Christian Fellowship Church / Nyssa, Oregon

The Church of Dionysus?

1  Given Dionysus was from Mount Nysa (with one 's'), and I wrote about its relation to Nyssa, Oregon in the last chapter [n23:1,19], I was also prompted by all the talking donkey (and snake) stuff in the Bible, which folks on Facebook tend to ridicule [n43-45). Or, if they only understood it was more of a metaphor? [n44]. That in part, is what this chapter entails, plus the events leading up to my discovery of the Christian Fellowship Church at the corner of 5th Street and Ennis Ave. [n33]. Whereby signifying the very fulfillment of the Axis Mundi and, my relocating to Eastern Oregon. So yes, the Christian Fellowship Church represents the Church of Dionysus!

2  While Nyssa is about 12 miles south of Ontario, Oregon and, when I first visited in 1992 [n23:21], I had equated Nyssa with Bethlehem and Ontario with Jerusalem, as it's still part of the lineage of The Church [n1:7]. And, where Jesus was born in Bethlehem, Nyssa represents something similar, Dionysus' birthplace, at least in relation to Idaho [n23:19]. Whereas Ontario, with its close proximity to Nyssa, is more incorporated and the major hub of the area. So yes, I found it easy to draw the correlation to Jerusalem—hence the title of the chapter. Then there were the ten donkeys at the top of the hill in Parma, Idaho, at the corner of Anderson Corner and 1st Lane [n39-40], that seemed to cement the idea. Where Jesus rides into Jerusalem on a donkey? Indeed! I'll explain this later [n4,18-19,27,35]. This is about two miles east of Nyssa across the border, at the junction of Highway 26 and 95; where Highway 26 is the main road leading out of town. It also turns into Anderson Corner after crossing Highway 95.

Highway 26 / Sunset Highway

3  Beyond that, Highway 26 snakes around all the way out to the Oregon coast to Seaside and, between Portland and Seaside it's called the Sunset Highway. Thus where the sun rises in the east (4) and sets in the west (3), in accord with the numbers 43 and 34, it portrays both the top and bottom of the Axis Mundi [na:1; n23:9]. Whereby the number 43 signifies the sunrise and the number 34 signifies the sunset—at the end of Sunset Highway at Seaside? Wow, this stuff don't quit! Furthermore, going in the opposite direction, Highway 26 snakes all the way out to Nebraska, and appears to end at Ogallala—is that an Indian name?—about 50 miles north of Kansas. And, where Kansas is the 34th state, in relation to Idaho the 43rd state [n23:3], wow again!

4  Yet when looking for the sunrise, in relation to its setting at the end of Sunset Highway, we should be looking at the number 43 in relation to 34, meaning, somewhere in Idaho just after crossing the Oregon border. And, since Nyssa is the central point of the Axis Mundi—albeit Black Elk says the Central Point is everywhere! [n1:41; n23:2,29]—we should find it just east of Nyssa. And, guess where that might be? Up on Don-key Hill! [n38-39]. Hee haw, hee haw! [n2,18-19,27,35].

Number 34 also Significant

5  As significant as the number 43 seems, the number 34 appears equally significant. For after I drew up the symbolism on my 34th birthday in 1990 [n23:1-3], and the incident with Kansas and the Wizard of OZ in February that same year [n23:23], here it is 34 years since my rebirth experience in 1987 [n5:1-12], as of the 2021 update [n51; n11:505]. And, as it occurred on March 4th, it too signifies the number 34. That's three instances now! This is why I hoped to complete the update on March 4th, but there were too many formatting issues, so I had to hold off [n51; n16:80]. Finally, when the sun rises at dawn (43), and completes its arc across the sky (33), it then begins to set—at the end of Sunset Highway? (34). In accord with the number 4(33)4? [n19; n6:76; n23:9,37]. Indeed!

Milepost 262

6  Then there's the relation to milepost 262 on Highway 201, a few miles past the Highway 26 intersection at Cairo—yes, there is a place called Cairo!—which I discovered soon after I moved from Portland to Ontario in May, 2012 [n2]—in relation to Highway 26 or, Sunset Highway? Yes! And, within six months or so? (I don't recall exactly), I couldn't help but notice milepost 262, and thought, "There it is, ground zero!" And, where the number 32, in relation to the Key of David and the number 343 (below) [n1:21; n4:79; n6:71-73; n8:25; n9:34-35], signifies the marriage of heaven and earth or, from a heavenly perspective, the number 23, in relation to the number 262, signifies the same, except from the opposite perspective, its relation to Mother Earth. In other words this is the point at which everything is grounded!

