son of Jacob/Israel? By which the number 11 is the number of symmetry, fertility—and, synchronicity! So there we have the legendary figure of Chief Joseph!

18  If you are unsure of what I'm saying here, it's pretty well detailed in the following posts [n9; n9:1], except possibly the rebirth experience [n5:1], albeit it's clearly related to Revelation 11-12. Plus, come to find out, Joseph was born on March 3rd, 1840 which, was central to the dates mentioned in the rebirth experience [n5:1-12]: March 2nd to March 4th. Wow!

Also, together with The Horse Tribe program, here is a good PBS link that tells Chief Joseph's story:


Nyssa / Dionysus

19  One thing notable about Nyssa, Oregon, is it's pronounced like Nysa which, is where Dionysus was from! He was brought up on Mt. Nysa. It's equally unusual that Zeus, the god of thunder, was brought up on Mt. Ida! So perhaps it's no coincidence Nyssa is the thunder egg capitol of the world, i.e., volcanic nodules with wonderful crystals inside and, that Dionysus, the only begotten son of Zeus, hatched from Zeus' thigh! [n5:15] Wow! There's also the town of Adrian twelve miles south of Nyssa, with its similarity to Ariadne, the wife of Dionysus [n4:13]: ". . . and when the railroad line reached Adrian from Nyssa, it was celebrated at the twelve-mile post." It was also named after Adrian, Illinois, the 21st state, in accord with The Marriage [n3:6; n12:6]. Therefore in accord with the United States, which is the Sixth Church, and its relation to the numbers 3 and 4 and, the New Church (12) [n1,4-5,12; n3:9-11; n4:109], which appears in the 43rd month following the prophecy of the Two Witnesses in Revelation 11 [n3:9; n4:50], the symbol tells it all!

20  Although its residents aren't exactly sure how it got its name, a popular account suggests, New York Sheep Shipping Association, due to the railroad's shipment of sheep back east; hence, New York Stock Sales Association. And with sheep being a primary commodity of The Church, it seems fitting. New York is also the 11th state [n3], and alludes to the Two Witnesses mentioned earlier [n6:22], which portray an inherent symmetry: i.e., 3 x 11 = 33.

21  I did get the chance to visit Nyssa, along with Boise, Idaho in 1992, after driving several hundred miles through the Eastern Oregon desert, to find a small farming community there: an oasis in the desert. Located in Malheur County, one of the state's top agricultural regions, due to the damming of the Owyhee River, it too tells the story. For the fifth aspect of the cross signifies the understanding [n1:32] or, one's faith, as well as the color green [n6:54-55]—or, agriculture [n12:18]. An inviting little town, I noticed something unique when driving through the outlying areas. Upon approaching each field a sign would read, "The Nyssa Chamber [of Commerce] Presents," e.g., "sweet corn." It had almost a formal quality, suggesting the town was there for a specific reason, as I suspected. And being the only place I had ever seen this, it symbolizes what I'm saying here. Then again, Dionysus was the god of vegetation [n14:9].

22  As for the color green and vegetation, something similar is meant by Revelation 9:4: "And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree . . ." According to Swedenborg (Apocalypse Revealed n426), by "any green thing," signifies the principle of living faith, in accord with one's personal understanding. And it follows that anything such as grass, trees or vegetation constitutes the articles of faith thereof. While Revelation 9:10 says, ". . . and their power was to hurt men five months," suggesting the number 5 shares the same significance. I refer to Revelation 9:4 in the letter I wrote to President Bush, The Great 9-11 Wake-Up Call [n6:97], and Revelation 9:10 in the section about Roy Masters and Wasps below [n6:95].

The Wizard of Oz

23  Finally, there's my 34th birthday, and the parallel I drew to Kansas, the 34th state: the number 34 signifying the cross grounded at its base [n1]—or, being grounded in one's wisdom. And it brought to mind the movie, The Wizard of Oz, which was released prior to World War II and directed towards the American subconscious or, so I heard, and the whirlwind of hysteria brought on by the war. In effect it was saying, "Okay America, it's time to wake-up and stand up for what you believe." And, as it occurred in Kansas, it appealed to the heartland of America.