Ground Zero - 262 / 343

7  While over the next nine years, up until April 6th, 2019, that is (below), I must have driven by 20-30 times, and each time I made it a point to look, and continued to wonder about it, though nothing else came to mind. Although I just now realized while rewriting this (April, 2021), the number 262 signifies the point at which the 2nd aspect of the cross is joined to the 6th, as the numbers 2-62 and 26-2 might suggest, which can be read either from left to right or, right to left, as reciprocals. While I had already detailed the relation to the number 62 and Highway 62 in Southern Oregon, suggesting this is where the marriage (7) and honeymoon (8) occurs [n9:32-35; n11:154-55,357-65]—and now, a state of true intercourse? (9) [n12-13; n4:88]—suggesting the same thing!

8  Beyond that, on April 6th, I had parked my van at Ontario State Park along the Snake River, while eating my lunch I believe, and wondered if there wasn't anything more to it than that. And out of the blue I said, "Hey, why don't I drive out there and park my van, which I hadn't done before, and see what comes to mind?" Which I did, and I was only there about a minute when I realized, Hey, it's been 230 years from 1757 to 1987, where the Fifth Church began in 1757 according to Swedenborg [n1:10], in relation to heaven above (343). And, from 1987 to 2019 it's been 32 years, where I said the Sixth Church began [n1:16], in relation to Mother Earth below (262). In other words from 1757 to 2019 it had been 262 years—and, here I am looking at that darn sign! It just blew me away! While I returned several times over the next year or so, just to sit and marvel and take in the scenery. Also, Swedenborg allegedly began his spiritual journey around Easter, on April 6th, 1744. So, it seems to coincide with that too! And, corresponds to the number 46 below [n5].

Mileposts 46 and 262

9  Now it's the most amazing thing, for like the milepost 46 incident in chapter 12 [n53-56,61,74], i.e., 23 + 23 = 46 (chromosomes? [n3:22]), this is nearly the same thing, where 23 + 23 (all the way around) equals 46—or, 32 + 32 (all the way around) equals 64, per the diagram above [n7]. Whereas when the snowstorm occurred on the first day I commuted to work between Grants Pass (4) and Medford (6) on Interstate 5, somebody ran into milepost 46 and knocked the top bolt out, to where it turned upside down and read 64. And, come to find out, about halfway between Ontario and Nyssa on Highway 201, where I've equated Ontario with Jerusalem and Nyssa with Bethlehem, there it is, milepost 262. So, this is clearly the fulfillment of that! [n2:16-17; n3:22-23].

Residences 78 through 79

10  When I first moved to Ontario in 2012, at a local rundown hotel which used to be a brothel, I deemed it my 78th residence [n20:29-31]. And coincides with the number 78 in Justine [n4:83-85], where I say the honeymoon usually is pretty wild, and the woman is exposed to all her whorish games. How fitting! However, on December 4th, after the manager said I had to switch rooms, from room 12—per Revelation 12 below—the woman in the next room started to complain, for she'd seen me walk around in my boxer shorts and she was repulsed. And the manager said, "Don't be walking around in your underwear!" Hey, I could have worn a speedo! Or, if they knew I had a prostate problem, and it was too much trouble to wear pants? Oh well. So when I told them I wanted to leave, and they asked why, and I told them (about being too bossy), we got into a big argument and they told me to get the "f" out of there!

11  So I spent the night at the local rest area off Interstate 84 in Idaho along the Snake River. The next morning I went to the local agency I was working with and asked if they could help me find a place to stay, otherwise I was ready to move back to Portland the next day. And, after a couple of phone calls, sure enough they found a place, and I moved in the next day, on December 6th: "And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand hundred and threescore days," per Revelation 12:6? Indeed! [n6:81; n11:411; n12:13,27-29].

12  So, this became my 79th residence which, like the number 23, coincides with a state of true intercourse [n4:88]. And, when I came to look at the apartment, I immediately noticed the address, 1123, upstairs in number 11. Meaning this was the 23rd hour or, 11 pm in a 24-hour cycle—or, second level [n25]. So yeah, it seems I'd come to the right place! As for the number 11, regarding the Two Witnesses in Revelation 11, I earnestly began working with Roy Masters and Joseph Campbell, who I deemed a modern-day Two Witnesses in chapters 4 [n155-62] and 6 [n22,98-100]. So, that seemed fitting too!

Number 23 Enigma

Speaking of the number 23, many folks are intrigued by the number 23 theory:

They even made a movie about it in 2007. Here are two YouTube trailers:

Women in Apartments 9 and 4

13  After living there at least two years, I befriended the woman in apartment 9, and we started to see each other, hence the relation to true intercourse again [n7]. It was short-lived though, and she moved out soon after that. Basically she had flown the coup, not entirely because of me, although she claimed I had anger issues, which in part I did, and then ran off with her girlfriend Adrianna. Which is strange, for I had equated the names Adrian and Arianna with Ariadne elsewhere [n4:13-14; n11:400; n15:16-17,23,30], and, as she seemed more like the spoiled princess type, in relation to Ariadne (a bit selfish and unruly, which is why I got angry), I figured, Okay, she's just not ready yet [n15:23-24; n17:3], at least not for what I had in mind.

14  I then befriended the handicapped woman in apartment 4 who she had helped out, who was deaf and slightly paralyzed. She already knew me by now, and started knocking at my door at 6 in the morning, just to get me to make her a cup of coffee and, was a bit too pushy about it. Nor would she leave until I answered, and kept pounding away for half an hour! It was a heavy metal door—and loud! She also hinted at becoming intimate, several times but, she really wasn't my type. However, between the two women, it prompts the numbers 49 and 94 which, as I said in chapter 8 [n23], corresponds to the name Dennis, etc.—and, the New Church? [n34-35]. Wow!

15  While the woman in apartment 9, after she left and we started texting each other, said her favorite number was 777 [n21,26] which, when multiplied, 7 x 7 x 7, equals 343—i.e., 320 + 023—thus signifying the heavenly marriage [na:5; n3:11; n4:58,69], and I was intrigued! It also corresponds to the numbers 4 (32) and 9 (23) and, signifies the Marriage (7) of Heaven (5) and Earth (6)—or, 576. Conversely, the number 262—or, 230 + 032-corresponds to the numbers 9 (23) and 4 (32) and signifies the same thing, except in the opposite sense, regarding "ground zero" [n6-8] or, the Marriage (7) between Earth (6) and Heaven (5)—or, 675. Whereby the numbers 576 and 675 signify advent of the Fifth and Six Churches [n8; n1:38; n10:1; n21:1], as shown on my Swedenborg Debate Group page on Facebook below:

Swedenborg Debate Group

16  Which is funny, for once the Swedenborg Debate Group reached 262 members, on May 16th, 2021, I posted a thread about paragraphs 6-8 above [n6-8]. And the first reply was from someone who (allegedly) hauled onions in a semi-truck from the Ontario region—262 loads in total. Just another coincidence? [n1:20]. Wow!

Numbers 94 and 49 / 262

17  Thus where the numbers 23 and 32 portray the number 262 (230 + 032) [n12], it portrays 9 and 4 in terms of the 14 Gerarai (14 x 1 + 9 = 23; 14 x 2 + 4 = 32) [n4:1]. And, when overlaid on the sign it portrays 94 and 49: i.e., 94 from top to bottom (23/32), and 49 from bottom to top (32/23). And so portrays the relationship to these two women. While it's the funniest thing, for although she was originally from Ohio, the 17th state [n23:3], the woman in apartment 4—or, 49 in relation to the other woman? (9)—was raised in Cairo, just off Highway 26, about five miles from milepost 262 on Highway 201. And here I am writing it at 11:23 pm on April 9th, 2021 [n12]. Whoa! I also thought of my aunt's birthday, on April 9th, in relation to my mother's birthday, April 7th [n11:54,440], hence the number 49 again!—or, 479? [n4:78-79; n6:71; n8:1; n9:34].