24  I also thought of Dorothy and her similarity to Vanessa—a woman in fantasy [n4:66]. While the only Dorothy I knew was a friend of the family, who I opted to send my manuscript to but, I thought my rationale too flimsy. Soon afterwards though, within a couple of weeks, she wrote to me. For the first time ever! I believe it was prompted by what happened in chapter 9 [n11-13], regarding Chief Joseph two years earlier, although she didn't say specifically. And, as I was intent on writing to her, it too was a first! And she mentioned the funniest thing, how she grew up in Idaho and enjoyed living there, and how she mailed the letter with a stamp of Idaho! And so prompted me to send the manuscript. And, when she wrote back, a week or two later, when I received the letter, the timing couldn't have been more auspicious. It was on the 50th anniversary showing of The Wizard of Oz! something I found out that day, on February 20th.

25  The timing also coincides with my experience in chapter 12, regarding Medford, Oregon, and being grounded in my wisdom: what this woman signified to me [n12:55-74]. And I later had a dream, where I was standing on the yellow brick road and peering at a huge fir tree off in the distance, walking towards me! And with each step the ground shook, making an awful crashing noise! I suspected it had something to do with Roy Masters.

26  To show more detail of the numbers on the cross [n23:1] and, in order to include the 14 Gerarai [n4:1], I've extended the number scheme above. While the table at the right shows how any seven of the numbers 1-9 corresponds to itself: e.g., 1111111 = 1. Or, if you do the math you get, 14 x 79365 + 1 = 1111111. Also, to insure everyone's on the same page regarding the 14 Gerarai, you can do the math below:

14 x 03 + 1 = 043       14 x 24 +   8 = 344
14 x 03 + 2 = 044       14 x 31 +   9 = 443
14 x 00 + 3 = 003       14 x 31 + 10 = 444
14 x 00 + 4 = 004       14 x 23 + 11 = 333
14 x 02 + 5 = 033       14 x 23 + 12 = 334
14 x 02 + 6 = 034       14 x 30 + 13 = 433
14 x 24 + 7 = 343       14 x 30 + 14 = 434

The Axis Mundi / 22 Years Later

27  This was illustrated further 22 years later, after I got evicted from my mobile home in Tigard, Oregon (near Portland) and relocated to Ontario, Oregon (12 miles north of Nyssa) [n14:47-48; n16:74-77; n20:29-32], mostly due to my work with the Axis Mundi and the cross [n1-12]. A day or two before I moved, I talked to my neighbor who knew the Ontario area, who suggested I move to Grants Pass instead. And, after considering it, it was either Ontario or Grants Pass, as I had already determined, I finished packing everything into the car and headed to Grants Pass.

28  I got there in mid-afternoon and took a nap at Riverside Park for a couple of hours, before driving around a bit and opting to get something to eat, just after it got dark. Afterwards, I thought, "Okay I'm here, now where do I spend the night?" (without driving around too much). And I thought, "Why not the rest area at Valley of the Rogue State Park, about 12 miles east on Interstate 5 at exit 46?" [n12:53,61]. There it is again, where the incident at milepost 46 occurred above! (except in the opposite direction).

Central Point / Exit 33

29  In the morning I opted to drive to Medford (6) and look around a bit, before heading back to Grants Pass (4)—hence the number 64 again! But I only got as far as Central Point and decided to turn around and head back. Just as I approached the exit and began to pull off, I looked up and the sign said, "Exit 33." And I thought, "Wow! The number 33, in relation to the Axis Mundi [n1-12; na:3], signifies the Central Point of everything! (regarding Joseph Campbell's quote of Black Elk in the Power of Myth [n1:41; n18:7,10; n13:67]. And I began to think of Oregon the 33rd state, and Idaho the 43rd state, specifically, as I looked east in that direction towards the mountains.

30  And I began to wonder about this for the next 7-8 miles on the way back, when a sign saying the Rouge River Scenic Route was the next exit. And I thought, "Why don't I go that way, it will probably be a nice drive." It was also where I lived at my 7th residence, on Rogue River Highway, a few miles east of Grants Pass [n11:149]. This is where all my troubles began that led to writing this book! [n4:29; n11:135,179].