Milepost 262 and Highway 26

18  While come to find out, milepost 258 is located on Highway 26, just before the 201 junction. Meaning milepost 262 is part of Highway 26, which piggybacks 201 here and, is called Thunderegg Blvd., then runs out to Nyssa, the Thunderegg Capitol of the World. [n23:19]. Aha! And, once you reach Nyssa and turn on Main Street and head out of town, it becomes Highway 26 again after crossing the Snake River at the border. Which as I said [n2], runs east for two miles until it junctions at Highway 95, and piggybacks Highway 95 going south. Or, if you go straight and cross Highway 95, it turns into Anderson Corner on the way up to Don-Key Hill! [n2-4,27,35,39-40; n11:482-83,498].

Sunset Highway at Don-key Hill

19  Thus having established milepost 262 is part of Highway 26 above and, in that sense, Sunset Highway, which I realized on April 9th [n16]—again the number 49!—it affirms my idea that it begin in Idaho, just east of Nyssa, on Don-key Hill [n38-39], and end at Seaside [n5], albeit a few miles southeast of Seaside, where it junctions at Highway 101 [n26]. That's the full width of Oregon! (33) [n23:3], beginning in the east (43) and ending in the west? (34). Or, 4(33)4? [n5; n6:76; n23:37]. Incredible! (U.S. Route 26)

Woman in Apartment 9

20  Shortly after my realization at milepost 262, on April 6th, 2019 [n8], I got back together with the woman who lived in apartment 9. It wasn't that serious, and mostly involved giving her rides to and from work at the local inn, where she just started a job, cleaning rooms, etc. We also drove out to the country a few times in my van, which I bought in late 2018 I believe, after I started collecting Social Security. And, when I told her about the incident at milepost 262, we drove out there early on, and parked and chatted a bit. We then drove to Nyssa, then on out to Parma, about 5-6 miles south of Anderson Corner (which is deemed rural), where she had grown up.

21  She was also born in Nyssa, on March 2nd of all days, which was the first day of the festival of the Anthesteria and, the day I experienced standing aboard a ship in my dreams [n5:1-12,30]. And together with her favorite number, 777 [n15,26], I was highly intrigued. From Parma, we drove up Highway 95 to Fruitland, Idaho, and drove through the neighborhood where she had lived in school, then drove back to Ontario. It was a fairly present drive overall. I also told her I thought Nyssa was Bethlehem and Ontario was Jerusalem about this time [n2,9,41], and she agreed.

22  A couple of times after I picked her up at work, though she seemed pretty tired, and she'd say, "How about if I change clothes when I get home [and shower?], then we could go somewhere?" Which was fine by me, for she knew I wanted to spend more time with her, go shopping, get something to eat, etc. Or else what's the point? But as soon we got home, it was only a five minute drive, she'd say, "I don't really feel like going anywhere now but, thanks for the ride," and left me sitting there, perplexed. This happened two days in row, it was either that or some other excuse, and it seemed at least a week-and-a-half since we actually did anything! By now I was irritated, and she could tell, and commented about being unable to control my anger. What was I supposed to do, pretend like it didn't bother me?

Farmer in Pickup Truck

23  But it was clear she had gotten under my skin but, rather than let it escalate, like it had once before (related below), I let her get out of the van and sped off in a huff—as I got angry! I then drove out to milepost 262 and parked, and started to brood. And I think I got out to go pee, when some farmer drove up in his pickup truck and asked if everything was okay. And I said, "I'm fine." Then hesitated a few seconds and said, "Do you see that sign there?" as he walked back to his truck, "It's Ground Zero, and signifies the marriage of heaven and earth!" And he said, "Oh, okay," as he got into his truck and drove off. I thought it was hilarious!

24  I then drove to the A&W Root Beer restaurant just off Main Street in Nyssa, where A&W stands for paragraphs 1-23 above? and bought a hamburger meal, though I had to wait and thought it too expensive. And, where food signifies one's understanding in spiritual terms [n1:32]—as in discerning palate? [n41]—I reflected on what happened as I ate. That was the extent of my anger though. I just don't like being manipulated like that, and then, pretend like everything is okay. Otherwise I'm just using the other person in that way too. It's dishonest. Once I'm relieved of the situation, however, and find something more useful to do, then no, it doesn't bother me.

Spilled Soda Pop

25  Prior to that I got real sharp with her one day, after I had a bad dream and overslept, and picked her up late. So, I was kind of in weird mood to begin with, although I tried to explain it to her. We then drove to my house, and I began to jabber on about something. I then offered her a can of pop and let her put it on top of my solar panel project (for the van), for there was no room. I put a lot of work into that! But, after she spilled the whole can on top and started to whim-per (real bad), I couldn't pretend like nothing happened—it needed to be cleaned up fast, plus I was already weirded out by the dream, and thought, "What the heck," and told her to get the "f" out of my house, and she ran off bewildered! We managed to patch things up later though, to where we at least spoke to each other, and I continued to give her rides. This may have been why she acted the way she did above, although she tended to be like that already.

26  Oh well, given the unusual 262 incident in paragraph 16 [n16], I decided to add it after the initial update on June 19th, 2021 [n51; n11:505; n16:80]. Meaning par-agraphs 1-25 were originally 1-24—in relation to chapter 24? Yes! Thus after I opted to move the Nyssa and Axis Mundi material from chapter 6 to create chapter 23 [n1-2], I began to think about chapter 24. And, where the numbers 32 and 23 correspond to myself and this woman, where 320 + 023 = 343 or, 7 x 7 x 7—or 777, her favorite number? [n15]—11 pm is also the 23rd hour [n7-8] or, beginning of the 24th hour in a 24-hour cycle. There it is! It also portrays the beginning of the 12th hour, meaning I came to the right place in paragraph 12 above? [n12]. Yes! All of which occurred to me while writing this! So yeah, it's hard for me to dismiss these things. And yet, being close to a year since we last communicated, at least she can't accuse me of stalking her!

27  Wow, that's crazy! So it appears the sun has now begun to set on Sunset Highway—from Don-key Hill [n38-39] east of Nyssa (43), to Seaside, Oregon (33/34) west of the Highway 101 junction [n18]—regarding milepost 262 near Cairo. While Highway 26 can be read as 2-6-2 or, 26-2, when read from left to right or, right to left, meaning milepost 262? Also, when multiplying 101 by 26 (the junction of Highway 101 and 26), you get 2,626. There it is again! In other words, this is the fulfillment of my ideas regarding Nyssa and the Axis Mundi, where the sun begins to set from the standpoint of 11:23 pm above [n12,26]. That certainly appears to be the case!

More about Cairo

28  Later that summer I talked to a young man whose father was a prominent local business owner, about why I moved to Ontario and my ideas about Nyssa and the Axis Mundi, with its relation to Dionysus. Then one day he asked for a ride to his mother's house which, when we got there, come to find out it was on the east side of Highway 201, where it junctions with Highway 26 in Cairo. Furthermore, the day before that I believe, I gave him a ride to Vale, which is about 12 miles east of Cairo on Highway 26. And on the way back I let him let him drive, for we had talked about him helping me out and doing things together. And, just before we got to the 201 junction, I said, "Hey, let's drive out to milepost 262, just for the heck of it!" And I thought, "It's not like I need to prove it's there, as if I were a doubting Thomas?" But, then again, his name was Thomas!

Where Did the Sign Go?

29  Once we got there, however, the sign was gone, with no signpost or anything. It just vanished! And I thought, "What happened?" And, at that point I doubted myself, albeit not seriously, Thomas, for this one thing bore testimony—as a sign—to why I was there. And each time I drove by afterwards I kept wondering about it, and feeling a sense of loss. Albeit no, I didn't feel it was the end of the world. I just wondered what it could possibly mean? The sign is still missing, as of April 10th, 2021, after I went back and checked a few days later.

Finished Evening Meal

30  While on November 30th, I parked at the Snake River again, at Ontario State Park [n8], and finished my evening meal. Which I had done a lot of lately (purchasing a hamburger meal and eating it there, etc.), at least before the sun set, because you weren't supposed to park there after dark. I did this in the mornings and afternoons too. Then after I pulled out and got one or two miles down Highway 201, about where I normally turn off to go home, I didn't feel like going home right away. In part because the next day was December 1st, in relation to Revelation 12:1 [n6:81] which, signified the advent of the New Church, similar to what happened in 14 chapter regarding the Age of Aquarius? [n14:50]. I don't recall exactly why, but knew I didn't want to go home. So, I decided to drive out to Nyssa and investigate, to see what might come up?