Scenic Route / Exit 43

31  Just as I approached the exit I looked up and the sign said, "Exit 43." And I thought, "Wow, here is the Axis Mundi all over again!" (regarding Oregon and Idaho). And I thought it might be an indication my decision to move to Grants Pass was correct and, I could work with the Axis Mundi in Grants Pass instead of Ontario? From there I stopped by the mobile home park that was my 7th residence [n11:149], and drove through the park once or twice, and the people looked at me funny. I then drove out to Merlin where I moved my mobile home at my 8th residence [n11:205], and noticed there were more streets and, more mobile homes.

32  I then drove out past Hellgate Canyon Overlook (near the bridge) where I "camped out" at my 25th residence [n11:424], before driving out to the Illinois River just east of Selma and spent the afternoon there and stayed the night. But, it was hot and muggy and I felt uncomfortable trying to sleep in the car. Which put a damper on any ideas about camping out for the next few months which, I had been thinking. It was also pretty cramped and I had problems sleeping in the car the night before at Exit 46 above. Come morning I decided to visit the Josephine County Mental Health people in Grants Pass and see if they could help me with housing.

Ontario, Oregon

33  But, when I got there, they were no longer there!—having relocated? I probably should have looked them up in the phone book. Yet, feeling tired and grumpy from the previous two nights, I said the heck with it! and proceeded to drive to Ontario, where I wound up later the next day. It was a long drive! I first arrived at the west end of town at the Grocery Outlet store, and bought a few groceries for lunch, and headed to the Senior Citizen Center in Nyssa, and told them I had just gone homeless. They in turn referred me to an agency in Ontario, because they didn't have the resources.

34  When I got there, the agency had me fill out some forms, before telling me there wasn't much they could do, but gave me a $10 voucher dollar for gas. At which point I told them I had saved some money, from selling most everything I owned, and I could pay the first month's rent if nothing else, so long as it was cheap. So they proceeded to contact the owner of a local hotel, which was low-income and, formerly the local brothel mentioned elsewhere! [n14:47; n16:75; n20:29]. And arranged for us to meet later that after-noon, which we did and, I paid the first month's rent and proceeded to move in.

35  While the funniest thing happened a day or two later. I went to the local Home Depot store to return the propane tank I rented in Tigard. And, after I got there, while walking through the parking lot, I couldn't help but notice the minivan with Idaho plates on it, which said, "3343." And I'm thinking there it is again, the Axis Mundi! (as shown on the map [n1]). And I rushed back to the hotel so I could get my camera to take the picture below. I don't know if there are any restrictions on posting it though? Okay, I just checked, apparently it's legal since the license plate is always in plain view, so long as you don't use the picture to defame the owner, etc.

36  And it was like, "Wow, look at the adventure you've just begun!" Which it has been! Though perhaps more in terms of suffering—say, like up on the cross? Indeed! In fact I don't recall ever feeling so alienated in my life, except perhaps in high school and, shortly after I graduated [n11:28-65]. Neither do I recall having accomplished so much spiritually. Though I really don't have time to discuss it here. Perhaps later in another book? Albeit yes, if there ever was a Great Earth Change [n20:30], according to the Mayan Calendar and, the Axis Mundi, this represents the focal point!

7th Residence / 4(33)4

37  That's about the extent of it, except I recently realized (in 2018) the pendulum and the number 4(33)4 [n6:76], applied to my 7th residence too! [n11:149]—which, signified The Marriage [n4:72]. For here I lived in space 5, signifying the husband, which was arranged from north to south (the entrance on the south side), and the neighbor I had all the trouble with lived in space 6, signifying the wife, who lived on the left side to the west (3). While the woman I equated with Dionysus' grandmother Rhea [n18:6; n13:37], regarding the number 4, specifically [n4:46; n13:37-39], lived in space 4, on the right side to the east (4). And, where the sun rises in the East (4) and sets in the west (3), and the earth rotates on its axis from west (3) to east (4), there it is, the Axis Mundi again!—or, 4(33)4 [n6:76]. And, of course the Pendulum Swings! [n6:74].