31  Thus as I drove past where milepost 262 should have been, I looked to the west as the sun started to set, which it did 15-20 minutes later. And I thought, "Here it is the last day of November, the 11th month or, Revelation chapter 11? That is, the sun has set on the Two Witnesses in chapter 11—which, portray fertility [n4:102]—which will rise tomorrow, per chapter 12, verse 1: i.e., the woman clothed with the sun, etc. [n4:109]. I believe this prompted the idea about December 1st [n6:81], though like I said, I don't recall exactly. From there I continued on to Nyssa, down Thunderegg Blvd. [n18; n23:19], and turned left on Main Street at the A&W restaurant [n22-24]. And, when I got to Third Street I thought, "Why don't I head south towards the outskirts of town," for after moving out here in 2012, I didn't recall any of the fields I saw when I first visited in 1992 [n23:19], thinking it might be off in that direction.

32  So I turned down Third Street but only got a few blocks before it merged into Commercial Ave., which ran southwest out past some agricultural co-op beyond Fifth Street but, there weren't any outlets, nor fields. However, it's been 29 years since 1992 (as of April 10th, 2021), so I shouldn't be too surprised to see it changed. While from there, Commercial Ave. merges into Ninth Street which ends at King Ave. It then jogs over to Highway 201, near Nyssa High School, which is also called Adrian Ave., that heads out to Adrian [n23:19]. So I saw basically all I needed to see at that point, and opted to turn right on Fifth Street and head back. Although I didn't actually realize I turned on Fifth Street. Here is a map of Nyssa:,-117.0004374,17z

Christian Fellowship Church

33  Once I crossed King Ave., however, and approached the next street and, looked up to take in the view, there it was, this marvelous looking building at the corner of Fifth Street and Ennis Ave., the Christian Fellowship Church of Nyssa, Oregon! (220 S. Fifth Street). And I thought, "Could this be it, regarding the incidents at milepost 262?" [n1,6,22,26-28]. One of the fancier churches I've seen, constructed in its old style, with its various colored stones, etc., it was the last thing I expected to see, as it towered above the neighborhood!

34  And, being off Ennis Ave., where Ennis is incorporated into the name Dennis i.e., D (4) + Ennis (9) = 49 [n8:23], I wasn't expecting to see this either, for it was the first time I knew of an Ennis Ave. in Nyssa or, for that matter in any other city in the United States. I'm not saying they aren't there, for I'm sure they are! While the discovery of the name Ennis was important to me—and, it still is [n8:23]. Thus where the name Dennis corresponds to 49, its reciprocal, Sinned, corresponds to 94. Which, were the two numbers portrayed by milepost 262 [n6-8,16], and, corresponded to the two women in apartments 9 and 4 [n13-15,19-25]. And, where the number 49, or Dennis, signified the New Church—or, Divine Nurses?—as I suggest in chapter 4 [n113], the number 94 (Sinned) signified the congregation? Whoa!

35  While I just turned onto Ennis Ave., thinking about the relation to 49 and 94 specifically, and thought, "Yeah, Delta Ennis or, 49?" And, I looked straight up at the sign and I was right at the corner of 4th Street and Ennis! So yeah, I knew something was fulfilled at that point—i.e., after 34 years! [n5; n5:1]. Meaning, "Welcome to the Church of Dionysus!"—or, Dio-Nyssa? Also, where 10 + 01 = 11, regarding the Two Witnesses in Revelation 11 and, being November 30th—or, end of chapter 11? [n28]—all you need do now is the math. Thus where Fifth and Ennis is signified by 59, and its reciprocal, 95, when added, 10 + 49 and 94 + 01, you get 59 and 95. There it is again! While the number 95 corresponds to Don-key Hill at the Highway 95 junction [n38-39], albeit I didn't determine it until the following day, December 1st.

The Pendulum Swings / 4(33)4

36  As an aside, after working on the last two paragraphs, which were 33-34 before I added paragraph 16 [n16,26], I logged onto my computer at 7:33 to 7:34 pm, on April 16th, 2021, and began to type what I realized while lying in bed at 7:27 to 7:28 pm. So yeah, I made it a point to get up and log in specifically at this time! Thus when portrayed against the fulcrum of the pendulum (7) [n6:74], in terms of the 14 Gerarai [n4:1] or, the numbers 4 and 3 specifically—as the sun rises (43), begins its arc across the sky (33), and starts to set (34) [n3]—hence 47 and 37, you get 5 and 9 or, 9 and 5 (14 x 3 + 5 = 47; 14 x 2 + 9 = 37) which, are 5-9 and 9-5. Like I said, this stuff just don't quit! [n3]. And, this is per paragraphs 33 and 34? Wow! Also, where April is the 4th month—or, 16th month in a 24 month cycle? [n6:81,88]—signifying the point where the pendulum starts to swing, the number 16 is signified by 4(33)43 [n6:76; n23:9,37]: i.e., 14 x 3 + 1 = 43; 14 x 2 + 6 = 34. Amazing!

The God Hermes - 59 / 95

37  The number 59 also corresponds to my 59th residence, where the sh*t hit the fan with Mike in chapter 16 [n20-36; n11:483]. This was back in 1998, 23 years ago (as of 2021)—there it is again! [n6-8,12,15-17,23-26]—after I used him as a refer-ence and asked him to help me move. This also (in part) is why I added Part 3 to chapter 11 [n1,450,475]. And, in relation to the god Hermes—or, Mercury—regarding my 95 Mercury Mystique, where Mike and I sat and visited for ten minutes at the local Lyon's restaurant [n11:458-60; n15:42; n16:2-8], we arranged to have him deliver the manuscript to the young woman named May. While sometime after the big email war [n16:32], I took the woman I moved in with, Dianne, in the same car to Kentucky Fried Chicken I believe? [n16:9-11] to get something to eat. She then got sick and had me pull over right in front of the Lyon's restaurant, and barfed right at the curb! I knew that was a sign of something! [n15:42].

38  As for Hermes, the messenger to the gods [n6:49-51]—or, the god of symmetry and synchronicity and, the number 11? [n14:14]—it seems fitting that it center on the numbers 59 and 95. Thus where 10 + 01 = 11: i.e., 10 + 49 = 59 or, 95 = 94 + 01 [n34], where I reversed the order and numbers for each equation [n14:37], these are two reciprocals! [n4:6,36,80-81,95]. And, as I received revelation on the last day of the 11th month (30-32) or, 23rd month in a 24-month cycle?—there it is again! [n12,17; n6:81-83]—it appears to concur with the Two Witnesses in Revelation 11. Definitely!

Don-key Hill / Highway 95

39  It wasn't until December 1st, that I made the connection to Highway 95 and Don-key Hill, however. Although I intended to drive out on November 30th but, somebody's car stalled at the Highway 95 intersection and, after slamming on the brakes, I opted to drive out to Parma instead [n20-21]. While from there I drove back to Ontario on Highway 95 I believe. The next day I drove to the Fellowship Church again, in relation to Revelation 12:1: "A woman clothed with the sun and the moon under feet," etc., thus signifying the advent of the New Church? That's what I understood it to mean and, what I thought about specifically.

40  I then headed out of town on main Street which, as I said, turns into Highway 26 when it crosses the Idaho border (going east [n2,18]) and, about two miles up, it intersects at Highway 95—i.e., the numbers 59 and 95?—and turns into Anderson Corner. And I thought of Neo Anderson in the movie, The Matrix, with its references to Christianity and, where Anderson signifies new man? And I began to think of Agent Smith and all his crony-clones, standing in opposition to Neo or, the machinery of the status quo?—also signified by the numbers 59 and 95 believe it or not—i.e., in terms of my own relation to Mike above [n37-38; n11:473-74,483; n16:1].

Agent Smith / Crony Clones

Ten Donkeys

41  I then drove up the hill to where it intersected at a tee, at 1st Lane, and turned around and parked along the makeshift fence, made out of fencing wire. And, on the other side, there were at least three areas sectioned off and, in the two sections closest to me, there were about ten donkeys, plus goats [n45] and pigs in the general area. And, as I finished eating my Burger King sandwich, a real Whopper! I wondered what the donkeys thought about me, if anything: i.e., food in spiritual terms signifies one's understanding according to Emanuel Swedenborg—as in discerning palate? [n24]—as do horses [n4:8; n7:31; n12:8] or, possibly donkeys?

42  Thus where Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, it signified the advent of the New Church of His time. And, having equated Ontario with Jerusalem even before I moved out here [n2; 23:19], and, after encountering the ten donkeys above—i.e., 10 + 01 = 11, there it is again!—it occurred to me, as I turned on Highway 95 to head back to Ontario, "Here I am with donkeys on brain, heading off to Jerusalem!" And, if I still owned my 95 Mercury Mystique [n37; n11:473-74,483,498], it would have been in that car! Regardless, it still would have been in cahoots with the god Hermes or, Mercury [n6:32-41,49-51; n14:14]. Whoa!

"Don the Keys" of Faith?

43  Thus where a horse signifies one's faith or understanding in spiritual terms [n41; n4:8; n7:31; n12:18]—or, fifth aspect of the cross? [n1:24; n23:1]—could that be why Jesus rode into Jer-USA-salem on a jackass? Whereby we "don the keys" (don-key) of Faith? Well, no offense to donkeys! A donkey is a metaphor for human ignorance! (albeit those awaiting instruction). While it's my basic reply to those who sneer at the idea, particularly on Facebook, of talking donkeys—and snakes—in the Bible [n1]. Aha! . . .

Religious Metaphors

44  "Half the people in the world think that the metaphors of their religious traditions, for example, are facts. And the other half contends that they are not facts at all. As a result we have people who consider themselves believers because they accept metaphors as facts, and we have others who classify themselves as atheists because they think religious metaphors are lies." ~ Joseph Campbell

45  So yeah, look at all the jackasses at the top of the hill, at 1st Lane and Anderson Corner. Just kidding! Of course there were goats there too! [n41; n7:28-29].

I also created a Facebook thread describing what happened on November 30th and December 1st (dated December 16th, 2020), transcribed in part above:

Zeitgeist the Movie

46  After I drove up to Don-key Hill on December 1st [n39-42], it seems I drove out there at least twice, before I started watching the movie Zeitgeist on YouTube on December 22nd. Which I wrote about in chapter 11 [n475-78], regarding the Dog Star Sirius and a company I worked at called Sirius Electronics 24 years ago. While I only worked there two days and, if I recall correctly, it was during Christmas week, although I'm not entirely certain. While here's the YouTube video and the Facebook thread I started transcribed below:

All is Astrology?

47  That was the claim made in the movie at least. Yet even if true, that still doesn't mean God doesn't exist. In fact, it goes a long way to explain all the overlap in so many religions. Whereby they are all ripples in the Big Splash, whenever that occurred? It explains most of the relations in the video about 14-23 minutes in, beginning with the birth of Horus 15:40 minutes in, the Egyptian sun god, born of his mother the Virgin Isis, on December 25th.

48  It's also curious that I discovered the video on the YouTube Channel on December 22nd last year. I was looking for a movie to watch and, out of the blue I happened to notice the title and, having heard somebody complain about it on Facebook earlier (it suggests Jesus never existed), I said, "Okay, I'll go ahead and watch."

49  And, come to find out, December 22nd (19-23 minutes in) is the shortest day of the year, thus signifying the death of the sun. Which doesn't sink any lower in the sky for three days (perceivably at least) and, on December 25th, when the sun starts to rise again, by one degree, this is when Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, aligns with the three brightest stars of Orion's Belt, also called the Three Kings—or, Three Wise Men?—and points to where the sun begins its ascent. Thus signifying the sun's resurrection!

50  Anyway, being the most phenomenal synchronicity—Mr. Carl Jung?—I knew I had to do some more investigating! Oh, I don't doubt many of the conspiracy theories are true either [n11:477-78]. But, like I said, that still doesn't mean God doesn't exist. Just that it's something we all have to prove to ourselves.

New Church Day

51  One final thing. Although I tried to get the latest revision of the book done by March 4th, 2021 above [n5], I wasn't done until June 19th, 2021, the preliminary copy at least which, come to find out is the 251st anniversary of New Church Day! [nf:15; n11:505; n16:80]. Which according to the link, signifies the first day the New Christian Church—or, the Swedenborg Church [n1:10,32]—began in the spiritual world. Hence the first day of the Dionysian Church or, Christian Fellowship Church in Nyssa, Oregon? [n1]. Man, this stuff just keeps going! But then again, if anybody wishes to attribute it to mere coincidence alone, that's entirely up to them! [n1:20].